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What's Wrong with The Twilight Saga? How was 50 Shades of Grey Accidentally-Inspired by it? Where is the Hidden Abuse?

Updated on August 16, 2017
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A curious & natural writer, communicator & referee, Catherine is adept at simplifying & explaining some puzzling life conundrums.

All Photos & Quotes for Educational Purposes. None of the graphics in here are mine - I simply collected them and put them on display.
All Photos & Quotes for Educational Purposes. None of the graphics in here are mine - I simply collected them and put them on display.

Additional Reason Why This Article Exists: Obsessed Women are not Listening

Update 2/17 - From Verily, in honor of the 2nd Fifty Shades Darker movie that just came out: 'When the Ads Give You Disturbing Flashbacks, You Know Something's Wrong'.

A splash:

"...when I think about its popularity, I realize that clearly people aren’t having the same experience I have with Grey and Steele. In my view, this book could legitimately come with a trigger warning: Do not read this book if you’ve experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, controlling partners, or if you don’t want to see any of the above painted in a positive and sexy light."

Update 7/16 - This is the most common search for people coming into this article: How to get over a Twilight obsession. Yes, many fans of all ages still struggle with heavily life-distracting obsessions. Also, there is a surprisingly steady stream of people who are still discovering The Twilight Saga; and NEW obsessions are still developing because of it. I get the emails. Its Okay. You are not alone at all if you are in here for that purpose. Here is some really good help from others who are going through this. Step one: relax, you're fine. Really. :)

The purpose of this article is to explain how Twilight obsessions developed to become 'extreme' beyond normal fictional-obsession experiences (yes, there are some real, irresponsible and professionally-negligent reasons, 'free speech' has nothing to do with it) - which also helps some struggling Twi-addicts because it explains how/why so many people (especially older ladies) became 50 shades of overly-obsessed and so MEAN.

You decide if you need to read the rest of this. It may not be necessary (or advisable) if you are struggling with an intense obsession. Plus, this argument is long over and absolutely nobody won - as demonstrated by the existence of this and many other commentaries about The Twilight Saga and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Lastly, my apologies if this article seems too long - there is much that can be 'proven'; and it took some writing to explain it. Also, if the intro (coming next) is overkill for you - skip it and scroll almost halfway down to the video. You can't miss it.

This article is long because I've got a lot of pre-2011 captured images; and these two book series cannot be separated until fans - and people in general - understand how/why they are connected; and what is wrong with them. However, if you are short on time, at least scroll down through the images - they condense this information, a bit. The videos toward the end will also help make things more clear.

How did The Twilight Saga accidentally-inspire the hardcore fanfiction-blockbuster, Fifty Shades of Grey? Exactly how are FSoG and Twilight dangerous series' about romanticized abuse?

Most women are simply ignorant - shrieking about the abuse of free speech against people who have valid, logical and concerning reasons for either of these series to have been published the negligent, irresponsible way they have...
Most women are simply ignorant - shrieking about the abuse of free speech against people who have valid, logical and concerning reasons for either of these series to have been published the negligent, irresponsible way they have...

Fifty Shades of Romantic Rape Inspired by Amateur Writing & RARE, Professionally-Negligent Publishing of The Twilight Saga. Christian Grey = Edward Cullen

Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Art 2016 by PINKY on Twitter. People keep asking me what my problem is with these movies. I will explain in detail in this article; but does this image make things more clear? KNOWLEDGE is power - NOT CONSENT.
Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Art 2016 by PINKY on Twitter. People keep asking me what my problem is with these movies. I will explain in detail in this article; but does this image make things more clear? KNOWLEDGE is power - NOT CONSENT.
Stephenie Meyer's amateur writing 'accidentally' inspired EL James to write the equally-harmful series, Fifty Shades of Grey.
Stephenie Meyer's amateur writing 'accidentally' inspired EL James to write the equally-harmful series, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Women Need to Start Telling the Truth About the Abuse in Fifty Shades of Grey

6/2/16 Update - This is a really good example of what is wrong with both of these book/movie series. I probably should have approved it; but instead, I just deleted a common comment from another person about this subject... "How dare you compare the pretty fairytale of twilight to that perverted mess of fifty shades."

Every last bit of this information is TRUE, ladies... If you did not know that Fifty Shades of Grey was originally raunchy fanfiction of twilight that depicted what Erika (and a whole lot of other older women) could PLAINLY SEE Edward Cullen and Bella Swan doing in such abusive, power-exchanging ways - then you should educate yourself about this rare situation.

No, 'professional' book publishers don't usually publish books this way for ANYONE, much less young girls.

We all knew what we knew and did whatever with it. EL James created 50 Shades from The Twilight Saga. This article explains in detail - exactly how she did that; and WHY Stephenie Meyer should apologize to her fans, anti-fans and the entire world for insisting on the professionally-negligent publication of her dysfunctional literary failure, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Plus, her 'professional publishers' should be apologizing for publishing the very first chapter of the very first twilight book with such incredible negligence to have caused all the extreme over-obsessions with it.

Fifty Shades of WOOPS!!!

What's wrong with Twilight Chapter One: First Sight? (The deets!)

Fifty Shades caused much controversy a while back; and now the sequels, 'Fifty Shades Darker' and 'Fifty Shades Freed' are being simultaneously filmed - which is where I got this image from on 3/12/16. Fans are buzzing with excitement on Twitter and Instagram.

