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When Jubilee Came

Updated on July 24, 2015

James Lee was the owner of a sporting goods store in a small town in California. He and his mother, Isabel, opened shop over thirty years ago, and they worked together up until Isabel passed away last year. James missed his mother terribly; she was his whole life. He had never married nor had children of his own. James was all alone and he was a very lonely man.

It was a warm day in July, when James was contemplating about what he would like to do for his upcoming birthday. He would be turning fifty years old, so he wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. He asked a few customers for suggestions and he searched online for ideas, but nothing appealed to him. He had the strangest feeling that there was something in particular he was supposed to do on that day; he just didn’t know what it was.

As the day went on and it was nearing closing time, James was waiting for Henry Warden to return with the fishing gear he rented early that morning. James was in the store room in back when he heard the little bell ring as the front door opened. He came to the counter thinking that it was Henry, but instead it was a very distinguished looking woman. James said, “Hello, may I help you?” The woman answered politely that she just wanted to look around if she may. James felt a sense of happiness when the woman spoke, he told her to take her time and that he was there if she had any questions.

James couldn’t help but follow the woman as she roamed the store. He told her, “My name is James Lee.” She replied, “My name is Jubilee.” James told her that she had a very pretty name. She asked a lot of questions and James was happy to answer each and every one. He was quite taken with the woman and he finally mustered up the courage to ask her if she was looking for a gift for her husband; she smiled as she replied, “You could say that I suppose.”

James and Jubilee had been talking for almost an hour when Henry finally arrived to return the fishing gear. James greeted Henry and then he told him that he wanted to introduce him to someone special; politely pointing to Jubilee, he said, “Henry this is Jubilee.” Henry looked in the direction James was pointing and he began to have a puzzled look on his face as he said, “Who are you talking about James? There’s nobody there.” It was then that Jubilee spoke up and said, “He doesn’t see me James, only you can see me.”

A completely bewildered James checked in the fishing gear and then walked Henry to the entrance and said goodbye. He closed and locked the door behind him and as he tuned the “We’re Closed” sign around, he calmly asked Jubilee, “Who are you? But before you answer, let me sit down.” James closed the window shades and walked over to the game table that he had set up in the corner of the room. He sat down and asked Jubilee to please explain what was going on. He didn’t in the least bit feel a sense of fear; he felt only that of a peaceful curiosity, and he listened intently to every word Jubilee was about to speak.

Jubilee told James that it would be best if he would allow her to put him in a heightened state of awareness (a semi-hypnotic state) and he approved. James was fully aware of everything that Jubilee said and did, though his conscious mind was at rest.

Jubilee began by telling James that she is an angel spirit, as too is he; and that she and James were created together as a pair. James was overwhelmed to find out that Jubilee is his companion. She told James that his angel name is Jamiel and that he has been on a divine mission since the day of his mortal birth.

Jubilee went on to tell James that she was sent to deliver a message for his upcoming fiftieth mortal birthday. He was being given a gift of choice; he could either choose to end his earthly life and return to his heavenly home with his companion Jubilee, or he could remain on earth where he would have no memory of anything Jubilee was sharing with him.

James asked Jubilee if she could please tell him the purpose of his mission; why was he sent to earth to live as a mortal. Jubilee grabbed both of James’ hands as she explained; “Before you were born as a human, you were a guardian angel. You had a very special relationship with the human you were protecting; you knew her from the time she was born. Her mother died giving birth, leaving her father to raise her alone. You revealed yourself to the child very early on and became her trusted companion. She had a very hard life, her father blamed her for his wife’s death and treated her with cruelty, but you were always there to comfort her. She grew up and married a loving man, but because her father had molested her at a very young age, she was unable to conceive and have children; you continued to be a source of comfort for her.”

