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Who I Want To Be -a poem

Updated on August 9, 2013
Copyright- Nick Wolf
Copyright- Nick Wolf

Who I Want To Be
Some days I wake up depressed;
Sinking in the pit of depression
Some days I wake up anxious;
Sinking in the sea of anxiety
Some days I wake up angry;
Sinking into the pool of hatred
The pit filled with pain, sadness, hopelessness
The sea filled with questions, uncertainty, fear
The pool filled with blame, hate, confusion
Will I always be this way?
Will I always be constantly sinking, gasping for air, hoping for the pain to end?
Is this who I am?
Will this depression ever end?
Some days I wake up happy;
Looking forward to the day
If I don't wake up happy,
I eventually become happy throughout the day
Hope with every step
Joy in every task
How long will this joy last?
When will I sink again?
Will my happiness last?
Or will it just pass by and be replaced by my depressing, anxious, angry mind?
It's a war within myself;
A battle between who I am
A battle of who I want to be
I've learned not to question the days that are good and the days that are bad
Life is hard; it's a part of being human
Every human being has days that are good and days that are bad
I've learned to accept this fact
The fact that I have emotions
The fact that every human being has emotions
The fact that life isn't filled with 100% happiness and 0% sadness
This acceptance has motivated me to continue
Some days I feel worthless;
Wanting to quit
Wanting to give up
But what's the point of that?
Quitting is weakness
Whereas, perseverance is strength
Good day, bad day;
Whatever it may be
I don't want to question
I want to be strong
I want to persevere
That's who I am
A human who continues,
Presses on,
Does not give up;
That's who I want to be

-Nick Wolf 7/12/2013


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