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Whatever Comes to Mind #4

Updated on February 26, 2012

Angie: Mom #3

I've been thinking about my living situation lately. Namely my relationship with my Mom. Although she's not my biological mom but a "foster mom" technically, I still consider her as my mom and treat her as such. She considers me a son and treats me as such also. I am so grateful of her for doing that. She is a good mother and she sees the best in me. I appreciate everything she does for me. I appreciate that she provides the family structure I need whereas if I was in any other situation I would have to fend for myself. While providing me with what I need she still let's me live my life. So in return I have, and continue to try being truthful with her and not abusing her trust like a good son should do. She's real with me and gives me advice as most mothers do. Because of my past in foster care I have issues communicating when it comes to parents, as do a lot of teenagers anyway. I'm still young but I'm getting older and I have a lot of understanding of my life in this world. My goals are set, plans drawn and I'm working my way to fufill those goals and dreams. She knows the gist of my past and the struggles I've had to overcome. With that in mind she has a lot of hope in me and says she knows I'm capable of reaching my dreams and more. I appreciate her support so much. She helped me when I had no where else to go and I am forever grateful.


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