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Where Pristine Waters Flow

Updated on September 23, 2014

Where Pristine Waters Flow

Emerging from the past and into newfound rough

Out with the old and in with a glorified trough

Giving way to rejuvenated emotions setting flow

Emotions all the same, with pains in divine glow

Inability of the heart enunciated by circumstances

Going through with or stepping across romances

Setting afloat on a voyage into the known unknown

Executing fresh perspectives to feelings outgrown

Struggling to express what were already expressed

Staggering naïve selves that had mutually addressed

With changing seasons and strong winds on course

Holding onto the natural self’s unnatural remorse

Withering away the past, generalizing the Present

That’d been promising yet with susceptible scent

For the promises to be trusted were deemed unfit

For the ongoings of worldly hands and misread habit

Not overseeing the mountains into the valley of peace

Of unbreakable bonds, unending promises to appease

Where trust is rewarded, and dreams become reality

Where Pristine waters flow, and affection’s in clarity


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