The truth about the abuse needs to come out - not so that these movies can be stopped; but so that everyone can SEE what is wrong - because knowledge can help protect. Yeah, we can all learn from these literary mistakes instead of arguing about them. And that would be both The Twilight Saga and Fifty Shades of Grey's saving grace: teaching & learning.

I'm pretty sure the reason why women brush this story off is because most are NOT FAMILIAR with abuse - yet, and hopefully never. The fact that most people go through their lives without having one or more sexually abusive encounters would normally be a good thing. But, this 'majority' is putting themselves and our daughters in danger. [1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape... 15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12... Girls ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault. Source]

As fanfiction, the audience of Fifty Shades of Grey is essentially reading - in graphic detail - what EL James wanted Edward Cullen to be doing to Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. Some women are mortified to hear that, and refuse to accept it - while others are like, "Yeah, so what?!"

The sparkling, intoxicating character of 'Bedward' Cullen had a particularly-intoxicating & perverted effect especially on older women, like EL James. This is what the controversy surrounding the amateur writing within The Twilight Saga was about way back then...

If the very first chapter of the very first book of The Twilight Saga had been edited and published responsibly into the public: there would be no debate - nor would anyone be worried about niave fans accidentally being misled into physical danger; nor would there be as much worldwide misogynistic bullying toward fans or the amateur authors over either series.

"Four BLACK X's against her publisher - Little, Brown and Company. This is why Twilight was so 'special' - because no other 'professional publisher' would EVER have published it that way - especially toward adolescent adults."

The Difference

The difference between a book like Lolita and a book like FSoG is that Lolita is an accurate portrayal of abusive behavior. It is 'in your face' blatant and obvious. You can read the book or watch the movie - knowing that, your choice. Does it help proliferate abuse? Maybe.

But, this is the difference between 'normal' bad writing and 'professionally-negligent' bad writing:

FSoG deceives fans by portraying an obviously-abusive character that has been forced into a BDSM storyline (in order to make it seem like he isn't really being abusive) that includes one hardcore setting after another - scenes that didn't even need to actually be in the story in order to tell the story - using a serious problem that is already WAY TOO NORMALIZED in our world.

Plus, there are more 'real reasons' for protestors to be concerned about these misleading books and movies, below.

How Safe are Fans from Sexual Abuse?

As you can imagine, the Fifty Family is really mad at me; and I keep hearing this, "Its FICTION!! Stop it, no one is getting hurt over it!!"

That isn't true. There have been other stories like this around the world. We have NO IDEA how many women are being affected because of these books in bad ways.

“So, you like Fifty Shades of Grey, huh? I’ll show what a dom is really like, sweetie...”

Do you think that we would be hearing more about those situations IF they are happening? It is difficult for most women to report abuse or rape. How much more difficult would it be for them - with the failed lawsuit in the link above; on top of Fifty Shades of Grey protestors saying, "I told you so." You know they will - they did. Read some of the comments in the lawsuit link above.

Yeah, as many people have pointed out: the misogynistic worldwide bullying of Fifty Shades of Grey fans has been as harmful as the books themselves have been. The same EXACT thing is true about Twilight Fans for the same exact reasons. This article is here to show people that hard truth. For all of you out there who think any of this has been FUN for me - not.

Robert Pattinson has been 'accidentally' playing variations of BOTH characters of Edward Cullen and Christian Grey in the minds of OLDER ladies like EL James since LONG BEFORE she wrote Fifty Shades.
Robert Pattinson has been 'accidentally' playing variations of BOTH characters of Edward Cullen and Christian Grey in the minds of OLDER ladies like EL James since LONG BEFORE she wrote Fifty Shades.

What Messages are Young Men Learning About Sex?

AND what about young men who are just learning about women and sex?!! The young man in the news story above COULD have been a ‘regular abuser’ and just used this movie as an excuse; BUT he could also REALLY have been ignorant – which is why the judge threw the case out. I mean, if the girl starts screaming – doesn’t that mean that she LIKES it?!!

History of Abuse in Twilight Controversy - Same as for 50 Shades of Grey

The Twilight Saga is officially over a decade old, now - and what a wild Hollywood ride it has been for Twilight and anti-Twilight fans, alike. Most people don't remember that Stephenie Meyer's writing was under heavy criticism for the exact same reasons that Erika's has been.

Why are so many older women more obsessed than younger girls? Why are there hardly any male Twilight fans? Why are there so many anti-Twilight bullies & haters? Why did the fandom fracture into smaller fanbases? How did these harmful books get published or ever win any awards?

Did you know that Stephenie Meyer's publisher didn’t want to publish Breaking Dawn? Did you know that New Moon & Eclipse were not supposed to be in between the first and last Twilight books? Do you ‘get’ that she didn’t mean to cause her OLDER fans - especially - to see Edward Cullen the way they came to see him as Christian Grey?

Do you understand that these are the main reasons why the world has always and STILL bullies Twilight Fans, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - because of Stephenie Meyer's amateur writing mistakes?

What if Stephenie Meyer had listened to her fans?

If Stephenie Meyer had listened to people who knew better - either before her books were published or even afterwards; so many ugly things may not have happened because of her accidentally-addictive, amateur writing mistakes.

