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What is Your Favorite Topic to Write About?

Updated on February 16, 2013

What do you write about?

A good question to ask ourselves as writers is, “What is your favorite topic to write about?" Not only was I inspired to examine my work, but it piqued my curiosity about what other writers do about topic selection, primarily: are you a niche writer or a multi-subject writer?

Myself, I happen to write about whatever interests me at the moment, although I will also engage in prompts. For those newbie writers who aren't familiar with this writing strategy, a prompt is a subject that is thrown out to an individual, or a group, in hopes to trigger a spontaneous writing essay. One can write from any angle about the suggested issue, unless there are other restrictive criteria that the writer is directed to follow. At Hubpages these prompts often come in the guise of questions we ask of each other, weekly topics of interest, or contests.

Sometimes a prompt can show up as one word and there will be a limited amount of time to write a set number of words. Other times, prompts can be a question and you are asked to tell everything you know about the subject-in an organized manner of course. This is prevalent for students in high school and college.

With the question, “What is your favorite topic to write about?” it would seem unfair for me to generalize and say, “I love ALL topics.” That is a cop out that is made by people who have no opinion, and we all know that every writer here has a strong opinion about at least one thing: their own writing.

What is your favorite topic to write about?

Favorite topic:  Grandkids!
Favorite topic: Grandkids! | Source

My favorite topic is...

So, here is my response to her question: Memoir is a subject that I enjoy and flows easily for me. I love writing about my family, specifically my four grandkids and my two daughters. I cherish the memories I had with my late husband, John, and have shared hubs about grief, in regards to his death, as well as poetry about his absence. Additionally, I enjoy telling the tales of my childhood, growing up in a large family and who my parents were.

My writing is often a retelling of an event that has some humor or a lesson-usually what I learned from the situation. I love humor and try to sprinkle it in, whenever possible, to show that life does not have to be grueling and difficult, although it is frequently exactly that; but it is our perspective of the situation which can make or break us.

I also feel that the ability to laugh at ourselves in our most awkward, embarrassing moments is a valuable stress reliever. If we take ourselves too seriously not only do we create dis-ease in our bodies, but we become hardened, bitter people who can’t enjoy life. Both of my parents had a great sense of humor and liked a good, practical joke that did not cause any harm to the other person. They taught by example and were wonderful role models for laughter.

A Dozen Topic Sources:

Check the topics list

Offer info about your area of expertise

Write what you are curious about

Research an unfamiliar topic

Check the weekly topic-of-inspiration

Report on a current event

Write about a movie or celebrity

Report on a popular sport or player

Write an interview

Share a funny personal story

Share your favorite recipe

Write about your community

Many memories later

When I was first interested in writing I was so young I had not experienced enough of life to write about it. But, the adage, ‘write what you know’ is absolutely correct. As a sixth grader entering a school writing contest my piece about my youngest brother and the funny things he did won hands down.

Now, after five decades of living and learning to live better, I’ve seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled, and emotionally felt, things that I can share with other people. Indirectly, it is my offering of teaching, which was my first love when growing up; my way to reach out to others who may benefit from something that I’ve said.


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