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When You Need True Love to Be Real: Poem 05

Updated on May 2, 2013
- It Don't Matter -
- It Don't Matter - | Source

So how important is it really?

- Love # 05 -
- Love # 05 -

Like many things that tend to get attached to dreams, love is not always what it seems.

'When You Need True Love To Be Real' is poem #05 in a series of profound 'reality' poems by New Zealand poet Pearldiver. This poem is an allegory, which means that there are several ways in which its message can be interpreted. As this work has been written with a beat, even its flow may have been used to take the reader completely away from the poem's primary meaning and interpretation. It takes skilful writing to build good allegories that don't force an obvious message upon the readers.

What the author does here, in his own unique style is to intentionally engage his readers, with his choice of words and do so in such a way, that it ensures the poem creates a thought provoking outcome for all readers, irrespective of which interpretation is chosen. Often because of the depth of this style of poetry, it may take more than one reading to gauge the full impact of the poem, which in itself is thought provoking.

Love is not always as it seems, which of course when viewed from a positive perspective, is one very attractive benefit of being in love. However conversely, not always being what it seems, often can be one of the most destructive influences on those unable to read, or understand all the negative signs. Often early in the peace, those signs may be too subtle, but they can indicate the presence of flaws, which could ultimately have the power to reduce one unsuspecting party, to the point that all their self respect and esteem are lost. Controlling behavior, for example, creates casualties due to an absence of mutual respect and very influence of needing the love, one had hoped to gain from the other.

Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver - Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

Within the dance of the desperate lobsters - Love Don't Matter!

- Lobster Dance 16 -
- Lobster Dance 16 - | Source

Now seduction really does matter!

Fibonacci - Seduction #05 -
Fibonacci - Seduction #05 - | Source

Why do some hide behind the illusion of love at all costs?

We often see this effect when someone refuses to accept the fact that they are in an abusive relationship, yet they have lost every shred of self respect and cling to the hope that their abuser will eventually love them enough to not abuse them, if they remain submissive. Such love, or the belief of its existence, is holding them back and is actually the last thing they need, to deal with their issues, as it provides an excuse illusion not to walk away and regain their dignity.

Throughout the course of a lifetime, many things do or don't occur, as a result of the belief that love matters and will justify the depths some people sink to, in the name of love. In reality, there are many situations in which love doesn't matter, irrespective of any belief otherwise. Within one's lifetime, most of us have encountered times when love has nothing to do with our actions, our expectations of ourselves, or what we demand of others. When you need true love to be real, sometimes that sought after reality is so elusive, that it is almost impossible to see, until you look deep within yourself and realize that often the true love that you seek, can only be found, within one's own self esteem.

Try to not ever lose or give up your self esteem, at any cost; it is your greatest asset (even though it does not seem to be) and without it, you can never truly find true love of yourself. That is the essential platform for recognizing the ability to find true love, with someone else! If you lose your self esteem, then hope, that it can salvaged and restored, by facing your need realistically, honestly and within the true context of a second chance.. maybe! Please enjoy this poem and consider if you can the whole meaning of the allegory... Poem 05.

Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver - Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

Love don't matter to any lobsters, dying to be in a lobster's dance.

- Lobster Dancers -
- Lobster Dancers - | Source

An irony of not telling the truth.

Fibonacci - Lies.
Fibonacci - Lies. | Source
- Paper Perspective -
- Paper Perspective - | Source

Poem 05

When You Need True Love to Be Real - ( Love Don't Matter )

Love don’t matter when the cheap vodka bites

And when you do all those things, you never meant

Love don’t matter on those endless, black out nights

If you can’t remember, where your dignity went

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

In the midst of shark attack screams

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

When nothing is ever, what it seems

Love don’t matter to a player with style

When they flirt knowingly, in front of you

Love don’t matter, behind an empty smile

It’s just to show, which hollow people, knew!

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

To a proxy server, stealing dreams

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

When nothing is ever, what it seems

Love don’t matter when the rush ends

When nauseous cramps of reality drop you, to the floor

Love don’t matter, if you only have rats for friends

As you bastardize the hope in you, no others saw

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

To any moon devoid of moonbeams

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

When nothing is, ever truly, what it seems

Love don’t matter, to any ‘too bucked’ cowboy, who fell

When he’s paid the price, to use a velvet lasso

Love don’t matter, if all the gates open up, to hell

He’s riding for the bell..... that’s just what cowboys do!

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

To bloody hands, washed in virgin streams

It don’t matter, it don’t matter

In your fantasy, nothing is, what nothing seems

Love don’t matter, unless you know, all true love’s rules

Like the love you find, when find your self esteem

And you find self esteem, when you stop walking with fools

So turn around, get real, and change the theme!

Or it just... don't matter...


* Words by Pearldiver *

{Dedicated to: All those with the courage to fight back and against the odds, win!}

Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver - Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

In reality, even some lobsters aren't what they seem to be.

- Lobster Dance 15 -
- Lobster Dance 15 - | Source

'When You Need True Love to Be Real - Love Don't Matter'

- Poem 05 -
- Poem 05 -

Be Real - Or You Fool Yourself!

Be real in the way you approach every relationship you enter into and if terms are required, then establish them before entering into the relationship. That will allow it to develop on terms that best allow the relationship to develop equally, respectfully and without any need to compromise, or abandon your self belief and esteem.

If you start out, as you wish to carry on, then you will not undervalue the relationship potential, or your partner and yourself. On top of that, if you feel as though you can't be real, in your approach, then you also only fool yourself.

I hope that you enjoyed the poem, 'When you need true love to be real' - there are many ways to take the meaning of this piece... the message is not necessarily only relating to love... find the clues and you will appreciate the art of the diver, in choosing a quality pearl... take care.

There's currently plenty of fish - but most aren't what they seem!

- Plenty of Fish -
- Plenty of Fish - | Source

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