Not only did she have the opportunity to correct Bella & Edward's storyline - but, she may have also 'inadvertently' corrected EL James equally-obsessive fanfiction writing in the process. Young women might be more informed, not in danger as the image above heavily-suggests to me. (The young lady who posted that image on Twitter is only 22.)

The reason why people were so concerned about The Twilight Saga way back then was BECAUSE of the way it was INSPIRING all these older ladies and young girls toward the romanticized abuse slant - as demonstrated in EL James' fanfiction writing.

If you're curious about this past stuff about Twilight, I've got many links collected on my blog for readers to browse through - you'll find a couple links to it in here. No, not all of us appreciated the Fifty Shades of Grey slant that was ignorantly and irresponsibly poured into our brains via Twilight - because not all of us were into the 'lover' part of the story (such as young girls - most of them were more into the entire story, BELIEVING that it was 'believable').

How Do I Know What I Am Talking About?

Many fans who are currently addicted to The Twilight Saga are still having lots of problems dealing with their celebrity obsessions because of tabloid & paparazzi harassment. Their 'real' feelings are connected to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's real lives through their 'magical' Twilight obsessions. It is the reason why so many fans hurt inside when tabloids continue to tell their ugly stories - whether Rob or Kris are actually hurting in their real lives or not.

I have been talking about the subject of Twilight's irresponsible, accidental over-obsessions on my blog since 2011. Early obsessions over this series were as intense as they are now, but different. The video that you will soon come to was recorded at the height of my own very unwanted Twilight obsession - before I heard of 50 Shades; and before the misogynistic robsten 'cheating' scandal hit the world's tabloid stage.

You can't unread or unwatch something - or reclaim wasted time. Yeah, many fans had no choice but to get mad at Steph, and vent.*I* was a movie (not book) fan who was mad about 'how I was obsessed' with this saga; and angrier that she had continued to make her movies as close to as written as possible - despite previous (long before me), valid worldwide rejection and backlash.

Frankly, it was creepy, disgusting and repulsive from the perspective of most people who were already familiar with 'real' make-believe vampires - thus, all the anti-Twilight hate. The fact that someone had the GAUL to continue this dangerous stuff onto our daughters in the form of a not-so-make-believe 'dom' in Fifty Shades of Grey is mindboggling.

Honestly, if that statement infuriates you - that only proves how clueless or careless - one or the other (or maybe both) - you really are.

Stephenie Meyer - along with the majority of her OLDER Twihard fans and anti-fans - know why the world continues to bully Twilight fans and the lead actor & actress: ‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know. I think this has all come at a heavy price.' Stephenie Meyer, 2013 Times Magazine Interview

Fictional worlds have rules of logic and reason within them. Without those rules, the made-up world wouldn't be 'believable'... The Twilight Saga could no-doubt have been one of the most beautiful fairytales ever written had the 'professional' editors & publisher been doing their jobs.

*NEW* On-your-honor Poll for Twilight Fans of All Ages

If you are a fan who was familiar with vampires before Twilight (or not) - have you ever recreated this story in your mind to fit in with your previous knowledge of vampires (or lack of it)?

See results
The petition is down, now - but yeah, it would still be nice of these irresponsible companies to pay, somehow.
The petition is down, now - but yeah, it would still be nice of these irresponsible companies to pay, somehow.

One of Many Things Wrong with Twilight's 'Vampires'

I have deleted this poll (to the right) from a similar article that I have written about this subject - and re-created it in here (4/2016); because it applies, so well. Please don't be afraid to answer the poll question, honestly. We all 'knew what we knew' and did whatever with it.The original numbers out of only 13 votes were:

1) 8%
2) 46%
3) 8%
4) 38%

The first Twilight Saga book was published with rare, professionally-negligent publishing in 2005 - in the form of 'too shallow' characters & storyline writing that forced many (not all) readers and watchers who were suseptible to fictional obsessions to 'help flesh out' the story and characters WHILE they were reading/watching - 'accidentally' making them become too personal for each audience member. I will explain how this happens in detail, below.

These two amateur author no-no's (that should have been corrected by the 'professional' publisher) are what accidentally caused the most intense & debated mass fictional over-obsessions in the history of literature or film.

On top of that, Stephenie Meyer did hardly any research because she considered vampires to be 'evil'; and she wasn't into horror. By her own admission via interviews, she spent roughly half an hour doing research on Vampires for Bella. During this same research venture, she also accidentally stumbled upon the concept of 'Incubus' demons - as opposed to Vampire ones; and THEY could impregnate a human woman - via involuntary rape while they slept.

This is actually yet another huge amateur writing mistake. Stephenie did not do enough literary research because she wasn't actually interested in the subject she was writing about - that, and the description she gives of how she wrote Twilight on her website sounds like she was in an 'obsessive' hurry.

AND, the books are barely 'professionally' edited.

Four BLACK X's against her publisher - Little, Brown and Company. This is why Twilight was so 'special' - because no other 'professional publisher' would EVER have published it that way.

Fiction done right doesn't hurt anybody - but, Twilight wasn't done right; and a decade later - these infamous over-obsessions are still being blamed on the fans - unless we manage to write another accidentally-erroneous blockbuster about abuse (this time XXX!) based on all this literary negligence.

