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Why Write Unique Original Content- Part3

Updated on December 26, 2013

Why Write Unique Original Content - Part 3

Writing original contents involves discussing ideas of a particular topic from your own angle or point of view and in your own words . Doing so makes you sound confident in your scripts . People normally sample works or plagiarize because they do not have confidence in their own ideas .The ensuing article will provide some very good reasons why you should avoid sampling and rather produce original contents .

*Some article directories like hubpages require that their hubbers or writers publish original contents . Writing and publishing material that is original is very important as to getting your article approved on the directory . as well as maintain your account . By publishing original content on the site , you not only help to maintain the credibility of the site as one of the best as in producing original content . Your content has a higher probability of ranking Google search engines as the site is well noted for original and credible content . Plagiarizing or sampling other works may not only get the content deleted from the network- you could also risk being blocked using the network .

*Every piece of writing is written for a particular purpose and for a particular group of readers . Every professional writer writes with a purpose and has his own objective backing his contents. This determines his tone and choice of material . That is style of writing , choice of technical words and imagery or pattern to use ( that fits the reading levels of the target readers ) . As a professional writer , to sample other materials therefore is to defeat your purpose and objective of writing . Because you will then be writing with someone’s voice and objective and you will not be able to make the desired impact on your target audience .

Sampled ideas also lack flow making it difficult for readers to understand the content well - It becomes a bit more difficult trying to blend the individual ideas perfectly when you pick directly from different other sources to use in your content . It's a lot more easier for you to organize your ideas . You are able to write in your own voice and also arrange the content according to your own thought pattern . Your objective or purpose for writing also helps in shaping or arranging your ideas systematically . This helps reader to actually feel the writer's presence when they read the content . They are able to follow the writer's thought pattern and hear his voice speaking to his mind .

Writing original material also makes your articles interesting to read . Picking an already existing article and presenting it to your readers as your own without given the original author credit somehow shows disrespect to them (both original author and readers ) . People are much more interested in reading fresh unique original content . When you respect your readers they also respect you . By avoiding your sampling and rather writing unique original material , you could fast build your credibility as a professional writer .

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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