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Hearts That Howl Part four (c) 2009

Updated on May 22, 2018


This will be the last installment until my book comes out... If you like the stories, be sure to watch for the book!
This will be the last installment until my book comes out... If you like the stories, be sure to watch for the book!

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing them !

I was never taught that incest was wrong. In fact, it was the norm for werewolves to inter breed. However, since I discovered there were “like mined” werewolves in the vicinity, I felt there was no need for me to take my sister as a mate. My father answered this remark in a stern, matter of fact tone. “Even though we are the hunter, we are also hunted!” I started to speak but he held up his hand to silence me. “We have few friends in this world, even those who we see as our allies may have there own conflicting agenda.”

He went on to tell me that to be a leader I could not let my emotions rule me. I had to make the right choices for the good of the family. I wanted to change the subject, so I ask him about the medallion I and the other boy wore the night before. I wanted to know how it got around my neck, since I had never seen it before then.

“That medallion only exists in your mind, you knew you had to change your opponent back into a human form and then change yourself.” He continued holding my gaze. “You had no idea how to accomplish that so you invented a way!”

At first, I wanted to argue that it was real. Then it accrued to me that I had, no clue were the mysterious necklace was at that time. “Remember what I said, it is all about changing energy.” He taped his head with his finger as he continued. “The way you do this is by first convincing your mind it is possible.” I suddenly felt duped, thinking for most of my life, that the magic came from wearing an animal pelt or saying certain funny sounding words. My father could read my agitation. A sly smile came to his lips as he continued. “Every thing is mind, over matter, if you do not mind, it does not matter!”

My father became serious again as he looked at the sky. “If you are going to deal with your twin, it is best to deal with her when she is still in girl form.” I stared down into the valley at the cabin that I had grown up in and suddenly it appeared foreboding. He snarled at me impatiently. “This is the time to act, so turn off your wimpy intellect.” With out another word I started walking towards the cabin.

The only light on was from a kerosene lamp coming from the back porch and a smoldering fire in the fireplace. The screen had been secured which usually meant no one was home. I called out for my mother or her mother, but there was no answer. I moved though the small cabin to the part of the enclosed back porch that served as my sister’s room.

A couple scarlet silk scarves had been placed in her section of the room, to serve as a make shift door. I called out to her, as I braced my self for anything. For a moment, I thought that she was probably not at home until I heard a low whisper. “Enter, if you dare!” I cautiously slipped past the scarves and saw my sister sitting on her bed brushing her long black hair. She wore a white flannel nightgown, unbuttoned to the waste. I had never realized how beautiful she was until that moment.

As I walked towards her, she noticed I was limping some from my wound the night before. She looked at me with sympathetic eyes. “Do you want me to help you forget about the pain?” She asked in a voice that reminded me of a dove cooing. For a moment, I could not think; foreign emotions threaten to control me. Then I remember what my father said, I had to come from a place of leadership.

When I spoke, I spoke with authority. “Yes, I want you to hunt with me, for once we are hunting, I will not feel any pain.” I held out my hand to her. She looked baffled and somewhat hurt. Then she smiled slyly as her eyes connected with mine. “I am dressed for bed not to hunt!”

I dropped her hand and said with all the determination I could muster. “Then I will hunt alone.” I turned to leave. “Okay,” she said in a huff. “Give me a chance to change.” I could not believe it! For the first time she let me take the lead. That night, we were tuned into to each other like never before; for in record time, we started tracking a young moose calf. We made the kill, feed and then stash the carcass for latter.

We had ended up on a ridge, about three miles from the cabin. As we gazed down into the canyon below, a great joy filled us and we began to howl. Then, like on cue, it started snowing. It was not just a flurry; it was the beginning of a blizzard. I knew these woods “like the back of my paw” so I headed to an old shack that was closer than heading home. We had no blanks so we huddled together for warmth in the dark of the shed. It was then my sister whispered in my ear something I did not want to hear. “I know how we could get warmer.”

This is when I decided I tell my sister I would not take her for a mate. In one motion, she leaped to her feet, snarling at me with newfound rage. “This is the way it has been done for centuries, it is our tradition!” She growled as she circled around me. I felt vulnerable so I stood as well. “Just because something is a tradition does not make it right” I said with more confidence resonating in my voice than I felt.