"I didn't write these books specifically for the young-adult audience. I wrote them for me."

— Stephenie Meyer, Author of The Twilight Saga

When women make a big, cultural stink – we don’t just make an obvious, offensive one that makes a few conservatives mad. We break all the safety rules and INSIST that it’s BRILLIANT in the face of valid, logical and overwhelming evidence and worldwide opposition.

— Catherine, Author Fanfic Correction: Twilight: ReVamped & ReWolfed adifferenttwilight.blogspot

How Harmless are Twilight Obsessions?

The Fifty Shades of Grey books and movies that were originally written as Twilight Fanfiction by EL James; are virtual proof of just how warped and ramped-up the obsessions of many older Twilight fans 'accidentally' became - especially fans who had previous knowledge of 'real' make-believe vampires; but not necessarily.

It was easy for non-vamp TwiMoms and older women to ignore Twilight's evil parts. Because, like the amateur author; they only 'got into' the seductive, 'man-in-control' & 'stroke-the-inner-goddess' parts. Not to mention, all that hardcore sex that you can now read with permission from both 'feminists' and religious conservatives, alike.

An example of how Summit Entertainment propagated Twilight's ridiculous over-obsessions supposedly for young girls.
An example of how Summit Entertainment propagated Twilight's ridiculous over-obsessions supposedly for young girls.
A scene from Fifty Shades of Grey and the Red Room of Pain.
A scene from Fifty Shades of Grey and the Red Room of Pain.

Most Basic Thing Wrong with Twilight & 50 Shades Writing

Knowledge is power - not consent.

Have you ever heard of the common writing concept: write what you know about? What about 'do research'? Why were those things important for these two series'?

Fifty Shades of Grey wasn't about BDSM - anymore than The Twilight Saga was about Vampires. That is what makes ALL of these books unbelievable, offensive, insulting and dangerous - where 50 Shades (especially but not exclusively) - is concerned.

"There are movies about murder, wanna censor those too? There is a difference between a book that can be written without abuse and get the same point across, but still includes abuse that is romanticized and fetishized to the Nth degree - that perpetuates a problem that is already way too normalized, and a movie about murder... People don’t leave the Purge thinking, “Damn! I want to go on a murder spree!” But women (and men) will leave FSOG and think, “Damn! I want to try BDSM!” When it was never BDSM." Source

Clarification on why this movie is NOT a ‘feminist breakthrough’

“People are saying that this franchise does right by women because it was written and directed by women and produced for women, but that only makes it worse,” she said. “That means that romanticized abuse is so internalized that it can be mass-marketed to women, and only demonstrates female-produced content as of lower quality, which isn’t the truth.” (Usually) Source

JEEZ, how did it get that way, guys? We’ve watched enough of your ‘outright’ fantasies, haven’t we? And thanks so much for all the sh*tty, ‘women like to fantasize about being raped’ comments out there.

Where is the Abuse in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Why would a book need to be about the actual subject it is about - whether imaginary vampires or real-life BDSM people?

With Twilight's vampires, it wasn't supposed to matter - but, now we have Christian Grey instead of Edward Cullen; and he is no more a 'dom' than Edward Cullen was a 'real-make-believe vampire' - and this is what makes the character of Christian Grey dangerous:

1) Christian confesses to Ana that he is into this kind of lifestyle (that she is not into - BDSM is very 'mutual') because he was emotionally disturbed as a child. Later, Ana apparently ‘cures’ him by somehow saving his soul from the grasp of it’s own dark evil. That RARELY happens in real life; and in fact, some women are killed trying to save their sick Mr. Grey’s - and sometimes those guys die in the process of women defending themselves.

It is highly-unlikely that a dom and sub would have this kind of conversation due to the 'mutual' aspects of a BDSM relationship:

“So you are punishing me?” He swallows, then closes his eyes. He doesn’t have to answer, and I know that punishing me was his exact intention. “You have to stop doing this,” I murmur. His brow furrows. “For a start, you only end up feeling shittier about yourself.” He snorts. “That’s true,” he mutters. “I don’t like to see you like this.” “And I don’t like feeling like this."

2) Romantic rape IS coercive and manipulative at any age, really. This is how most sexual abuse STARTS; and it can easily-lead to violence and rape. Also, not all abuse is violent. In fact, non-violent, 'subtle' abuse often feels just as bad as the hard stuff - because abusers like to make victims feel that things are their fault. 'Romantic rape' is one of the most often used manipulative tools that sexual predators use to initiate abuse in both children and 'consenting' adults. But of course, FSOG also contains a violent rape scene - that has also been approved by vast audiences of women. Many people are confused about what is meant by 'romantic rape'. A good, mild example is in Kristen Stewart's 'cheating' scandal that paparazzi caught in photos. I explain that misogynistic situation in detail.

3) The most ‘harsh’ punishment a Dom/Domme can give out to (most) subs is to IGNORE or banish them – basically, they ‘withhold their power’ which can drive a sub to BEGGING! A Dominant wouldn’t rape or beat a submissive AS A RESPONSE when they get really (personally) mad at them.

