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Whatever Comes to Mind #2

Updated on January 18, 2012

Being in love

Being in love is special. An emotion unlike any other. Yet it's every good feeling squeezed into one. It's inexplicable how it happens, but when it did I knew. I couldn't stop thinking about her. It's not puppy love, nor a teenage dream. It is impossible for me not to smile around her. Love is like that. It doesn't matter how old you are, or how much experience you've had in dating or intimate relationships. Love is somehow a definite and indefinite feeling, all at the same time. It is indescribable yet when I think of her I could write poems about how much I love her and why I do. I could do all that and still not capture the very essence of love. Because I love her for so many reasons and so much more that it's impossible to put in words. In my opinion that leaves no other word besides love to describe how I feel about her. No other girl I've ever met could make me feel the way she does. It's a connection on a different level than with other girls I've dated. I fell in love with her and I know I have never felt happier with someone. She makes my life so much better. I love talking to her or doing anything with her. There's truly never a dull moment when we're together. Just the simplest things, such as sitting on a couch relaxing, are the best. I enjoy every second I spend with her. Every kiss, touch, laugh, joke, text, and call we share is wonderful. She is beautiful in every way. I am grateful to have her in my life. Love is an amazing thing.


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