“When the woman had been married for a number of years her husband was diagnosed with cancer and died within just a few months of being diagnosed. The woman was beside herself with grief and that is when you asked our Master if you could bear the woman’s grief and loneliness for her. Our Master talked to both of us and said that the only way it was possible for you to bear the woman’s burdens was for you to be born to her as a human baby. Master explained that you would have a difficult life, for one, because you would be an angel spirit in a human body, that is very unnatural, and two, you would be separated from your companion and therefore would feel incomplete.”

“You and I talked about this extensively and made the decision together, obviously you know what that decision was. You were born to the woman on July 18, 1964, and she became the mother you so dearly loved. You made her life complete and she was happier than she had ever been. When you took human form you lost the higher consciousness of your angel spirit. You were born to a life of human struggle, so that the woman you so dearly cared for could have a better life. I told you then as I’m telling you now, I’m so very proud of you Jamiel, and I am thankful to have been the one you were created with.”

“Now you have a decision to make about whether you’re going to return to heaven as an angel or remain on earth as a human. This is not a decision for both of us to make this time; it is one that only you can decide.”

James smiled at Jubilee and told her that he could hardly wait to return to her and never leave her side again, but to leave now would be the easy way out and he was not going to leave earth until his human body had run its full course. James told Jubilee that he has to finish what he started over fifty years ago and he knew that she understood that. Jubilee told James that she knew he would make that decision because that is the type of angel spirit he is. She told James that she is in agreement with his decision though she longs for him to return to her.


James stood and put his arms around Jubilee and thanked her for coming to him. He asked if he would remember that she had visited him, and she replied that he would not have any recollection of their meeting. Jubilee asked for James to sit down that she was going to bring him back to consciousness as it was time for her to leave. James told Jubilee that he has lived a lonely life, but now he understands the reason why he never married is because in his heart and soul there is only one companion for him and she has been waiting in heaven. Jubilee replied, “Jamiel, I love you and miss you terribly, but I wouldn’t have you come back to me until you have completed your divine mission here on earth. You have made the ultimate sacrifice for a mortal, you bore their pain and suffering at any cost, and that will be recognized in the records of our immortal existence. What Lucifer did, in but a moment of time, at the beginning of the creation of man is a disgrace we have had to live with, but you have spent over fifty mortal years suffering for one human being, and have chosen to continue to live out that human experience to its end, that my darling Jamiel has brought honor to you and to our kind, and for that we are eternally grateful. I must go now my love, but I will be with you in your heart.”

James awoke and felt rested and at ease. He sat for a moment as he gathered himself, he felt as though the burden of loneliness had been lifted from his shoulders. What he didn’t realize was that he had spent time with his companion and that feeling of being reconnected, even for a short while, will remain with him forever. As he walked across the room to turn out the lights he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and it was Henry Warden, he was concerned that something was wrong with James and he came back to check on him. Henry said, “I felt uneasy leaving you James. I didn’t know if you were kidding about introducing me to someone who wasn’t there or did you really believe you saw someone named Jubilee. I had to come back and make sure that you were okay.”

As soon as Henry spoke the name Jubilee, he remembered the distinguished woman who had come to his shop. He told Henry, “Of course I was kidding, I just wanted to have a little fun with you. Thanks for coming back and checking on me, you’re a good friend Henry.” James knew that something had happened and that his life was forever changed by Jubilee. He felt strongly that this was a new beginning and that his life has a purpose. He needed to act on the one clue he had been given, so he started by looking up the meaning of the name Jubilee and found that it is a term used for a fiftieth anniversary. It is also a term for the “Year of Release” referenced in the Bible. James had no doubt in his mind that he had been given a divine gift for his jubilee birthday, and it was one that would set the course for the remainder of his mortal life. He remembered something that Jubilee had said when James asked if she were looking for a gift for her husband, she said “You could say that I suppose.” James knew that there had to be a connection between him and Jubilee, and that understanding in itself was the greatest birthday gift he could have ever imagined.

James had no idea what the rest of his life would hold for him on earth, or what life would hold for him in the eternity after, he only knew that everything changed for the better the day when Jubilee came.

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