Dominants don’t do that because ABUSE isn’t the right way to respond; AND because that ‘might’ be a reward for a sub (maybe they are acting the way they are towards you in order to GET that kind of a reaction out of you) - NOT the desired effect, at all. Yes, ‘rape’ or whatever can certainly be a huge part of your consensual roleplay.

Can you see the difference, now?

“According to Sir Bamm, a member of the board of directors of the Safe, Sane and Consensual Network of North Carolina, a scene between respectful partners is a controlled environment. Abuse is an out-of-control situation in which the dominant partner's desires are inflicted on the submissive partner against her will.”

Probably the safest place to start learning about power-exchange 'play' is your local BDSM club – they almost always have beginner classes; and they know how to take care of noobs. They are actually VERY protective of each other. ;)

In fact, if you happen to be visiting Seattle to see Mr. Grey’s apartment – you should check out Seattle’s club – endearingly and formerly known as ‘The Wet Spot’. (Yeah, I’m actually from Seattle; but *I* have never been here - its not my thing, LoL! However, I know Allena.) Say hello to Allena (I think she is the director) if you go – she is quite possibly one of the most compassionate and coolest people on the planet. Ask anyone who knows her - her connections are VAST: The Center for Sex Positive Culture.

The Twilight Saga was supposedly written for young girls. Older women had absolutely no right to take it away from them and do what they have done with it. I mean, no wonder there is so much misogyny toward Twilight Fans who so innocently and passionately defend their favorite fairytale.

The obsessions of young girls are MORE important than women's because their feelings are real until the obsession has time to drift away. And even after they drift away - the ones we loved the most often leave behind an equally-profound influence that has lasting affects on a budding, developing personality. In fact, you are currently witnessing the 'lasting-affects' of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on this ariticle author. "I ALWAYS find a way..." ;)

But, MOST IMPORTANT: Young adults have limited ways to escape and/or deal with the harsh realities of life than adults do - from bullying, child abuse and high school, in general.

2012 Video on 2008 Twilight Obsessions before I had heard of Fifty Shades of Grey. Keep reading for how the movie fanbase has continued to fracture & develop.

Update: I just finished rewatching this old video - it is really funny, in places. Watch if you are mildly aware of this topic and need a good laugh today. Don't watch if an anti-twilight / anti-steph rant will infuriate you. This is basically me collecting the 'cream of the crop' of arguments; and ranting over them while you watch them go by...

Incidentally, I also recorded this just a few weeks before I started rewriting The Twilight Saga. Writing about this subject on my blog wasn't enough to 'get past' my obsession - I had to literally rework the story of Twilight so that it made sense to me. Actually LOTS of anti-fans 'rewrote' the story in various ways for this reason, I would imagine. Some of those 'believable' versions are even for sale - you'll find a link to the most famous one in the last video. The author, Tprinces, has actually received marriage proposals over it. :)

I didn't actually rewrite the novels - I just made a summary, with only the first chapter written as 'complete' so that people could see how the story SHOULD have started to keep obsession from getting so big. You'll find a link to it in here.

By the time I was done writing that, my obsession was relieved. But THEN, (the same exact day that I finished the ending of the summary, actually); the ridiculous Kristen Stewart cheating scandal began - so WOOT! I got to continue with Twilight and into Fifty Shades of Grey. Neat. :)

I was so crazy! This would make a really good rant to songify. It is a great example of one of the main reasons why anti-fans got so mad at Stephenie Meyer: because she got us all 'invested' in her silly saga; and then ripped the rug out from under us like a bunch of idiots... And THEN, all this other 'bad' stuff happens because of twilight continuing - on top of everything?

Many fans of all ages were crazy-obsessed for a while, some still are - while some were obviously far more willing & appreciative about that than others of us were. :)

'Krisbians' of all ages developed to defend Kristen Stewart against enormous & unruly 'robsessed' accusations.

Here’s a normal comment on one of Robert Pattinson’s fansites: “You're not dealing with Rob's fandom, you're dealing with the fandom of his ex… The crackpot comments are coming from fans of Twilight/Edward/Bella…” February 25, 2015 at 11:23 PM

Divided Twilight Fanbases: Twihards, Anti-Twilight, Robsessed, Krisbian and/or Robsten Obsessed

Older Twilight fans who shipped the intoxicating character of Edward Cullen/Christian Grey into 'Bedward' reside largely in the 'robsessed' portion of the divided fanbases - along with huge numbers of anti-twilight fans and anti-fans of Kristen Stewart. (I do not make this accusation lightly, there is plenty of proof on my blog - go to one of his rabid fansites; they will happily inform you of this, themselves. ;)

The majority of Robert Pattinson's superfans do not consider themselves to be fans of The Twilight Saga at all - but rather, his 'protectors' from crazy Twihards. Although, they could care less about the extreme tabloid & paparazzi harassment that constantly swarms around him because of Twilight. Invasions on his private life and intentional attacks by tabloids & paparazzi to sabotage his career is apparently something that he owes to 'robsessed' fans.