A devious smile appeared on her face as she glared at me. “Over in Africa, the female Hyenas are the leaders and will kill off the weaker pups that are more often than not, male!” I remained silent, as she spoke slowly and deliberately in her ire non-human voice. “I wish I could change into a Hyena right now!” Her eye glowed brighter than I had ever seen them. For the first time I actually feared her.

I approached her slowly, wanting to comfort her, but as I came close to her, she started growling and snapping at me. I blurted out words without really knowing what I was saying. “Maybe we need to start a new tradition instead of following a way of doing things we do not even understand.” There was a sudden change about her; she was actuley listening to me! Encouraged by this I continued.

“Both wolves and humans mate together for a lifetime. Think about that, spending the rest of your life with me, your twin!” She laughed a little at that, I was on a roll. “Look I know that mom and dad are going expect us to become mates but what they do not know…” I trailed off, hoping she would agree with me. She remained silent for what seems an eternity.

Then she did something unexpected, she put back on the clothes she removed when the “Howling Heart” took over. When she did this, she changed back into a human girl! I was confused by this development, but I realized for safety sake I needed to change back as well. I visualized the magic necklace, for I felt that I still needed a symbol to help me make the change.

She spoke to me softly as if the act of talking wore her out. “I had to change back for my desire was too great as a she-wolf.” She explained as she whipped the tears from her eyes. I then kissed her forehead lightly. “I was so afraid that you would not understand what I was trying to tell you, you are so head-strong you know.” She laughed and gave me a playful shove. “You are two whole hours older than me so I thought it was time to listen to my elders!

We carried on the pretence of being mates until we found mates of are own. There were unseen events that made this acceptable by our parents. For there came a time, when there was unity between all werewolf families within a hundred miles. The reason we came together, was so we could defend our selves from a new threat. That threat was the ranchers that saw wolves as varmints that had to be alimented. We countered there campaign with attacks of our own. During the late 1930’s and early 40’s we waged a personal war against the ranchers and some select tribes of Native Canadian’s who discovered are existence and saw us as evil.

Eventually, I lost my entire family to this assault. Because of this, I despised humans completely, and regretted being a man! I then became notorious and ruthless werewolf, who killed just for the sake of killing.

Then came a moment when everything seemed pointless, for it became clear I was fighting a loosing battle. I almost came convinced that the only solution was to take my own life. Then little by little something in me started to soften and one morning I got up knowing I need to surrender my self to “the proper authorities.” Of course, they did not buy it when I told them that I had murdered hundreds of people as a werewolf.

After much prodding for me to supply evidence, I finely decided to allow them to film me during “the change.” I directed them to put me in an observation room with bulletproof glass for there own protection. I was then hooked up to all kind of techno gismos then they placed a live goat in with me for “encouragement.”

The experiment happened on a full moon night for added effect. For over an hour, nothing happened. Then finally, I looked into those smug faces filled with doubt as the tears ran down my checks and the bloodlust built up inside me. I shouted at the top of my lungs the fallowing statement. “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?” Then, those words turned into a howl as the change came over me with the eagerness of a bitch dog in heat!

In about three minutes flat I had tore the poor beast into bits! I could hardly see the scientist on the other side of the glass, because of all the blood and guts. I glared at there faces as they took in the horror I created with aw. “If any anyone of you gentlemen would like to come inside and interview me now, please do not hesitate!” I said in my non-human voice.

Science has a long history of dismissing the Super Natural. If they cannot figure something out on a chalkboard, or get a sample they can put under a microscope, it does not exist. However, transformation is real, for not only could I change into a demonic villain out of mythology; I have been transformed into a Christian with my heart filled with love for my fellow man. Imagine that, I have come to find love in my heart even for my self! I have accepted the love of God, who was willing to sacrifice his own flesh and blood for someone who once had a “howling heart.” That is true Super Natural transformation if there ever was one!

I am now the guest of the Canadian Prison System “for my safety and the safety of the public.” I live a tiny cell, were I will probably spend the rest of my days. It is here that I have started writing my book. It is my prayer and my sincere hope that I can help bring many souls to Christ by relaying my own story. For if a soul as dark as my own can be redeemed, I know that salvation is possible for everyone who would surrender to Jesus.



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