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Who the cap fit

Updated on May 3, 2011

Early years

You can't tell what is in the mind of your friends and don't even know who is your friend until the situation calls for one so in this regard,friends are suppose to be those folks we look unto,rely upon and confine in no matter the situation.

Desmond and Albert were the friends i knew and for me, they are my family,we were three great friends and the fact that we were young,poor and all searching for greener pastures made us love each other.

We shared so much in common...

We worked from dusk to dawn to support ourselves,i mean the environment we found ourselves in was one whereby you have to have a top hand to survive, it was a like a struggle for the fittest because those on top really don't care about the poor masses.

There were no basic amenities, poor infrastructural development, lots of graduates roaming the street, i mean for one to survive, you must belong to the upper class.

Dessy as we fondly called Desmond was a graduate of one of the best universities in the country but could not get a job after leaving school unlike myself and Albert,we were neither born with golden not silver spoon. We both started hustling at tender ages perhaps that was why we blended well with each other.

I worked at the garage and made money washing cars but Dessy and Albert worked at the bakery thus relied on monthly wages so i was a kind of support to them,we all live together and of course have dreams and aspirations but one thing was sure,we will never be lucky like a colleague of mine in the garage who made it on a platter of gold simply because a girl asked him out. Be my val was his own way to success.

It was like a Jackpot to us, i mean she simply asked him out and that was it so that motivated us but our own fate lied on the Lotto.We played the lottery like fanatics.Honestly, we were all addicted to it and never for once felt reluctant about winning the JACKPOT.

We always combined numbers and years without winning even the least category did not in anyway discouraged us though Dessy won the third category once.To me, it was like the Jackpot and i felt on top of the world because it was like i won it.Dessy did the right thing, he made sure that we all got a piece of the action, i mean he was such a good friend.

He also invested part of the money he won with Elvis. Elvis was a made guy, he is the owner of one of the leading male boutiques in town, they agreed that Elvis trade with the money he invested for two years then give it back to him with interest and thereafter,Dessy will be entitled to a monthly percentage. It was like buying a share in a corporation and i must admit that Dessy's win motivated me so much.

Two years later

Dessy got a total of two thousand dollars back from Elvis and with this, he decided to travel out of the country, it was a wise plan and i gave him my thumbs because it was like taking and insurance once he is out of the country.

Elvis helped him arranged all his traveling documents, he got him a visa to Japan.To me, it was another Jackpot and once again a friend's and not mine but believe me, i was so happy that one of us was leaving the country.Yes! i will be in Japan too.Dessy will surely come for us.

He was scheduled to leave the country by 11:25pm on Sunday the 20th.

We could not check the lotto draw the previous day due to arrangements for his trip but while at the airport, he reluctantly gave Albert his lotto ticket.The emotions at the airport was so much for us,there was tears of joy and we all kept hugging each other until Dessy finally went in to bord.We stayed back until the plane was finally in the air.

We could not sleep throughout the night perhaps that was one thing about being nervous.The time moved so fast and like every other day,we both left for our respective work places the next morning.While at the work, i managed to check the lotto draw but as usual, none of my numbers appeared.

We normally hanged out most evenings after work in a small Restaurant which we nick named Hope Corner.

Every other friend that hanged out with us was there except Albert who was always the first to be there, i became worried when he did not showed up and his colleagues at work even said that he did not showed up at the bakery.

There was no where i knew to search for him when i got home and realized that he was not in the house,we all came to the city from different remote locations and i hardly knew any of his relatives if actually he had one so the next day when he did not come back home, i went to the police station and filed a missing person report.

All our friends were worried at the development because there was rumors of people been kidnapped,killed and used for rituals,we formed a search team and combed every where yet there was no trace of him,the confusion led us to the mortuary as well.

Now one week and there was no trace of Albert,i was suppose to happy celebrating Dessy's departure but instead my heart was broken and i was like one mourning a dead lover.Little did i know that fate had touched my dear friend.

How can this be or am i dreaming? This must be a ghost i thought.

Albert on the stirring of a car,dressed like a model, the sun glass and shirt was a Hugo Boss stuff...


I mean my own Albert drove into the garage on a sports utility and sitting next to him was an Angel, sure the girl in the car looked like and Angel.I found no words and the sensation of cold on me almost killed me,the scent of his perfume as all over the garage.Everyone was dumb folded, i mean; where did all these come from?

So many questions were hitting me like bombs from the fighter jet, the shock and surprise was too much to handle but then there was also a sense of joy in me.I mean,i always have this sense of fair play no matter the situation so when the air was calmed,it finally dawned on me that i have been holding Albert's hands.I hugged him more than a million times and could not hold my tears.

We had a general chat and Albert gave everyone in the garage hundred dollars each,there was the five us and he told me that he will be come back in couple of hours to pick me before driving out.

Now 7pm and no sign of Albert,i waited the whole night and even slept at the garage yet he did not showed up.

I was confused and kept praying and asking God to keep him safe.As a matter of fact, it became clear that Albert might not even come back as he promised the second day.One week of anxiety was enough to stop my heart beat;i mean, it was now obvious that my dear friend had abandoned me but how come the sudden riches?

Was it rituals or black magic?Albert's sudden fortune seems to be a puzzle which everyone that knew him wanted to solve,peaople kept asking questions but not quite long and the net was cast into the ocean then the urgly fish was caught.

A young man matched the winning numbers (21 22 23 24 25 26)one month back and the won the Jackpot which was an estimated Five hundred thousand bulks.O God! I can't believe this; Albert won the the lotto drawn on Saturday the 19th of November.

No, it can't be i thought, there must be a mistake somewhere because Albert had no money to play the lottery that day and the winning numbers are Dessy's constant numbers.My goodness i thought. Dessy won the Jackpot and reluctantly gave away his ticket.