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson - 1st Paparazzi After-scandal Reunion Photo.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have both always supported and defended their young Twihard fans. They also seem to 'get' the over-obsessions; and have handled them well. It is cool that they are such good people beyond their characters. ;)
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have both always supported and defended their young Twihard fans. They also seem to 'get' the over-obsessions; and have handled them well. It is cool that they are such good people beyond their characters. ;)

“Anybody who wants to talk sh-t about ‘Twilight’ I completely get it, but there’s something there that I’m endlessly, and to this day, f–king proud of,” she said. “My memory of it felt — still feels — really good.” Kristen Stewart, Interview Magazine August 2015

On top of that disturbing information; the obsessions of many Twilight Fans & ANTI-Twilight Fans (yeah, they need to be included) went from being okay to NOT being okay the moment the cheating photos of Kristen Stewart with Rupert Sanders were published in July 2012 - especially YOUNGER fans who were 'robsten' obsessed. These girls have been getting hit the HARDEST by cruel tabloid & paparazzi harassment.

And tabloid & paparazzi abuse is STILL continuing against Kristen Stewart and her millions of fans in ridiculously-misogynistic ways three years later - longer than Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger's real & multiple adulterous offenses, combined.

8/2012 - one month after the 'cheating' scandal began - email excerpt: “Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent.. …Please someone tell him. He just texted me and said he told my mom.. and for me to get some help.. and bye.. please tell him… Everyone is doing this and it’s killing me.. but everyone acts like they don’t know what I’m talking about.. I don’t think I’ve ever needed anything so bad in all my life than for someone to tell him.. I know they are trying to drive me crazy.. and it’s starting to work.. thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read very much so.”

11/2015 - another email excerpt that I hear from all types of fans: “…I have tried speaking to my good friend about my obsession and, as with all of my friends, doesn't like Twilight and totally judged me lol so your feedback means a lot.”

For anyone who has been concerned about the consistently high statistics of suicide rates for 15-24 year olds in the United States - these emotionally-harsh tabloid attacks on young women are disturbing.

What's Wrong with Twilight?

I have a poll at the bottom of my blog about Twilight with 508 votes from Twihard Fans. This is the reason most of us previous Vampire Fangirls brushed Twilight off: Because we LOVE you young girls. We used to be you. We get it!! (The video at the end will also emphasize that. :)

Breaking Dawn is my favorite Twilight book! 101

I've had some concerns about Breaking Dawn but so many people love it and it's "just a story". 86

First, to respond to the repetitive argument that Twi-hard Fans have come up with: "You can't tell Stephenie Meyer how to write her books. It's a free country. It's a story, it isn't real, Vampires are fiction."

Fictional worlds have rules of logic and reason within them. Without those rules, the made-up world wouldn't be believable. And that is one of the main issues within the amateur writing in both Stephenie Meyer's and EL James' stories... Neither series is believable; in fact, they are not even about the actual subjects they were written about.

For THREE BOOKS, Twilight Fans who were reading them before the movies came out thought of the Vampires within Twilight the same way they thought of any other real-make-believe Vampires they had encountered up to that point - with sparkling adjustments, of course.

The Vampires within Twilight are irrelevant because Stephenie Meyer never took the time to define her own 'special', unique Vampires within her saga - she simply relied on her shallow, non-researched perception of them, completely disregarding the previous knowledge about them that many of her fans already possessed.

From Stephenie Meyer's Website: How did Twilight get Published?

Stephenie Meyer's manuscript was rejected by two professional publishers - one of them, 'mean'; the other was 'the most hurtful'. I would like to know what they said.
Stephenie Meyer's manuscript was rejected by two professional publishers - one of them, 'mean'; the other was 'the most hurtful'. I would like to know what they said.

Stephenie Meyer's Website: How obsessed was she with her dream fantasy as she was writing?


Why Do Such Intense Twilight Obsessions Exist and How Did They Develop?

They happened due to a couple of MAJOR literary mistakes that were written ignorantly by Stephenie Meyer. And those generic, typical amateur writing errors were somehow not corrected by her negligent 'professional' book publisher - Little, Brown and Company before they published the very first Twilight book toward adolescent young girls in 2005.

According to Stephenie Meyer's website, her literary draft was pulled out of a dead pile by an INTERN who didn't realize at the time, that it did not meet the publishing standards that were required for approval.

You would not believe how many amatuer writers are capable of writing purple prose really really WELL!! We women can tell you... we write the BEST sexual fantasies; and that is exactly what The Twilight Saga was: Stephenie Meyer's sexual obsession that developed from a HOT, sparkling dream. (As hot as Erika's - for her, anyway. ;)

Basically, Stephenie Meyer got incredibly lucky. If only her publisher had taken the time to have her draft manuscript professionally edited - while insisting on one of the most basic forms of literary disciplines, research - The Twilight Saga could no-doubt have been one of the most beautiful fairytales ever written.

[For more detailed information about what is wrong with the first chapter of the first Twilight Saga book - refer to the link in the intro above: 'What's wrong with Twilight Chapter One: First Sight?']

The professionally-negligent publication of the last book in 2008, Twilight: Breaking Dawn is what fractured the Twilight Fanbase in dynamic ways. For instance, it created two different kinds of obsessions - those of clueless Twilight Fans who knew little about Vampires; and those who were familiar with them before Twilight.

The BDSMish 'controlling' storyline of romanticized abuse within Fifty Shades was accidentally-inspired by Twilight. HOW that happens is below. This was the main concern about it; and the fact that 50 Shades was written like it was is proof.
The BDSMish 'controlling' storyline of romanticized abuse within Fifty Shades was accidentally-inspired by Twilight. HOW that happens is below. This was the main concern about it; and the fact that 50 Shades was written like it was is proof.

