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What is Pottermore?

Updated on June 22, 2011

What is Pottermore?

Why are you worried about the Deathly Hallows trailer? You should be thinking about Pottermore - the mystery sensation that's gripping the nation! All over Harry Potter fansites, banners appeared. "The owls are gathering," they tell us, and more owls show up every day. Now, with less than 24 hours until the event, everyone is asking: What is Pottermore?

The Owls Are Gathering...

It all started with a game. Anyone following the Harry Potter phenomenon for any length of time is well aware of author J.K. Rowling's love of games and riddles to release information to her fans. So it should come as no surprise that the name 'Pottermore' was also released as a game: a mixed up, random set of letters hidden in maps all over the internet. If you followed the clues and found all the letters, it led you to one of two conclusions: Pottermore... or More Potter? Now we are being told that 'Pottermore' is going to be just as exciting as a new book. So why are these owls gathering, exactly?

We Know What It's Not

One of the most important things to note is that we know what it is not. Pottermore is not a book. This has been repeated over and over; called a "project" by spokespeople, we are told that it is "just as exciting" as a new book. And whatever it is, it's worthy of a huge worldwide unveiling. So, given that information, what ISN'T Pottermore?

  • It's not the encyclopedia bookset we've all been waiting for. (Don't worry, that's still coming.)
  • It's not our long overdue invitations to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Though I doubt anyone would mind if it was.)
  • It's not the band Paramore playing in long robes and pointy hats.
  • It's not a new book series about Jams Potter II.

So Then, What Is It?

Our options aren't narrowed much by the above being eliminated. Popular guesses include a new amusement park, a social networking site for Harry Potter fans, an online encyclopedia, and, my personal favorite, a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.

I think we can rule out anything physical, like a new amusement park. I say this because the graphic is quite obviously meant to be used on the web. It's a web graphic, and it looks fun and cartoonish at that, not very serious. So I would also rule out encyclopedia. You have to keep in mind that J.K. Rowling is huge on giving money to charity, especially money earned from books like 'Magical Creatures' and 'Quidditch Through the Ages.' She has stated time and time again that she would wish to give all the proceeds from the encyclopedia to charity. A website, which is free in nature, would certainly pull from that.

We we're left with some kind of medium that allows us to communicate with other Potter fans, either through social networking, or as a virtual Potter world to play in. Either way would be fun and interesting, but both would be hard to keep new and fresh. We know that Jo wouldn't be involved if it wasn't something spectacular! So never fear!

Now What?

If you can't wait for the announcement, check the Youtube page. Aside from being a counter so you know exactly how long you have to wait, there are also some subtle clues hidden within the page itself. Why does Jo's post say February 4th? Is there a reason for the time on the "video?" And what about the related videos; could their names or content hold clues?

Potter fans, we don't have much longer now!


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