I later traced Albert to his new Villa but the humiliation i got from him that fateful morning was enough for me to commit suicide.I mean, he has been a special part of me all the way down,we did so many things together but he turned me away and even called me a parasite.Albert was enjoying another man's luck yet had the caught to kick me out of his compound.I vowed with tears never to sought solace from him any more and like he said "There is a line between us".So i decided to keep my distance so not to cross the line.

I know that one day, Dessy will come for me but until that day;i chose to take it just one day at a time so i didn't see or sort for Albert any more.

It is now two months since Dessy left the Country,haven't heard from him was disturbing but i had this confidence that he will surely come for me one day.The knock on the door was disturbing and who must be knocking at my door by 3am? I heard no voice but when i asked who was at the door,i immediately recognized the voice that responded.

Of course it was not Albert nor my Father. O God! who am i seeing? I could not believe it until he came in and sat down next to me,he looked so pale and weak and we kept steering at each other. Wonders shall never end i shouted.

They deported you because your visa expired... cut a long sad story short, Japan has a strick immigration law,Dessy even spent two weeks in the detention center before he was finally deported back to the Country.I told him about Albert and he could not believe it until dawn when other people confirmed it.This broke his heart and all i could do was to comfort him knowing what he was going through.I knew that he has a good heart but at the moment,i could feel the fire burning in it from the tone of his voice.I knew that his heart was like a burning flame...

We searched for Albert but he was no where to be found, no one knows where he stays because he cut contacts with all our friends.As fate my have it, one day while at the garage with Dessy,he drove in to wash his car so that gave us an opportunity to talk with him but no one believed the madness he displayed, he even slapped Dessy when he demanded that he split the money into two, he caused us and vowed to lock us up.

This was a guy who got a piece from Dessy when he first matched four numbers and the power ball,i mean he has been a friend of ours for ages so i see no reason why he had failed to do the right thing.I know that Dessy gave him the ticket but no matter what the circumstance is, the right thing was to split the money.

You might be wondering why the change in Albert like everyone else but to be fair and honest,though he got the ticket without any agreement, though there was no way Dessy would have traveled with it but what if he had thrown it away besides no one ever knew that it was a winning ticket, one can argue this from any point of view but the right thing remains the best thing to do so i supported Dessy when he said that it was his right and will claim it with the last breath of his life.

It is not jealousy because he was pushed to the walls but put yourself in our shoes.

What would you do?

I knew that Dessy was a graduate,i mean one of those unfortunate Sociologists but what i didn't knew about him was that he was part of any fraternity,i have this nagging fear about fraternities in the higher institutions,they pose danger to students and are considered cult groups but for Dessy.

It was all about brotherhood. but the look in the eyes of the strangers with him was disturbing, they were not talking much and had pistols on them.It is quite true that i supported Dessy but killing another human being is what i never dreamed of but Dessy assured me that no one will be hurt.

As a matter of fact, we stormed into Albert's residence at exactly 4pm that fateful day,we had trialled him throughout the day,he wanted to shout when he saw us but Men respect one thing with might...THE GUN.

It dawned on Albert when he felt the steel of the Luger on his forehead that we were on a very serious business so we matched him into the house and Dessy gave him two options...

...To write him and cheque of the total amount in his bank account or

...To be smart and get his brain blown out of his head..

I could not believe it when the stupid and greedy monster climbed onto a table and brought down a briefcase from the ceiling.Albert is the worst fool i have ever seen,that piece of shit had Four Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars in the briefcase hidden in the ceiling of his house.Perhaps, that was fate for us.

He spent Eighty Thousand bulks in less than three five months on women and partying.

There was no violence as we drove out peacefully but later that same day, he called on my place with the police but like the saying goes..." Once a fool,always a fool".

There was no evidence or a single witness to what happened at his residence so the Deputy was right when he said "CASE CLOSED."

A coward they say die a thousand times before his actual death,now left with no money but a car which we candidly left for him,he later came crying and begged for forgiveness.

Dessy agreed to forgive him if only he will sale the car to him and this he immediately agreed besides he needed money so the slap he got from Dessy when he signed the transfer of ownership agreement was a kind of pay back.He was later mulled out of the compound by the guards.

I got fifty thousand bulks from Dessy, he was a good friend and with that i set p my own business and later married his sister Hanna.As of Albert, i did forgave him but that day he handed over the car key to the rightful owner was the last day i ever saw him.Life goes on for sure and all that matters to me is who the cap fit,i mean let him wear it.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Thnaks pamela,without you,there will be no me.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      More gresse ur elbow. U re a great man, a role model and a geniuse.

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Okwy bro.thanks for your support.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      d everblazen rossi.i cant say mo.u r a genuis

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Wayne,i agree with you that those with it burn in the paranoia of losing it and that is why good men turn to something one cannot believe just like pmccray boldly said above.

      Thanks for the support.

    • pmccray profile image


      7 years ago from Utah

      Money doesn't mind if we say it's evil, it goes from strength to strength. It's a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy - Martin Amis

      The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It changes the holder turns good men into liars, killers and thieves. Great hub

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 

      7 years ago from Texas

      Money always has a way of causing trouble. Those without it lust after it, those with it burn in the paranoia of losing it. I have never known anyone with a large sum of money who was very happy for very long. Good story but sad! WB

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Sa`ge,thanks for coming over and i am glad u enjoyed the story.

      Mickey Dad,sure money can't change us,we are money changers

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      Money changes folks. You and I can't change Rossi! God bless Son!

    • Sa`ge profile image


      7 years ago from Barefoot Island

      hello, I enjoyed this story and voted it up. going to read other stories now. :D hugs :D


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