The unbelievable publication of Breaking Dawn is also what officially-created a huge 'anti-twilight' segment of the world population - because they could see right through Stephenie Meyer's amateur writing. This division included an almost equally-divided mix of BOTH young adults and adults of all genders. [Watch the video above for confirmation of this.]

How familiar were you with Vampires before you read or watched Twilight?

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Who Does The Twilight Saga Belong To?

All Twilight Fans are emotionally-invested with it in various ways, but these two different kinds of obsessions are present within the Twilight Fanbase without many of them even realizing it.

This is what the argument was truly about back then: Which type of Twilight Fan does this saga belong to? Did it belong to the fans who were already familiar with Vampires before Stephenie's dream sparkled in her head and had much higher expectations? Or did it belong to the Twilight fans who didn't care about unreal, mystical vampires; nor the pre-established fanbases of Humans in the thousands who were calling Breaking Dawn out at the time?

The addictions of vamp-clueless fans, no matter what their ages are, are different and less intense than Twihards with previous knowledge of real-make-believe Vampires.

The bottom line is... There should have never been this kind of debate over a book series that is so beloved. And there is no other author on this planet who has ever caused this kind of division amongst their own fanbase. If she had just owned-up to her obvious and glaring literary mistakes at the time and corrected them... *sigh*

In my opinion, Stephenie Meyer should apologize to her fans, her anti-fans and the entire world for all the chaos her writing has caused across the globe for over a decade and counting - oh yeah, the Twilight fanbase continues to grow through the graphic novels that are coming out. Plus, younger girls who could hardly wait to grow up enough to be allowed to read the books are coming of age.

How Many Times Have You Read Twilight?

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Why is The Twilight Saga Such an Addictive Book to Read?

Shallow Characters & Storylines - Two of the most common amateur writing mistakes.

1) The character of Bella has very little substance or definition for readers to become attached to her. This makes it real easy (and the author claims to have done this on purpose - she has confirmed this, I'm still looking for the link and will add it when I find it) for readers to slip into the main character of Bella and BECOME HER (in place of Stephenie).

Since the characters were written so shallow, people reading the books had to fill in the emptiness of these characters with their own internal substance while they were reading it - so things became more personal and intimate for each of them than they should have.

Plus, many Twilight Fans read The Twilight Saga AFTER they watched the movie(s) and became even more addicted than many book fans - because they had their own ideal of the actor & actress who brought the characters to life for us, to fill in the emptiness within the writing of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen INSTEAD of having to insert as much of themselves into it.

The 'robsessed' segment of Twilight's Fanbases is the largest; and includes both young and older women.
The 'robsessed' segment of Twilight's Fanbases is the largest; and includes both young and older women.

This is why so many Twihards became OVERLY-obsessed with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson beyond 'normal' Hollywood teenage obsessions.

An Update 5/16/14 - Due to recent discoveries being made as I've continued to keep on top of the subject of 'robsten' - I've come across new, interesting information: MANY 'robsessed' fans are ANTI-Twilight Fans; and THEY are the majority of Kristen Stewart haters (I don't make this accusation lightly, I have proof on my blog).

Based on my own observations, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that they probably didn't like the character of Edward Cullen (but Robert Pattinson WAS rather intoxicating in that movie) - so they rejected the CHARACTER of Edward Cullen and made Robert Pattinson's REAL LIFE their 'movie' to become obsessed with. They consider him to be 'their boy' who they view as 'needing to be protected' from CRAZY Twilight Fans.

On top of that, the tabloids have always manipulated opinions about Kristen Stewart. I would imagine that it is pretty easy for them to blame her for everything.

How far off am I, robsessed fans?

How Many Times Have You Watched the Twilight Movie?

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Why is Twilight an Addictive Movie to Watch?

We ALL fill in the empty holes in the storyline based on our own Vampire Knowledge and/or lack thereof.

2) People were already familiar with Vampires and Stephenie Meyer wasn't when she wrote Twilight. Because of this, many people had the characters AND storyline built up in their minds to be more than what she meant for them to be - because she was ignorant about them.

Readers filled in the emptiness in her storyline with what they already knew about Vampires - in the same way we had to fill in emptiness with the empty characters.

Allow me to elaborate, cuz this seems to be the kicker...

For instance, when Stephenie got to the point of writing about Edward and Bella's first sex scene in Breaking Dawn - here's that scene:

"His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him, summer and winter. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire.

"Forever," he agreed, and then pulled us gently into deeper water."
Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Page 85

This is the ENTIRE Honeymoon-sex scene... Since Stephenie does not go into the details of what actually happens between Edward and Bella in this scene, we all FILLED IT IN OURSELVES with what was in our OWN HEADS afterwards.

Stephenie Meyer supposedly wrote Bella Swan like this in Twilight on purpose, just so that readers could experience this scene for ourselves - each of us, from our own perspective, kind of like an accidentally-ingenious interactive novel, I guess.

So many Twilight fans were disappointed that we didn't get to find out what actually was supposed to happen between Edward and Bella in that magical moment (this is a link to their first sex scene in my Twilight fanfiction rewrite) - a moment we Twihards had been anticipating and WAITING FOREVER for, despite so many brilliantly-described cuddle/kissing sessions between Edward and Bella up to that point.

