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What Type of Writer Are You?

Updated on August 6, 2018
Karen Hellier profile image

Karen Hellier is a freelance writer and eBay entrepreneur. She lives happily in the mountains of North Georgia with her husband and her dog.


No One Speaks to Me

No one speaks to me in the shower. I do not have the voice of a person like Delores Price that talks to me in the shower like author Wally Lamb did when he wrote the novel, "She's Come Undone."

Nor do I wake up in the morning to find a young Japanese girl introducing herself to me like Ruth Ozeki did, after which she subsequently wrote the award-winning book, " A Tale For the Time Being." I don't do very well with writing about things that aren't true and about characters that I have to make up. So apparently, I am not a fiction writer.

Other Categories of What I am Not

I am not a screenwriter either. Although my daughter is currently in college studying this very profession, I have no interest in writing dialog for characters for film or television. I don't write comedy, so I don't think I would fare well in television land anyway.

I am not a song writer. Although I do write poetry from time to time, I can't imagine this poetry being put to music, and I don't write catchy, repeated phrases that might work as a chorus.

There are many different types of writers in the world, and until I recently started writing for HubPages, I had no idea there were that many categories of writers. But there are, and the categories include:

  • bloggers
  • food writers
  • review writers
  • technical writers
  • poetry writers
  • copywriters
  • television writers
  • screenwriters
  • comedy writers
  • speech writers (usually political)
  • fiction writers
  • creative non-fiction writers

One of these categories was a category new to me until I delved into this world of writing professionally. It is called, 'creative non- fiction" writers and I do believe that is the category I fall into.

Copy Writer by Default but Not by Choice

Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy writing a poem now and then. And I do copy writing for Textbroker, but that is different. While copywriting is considered non- fiction, it is not always all that creative. Sometimes it gives basic facts in a pleasant way. And it is not really who I am if I am honest with myself. Copywriting usually has a marketing flair to it, so I write for others who need words to sell something or convince others of something. But that type of writing is more of a necessity, not a choice at this point. Sometimes I enjoy it, but then depending on the topic, sometimes I don't like it at all.

I don't really enjoy doing research on modular homes and then trying to convince others that they are wonderful. I have no real interest in water heaters and researching the best type of water heater on the market. I write copy to earn money so that I can tell people I am trying to break into the writing field and am currently earning money at it.

So, Exactly What Type of Writer Am I?

But now I know that the type of writing where my heart lies is in creative non-fiction. You may be wondering what creative non-fiction actually is? Well, according to the founder of the online magazine, "Creative Non-Fiction," it is "true stories, well told." I love the sound of that.

All my life I have wanted to write. My mother has told me since I was young that I should write a book. I think fiction is what she had in mind. But that's never what I had in mind.

I have wanted to tell stories of others, and do it in a way that reaches in and touches people's hearts. I want to tell encouraging and uplifting stories of people who have struggled, and who have made it or made a difference in the lives of others. And those stories, once I finish writing them will fall into the category of Creative Non- Fiction. I am working toward that end now. But it was quite exciting to discover this elusive category because I never knew how to describe the type of writer I am, or at least hoped to be.

It feels good now to know where I belong.

Are you a writer? If you have gotten to the bottom of this article, the chances are that you also are a writer. What type of writer are you? Please leave a comment below if you are a writer and let us know in which of these categories you belong.

Watch This Video of Wally Lamb Talking About Being a Writer

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© 2013 Karen Hellier


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