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Why donate a poem to my book Troubled Thoughts?

Updated on November 8, 2011

childrens hospital

My reasons I need your help!

I'm writing my book in remembrance of those who have touched us deeply! Dedicated in loving memory of my son Ryan Izaic Arellano and many more special loved ones. My son had been attended by great doctors at this children's hospital. It is build very creatively on the central heart of California. Many special workers attending our little loved ones. There job isn't easy do! This place is made for children and there family's. It has been decorated to accommodate surroundings for the sick children. Many reasons to help the Campaign for Children one is for children with little or no private medical insurance. Children with pediatric emergencies, chronic diseases and acute injuries all come here. I'm creating this book also to raise money for the children at this place. A percent of future earnings will be donated to this good cause. Please help by donating a Troubled Thought poem. If you would rather donate in other ways or volunteer your free time I have provided more information below. "Thank you for your time, help, love, prays and donations!"

*Purpose: to care for kids. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*To help others in need

Main website:


Phone: 559.353.7100

Foundation & Guild Office

9300 Valley Children's Place, PC 17
Madera, CA 93636-8762
Fax: 559.353.7160

Volunteer Services *Phone: 559.353.5222 *Fax: 559.353.8158

Donate by Mail

Children's Hospital Central California
9300 Valley Children's Place PC17
Madera CA 93636-8762
They also provide secure online donations:



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