And since this was one of the pivotal scenes that almost ALL obsessed Twihards were DYING FOR (and many of you had probably already played the dang thing out inside of your own minds several times over by then, anyway, ha!) - you didn't have one problem with the way Stephenie wrote Twilight because you all got to write that part of the story yourselves, in your mind.

An anti-Twilight concession: Anything is 'Okay' in fiction (which is why people originally brushed Twilight's literary errors off) - but, when it results in harmful blockbuster fanfiction like Fifty Shades of Grey that literally has the potential to put misinformed fans in physical danger; and causes MORE worldwide misogynistic bullying against female fans - on TOP of the worldwide, misogynistic bullying of Twilight Fans and HUMAN celebrities that has gone on for so long - uncool. It ALL needs to stop, now.

Got Haters? Who better than Connor, vamp-human hybrid of the Buffyverse, to stick up for Renesmee? ANY hater is 'some of the people you'll meet' at the end:

How Could '50 Shades of Grey' be Inspired by Twilight?

But, whatever YOU came up with became part of the story of Twilight FOR YOU... And if you were someone who was familiar with Vampires BEFORE you read Twilight; I'm willing to bet (in fact, I know) some of your Honeymoon nights spent with Edward Cullen were far more explicit and freaky than others of you.

Notice that Stephenie Meyer's actual sexual fantasy is missing from Breaking Dawn's honeymoon scene - you know she had at least one!! However, because she was less knowledgable about vamps than many of her fans were - her sexual fantasy was probably pretty tame in comparision; along with the rest of her audience who knew little about vamps. ;)

Robert Pattinson as 'Master of the Universe' - the original fanfiction title of 'Fifty Shades of Grey':

Spike & Buffy will show you what a real-make-believe Vamp is like...

But, Robert Pattinson has been playing a variation of the character of 'Christian Grey' for many (if not most) older Twihards in their minds for YEARS - EL James just reconfigured the Twilight story in ADULT form, gave Edward Cullen and Bella Swan different names (literally - their names were still 'Edward' & 'Bella' in the original Twilight fanfiction story); and now we all get to watch HER sexual fantasies play out in the latest bestseller, "50 Shades of Grey" - the infamous book inspired by Twilight.

This is a really good YouTube video of Buffy fighting her intense obsession over Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6. For those of you who are having a hard time seeing how '50 Shades of Grey' could possibly come from Twilight - maybe this will help you to see the parallels surrounding that more clearly.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Romantic Rape" in reference to The Twilight Saga? This is where these people - who were also previously familiar with Vampires - came up with that.

Buffy fans were obsessed with Spike - just like TwiFans with Edward/Robert. This is cute - done by a fan who is basically worshipping Spike and actor, James Mar

Post Buffy's resolved obsession - WHY did we LOVE our beloved rebel-vamp so MUCH?!!

These types of "shallow character and/or storyline writing" (Twilight is somehow guilty of both) are specific kinds of amateur writing styles that professional book publishers usually watch out for AND correct for young, impressionable audiences BEFORE they are published JUST SO no one becomes overly-obsessed - especially young adults who are ENDEARINGLY susceptible to getting caught up in pretty stories like Twilight.

None of you Monster-Goddesses out there should be offended by that, at all - that's what you're supposed to be at this blossoming point in your lives.

THAT'S WHY It is a common literary standard most book publishers practice. (I'm sorry, I couldn't find a good link out there regarding this. I'm hoping some professionals who cross paths with this story will validate this point for us.)

This is an observation made by me while trying to read the Twilight books (Chapter Five) AFTER becoming disenchanted with the movies... "Bella should have been so much more than what she is written in here. We all seem to have no other choice but to insert ourselves into her, do we? It's an almost automatic thing. You've seen me give this book a pretty scathing critique so far - but some of their conversations are really starting to strike me, in places. I'm expecting some major strikes ahead - but honestly, *I* didn't want to be reading a story about *me*. I was really hoping for Bella & Edward's story."

We've all read bad books. But, that ISN'T what happened with The Twilight Saga...

These books were barely edited; and ALTERED to target young girls who weren't supposed to "know any better" about Vampires. These irresponsible companies got many of our girls hooked on Twilight first; and THEN our daughters (whose opinions we VALUE for obvious reasons) introduced it to their Mothers and they became just as addicted, if not more so.

Additionally, for Twilight Fans who came into The Twilight Saga through the movies instead of through the books - we didn't even NEED to read the books in order to become so obsessed with Twilight. We were/are just as capable as book readers were, of filling in the missing gaps in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight storylines.

By the way, many Twilight fans and anti-Twilight fans both - have issues with the part of the storyline where Jacob Black 'imprints' on baby Renesmee. Both of these two videos below will go off on that. WHY would Stephenie Meyer write such a seemingly-pedophilic storyline thread? Because she was trying to combine two different fantasies into one long one. It was her disturbing way of letting Jacob 'have Bella, too'.

An Original Anti-Twilight Book Reader Reviews the Movie BDp1. Click on Part 2 after this video introduction for the rest.

This young lady was a teenager when Breaking Dawn was published. Tprinces is one of the most 'famous' original book anti-Twilight fans: Explicit Language


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