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Where To Get Promotional Legion of Superhero Flight Rings: Buy Legion of Superhero Rings Online

Updated on February 7, 2013

Straight out of the 30th century, the Legion of Superheroes have been one of the most enduring super teams in the DC Universe. Members like Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Matter-Eater Lad all have one thing in common: their Legion flight rings!

There have been a variety of specially crafted Legion Flight Rings over the years. Read on to find out more about legion of super hero promotional rings. Gold Legion Rings, Silver Legion Rings, Steel Legion Rings, and more are available.

Read on to see all of the cool Legion rings available!

Gold Legion Flight Rings

The classic Legion of Superheroes flight ring is a brilliant gold. Although these rings might not actually make you fly, it is as close to the real thing as you can get. Inexpensive and attractive, wow your 20th century friends by wielding this classic piece of comics memorabilia.

For the discriminating Legion of Superheroes fan, there's no better present. With the Legion being showcased by DC in a big way, expect there to be an unexpectedly high demand for Legion regalia come Christmas time. Great for conventions, parties, or just wearing around town so your fellow superheroes can pick you out of a crowd.

Silver Legion Flight Rings

Of course, not every superhero has to blend in with the crowd.  If you're looking for a classy and unique take, try these. Buy Silver Legion Flight Rings and friends, family, and Braniac 5 will all be in awe of your extremely good taste.

Whether you're an earthling or hang out on the moons Saturn, these Legion Flight Rings are sure to impress.

Legion of Superhero Flight Ring Comicbook Pack-ins

Fans are clamoring for promotional flight rings to be packed in with the Legion of Superheroes ongoing comic. Since DC had huge successes with their Blackest Night Ring tie-in, it seems a shoo-in they will eventually do the same for the good ol' Legion. When Legion Flight ring promotions become available, you'll see them for sale here first!

Buy Legion of Superheroes Promotional Rings

Did you know that DC Comics offers special promotional rings with certain products! Its true!  If you're looking for a promotional legion of superheroes flight ring, you can find it located here alongside the Saturn Girl statue.

This special legion flight ring is available only by purchasing a Saturn Girl statue, so don't miss out. After all, what legionnaire is complete without their ring?

Plan A Booster Gold Costume

The Legion aren't the only ones rocking a Legion Flight ring! Perpetually self-destructive super hero and marketing tool Booster Gold uses his own Legion Flight Ring to fly. Of course, he didn't come by his entirely legally...

Still, any fan of Booster's will want a Booster Gold Flight Ring of their own. Just buy any Legion ring and you can be just Booster: misappropriating other superhero's equipment.


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