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Where is my brother

Updated on May 24, 2015

Every one is blessed with something

It is in our hands to discover our blessings

I am blessed with so many things

Talent, Friends, Opportunities, Success

I count Friends before the rest because...

I love writing and i began with songs and poems, i discovered my ability to think and write about something, tell a story with songs and poems then a time came and i discovered my ability to create stories,call it fictitious, call it anything but i found hubpages and my writing skills grew, at first it was really unfriendly here until he came along and showed me love.

I had a dream, i saw a sports bicycle with furious printed on it then i remembered you.

where is my brother

I saw him up on the mountain top

He was happy to be at the peak

The true essence of friendship

You gave me reasons to be here

You made so many read of me

I miss you brother, i miss you for real

You are the best and the most

I long to one day be with you

Where are you brother

I miss you and everyday i pray for you

Hubpages was my first class, you my teacher

I hope that one day i will see you at the top

You served your country with honour

You have the colour and the star

You are blessed and truly loved

You are a hero my brother Micky Dee

You like descending 101

Because you have flown the flag

I have heard people say that jealousy is a poison, envy sin and i believe in that because you are my brother, i know that so many envy you but who can be you, no one can build a squirrel's net better than Squeaky and above all, cyclists wear Lycra but Monalisa had no bicycle.

Where is my brother

My brother is far away from me, i have tried to locate him but it's been a while though i am happy that i came around the circle and saw the information and tips about descending 101, it's really nice but the true essence of descending has not been written or spoken to my knowledge.

Where is my brother

My brother descended but while i crossed to find him, i couldn't then i became weak, my day was shattered, there was no credit to call his cell phone then i left dismayed but something inside me remained strong because i felt the power of our friendship so that night i slept peacefully and behold i saw my brother right at the mountain top.


Micky Dee


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