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Where i ended up

Updated on September 15, 2013

We have divided this story into three parts. You can call it the good the bad and the ugly but we call it The Desire, The Adventure and The Ordeal.


I have the desire to be somebody very productive and to help my family, being the first daughter in a family of seven,i fell upon huge responsibility because our parents didn't have enough, i will rather classify our family as the poor. We lacked everything other kids have. I managed to finish my secondary education and began to work to support my family.

At this time i had a boy friend, he was my childhood friend as well. He supported me in his own little way until things became very tough for him then the only shoulder he could fall on was mine. Jude is a good guy so i tried my best to be there for him and also my immediate family.

You see, Tina was a good friend those days in school, we are mates so seeing her that day left me with so many puzzle. How did she do it? Of course, i knew that she was not married so within me i felt that the Grand Cherokee would be that of her brother or perhaps a sugar daddy's.

It was her's anyway, she just came back from Italy.

What are friends for she asked me? Anyway my desire was to travel to Italy and support my family. I will not say that i was not well informed about the procedure, i was told everything, i was going to work as a prostitute but one with class.I knew it and i was eager do it after all, they say "Use what you have to get what you want".

The problem that faced me was finance but Tina was ready to sponsor me. In fact she already have five girls in her network to travel back with so my finance problem was solved,she was going to sponsor me. It was strictly business and i understood everything. I was 19yrs old then so i know what is an agreement. The first procedure was the oath taking.

This is done to bind the agreement and to prove that you are ready to go into the business and will pay back all the money spent on you and the reward for it. In my part, she spent close to half a million Naira for both my ticket and traveling documents. She took me to a native doctor to take the oath.


Life in Italy was different but i managed to mingle into the system within a short period, i needed to pay back the money to Tina, in return for assisting me therefore she will be my Madam for three years, that means that i am only entitle to 20% of everything i make while the rest goes to her. I will not say that i was proud of the life i was living but i have siblings to take care of, i have a sick father to care for and i have a boy friend who was so good to me that really need my support.

I hustled like a every other desperate prostitute, sleeping with every cat and harry that has the euro to spend.Things were moving on well and within eight months of coming to Italy, i began sending money down home for my siblings' education. I also had a very good friend whom i could trust, although it was hard to rely on people but Franca was a good girl, she had a descent up bringing and i wondered why she chose to be like me but life goes on.


One year passed so quick and i have sent almost two thousand euro to my family within this period. The fact that i was enjoying good relationship with Tina was simply because we hail from the same community, you see, she was strict and doesn't give a damn. I knew some other girls in the business who don't like what they were doing. Some of them were lied by their sponsors, they were promised work and education but life goes on.

I was illegal in the country so it did not take much time for the authority to nab me, we were always on the road, day and night. I was on my way to go and see a client that afternoon, he had already paid Tina for my service, perhaps i will still be Italy today if that service did not come up or who knows i might be dead by now.

You see, i was arrested sometime in July 2011 and by the next month,i was deported back to Nigeria. I had a debt on my head, i must pay Tina her money. Life became harder on me although i had built some link with most of my clients, there was one of them, Vicenzzo, he sent me money so many times and was working on bringing me back before what changed my entire life happened.

I got the call that evening by 7pm, Franca is dead she told me. Her body was found in the woods of Stifone, between Narni Waters, in Rome.

You see, that was our major spot, it was an area we took our clients who were ready to do it outside instead of going to the hotel or their houses. It was our chalet and she was killed there. No one knew who killed her but it must be a client. Her death gave me the opportunity to sat down and think of my life. I would have been there the day and time she was killed because we were always together.

I would have known her killer and might as well ended up like her. I gave up retuning to Italy, i gave up prostitution and decided to pursue a different life so with the little money i had on me, i began trading until sometime in Jan 2013 when i met the man who wanted to marry me.

What made him say it, i don't know because we have slept the whole weekend so why going for test again? But we had to and mine came out positive. I have the virus and i have slept with him unprotected. Although he tested negative but who knows?

Now my life is over, just take a good look at where i ended up. My siblings are still in school and i cannot support them, i cannot buy my Father's medication and i also infected Jude with HIV although we broke up few months after i was deported.


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