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Why is it so hard to deal with customers?

Updated on June 10, 2011

Why is retail so hard to work with, in any business,

Even, being in the Nursing field, you try your best to show some courtesy to the patients

they display hostility toward you, and that old say "customers is always right, need to be

thrown down the drain.

Rude Customers, and clients irritates me very much, and the worse part of it all

they nasty comments.. "It your jobs, that what you get paid to do"

2. If you do not like the job, get another one"

3. Go back to school, and get something better"

4. I am going to report you to your boss.

5. Leave your problems at home, and do not bring it on the Job

6. And the list goes on,

On the other hand your boss, comes along and is aware of the problems, and said to you "keep on smiling , those customers paid your salary, just smile, and be courteous

The boss is no different than those rude customers.

In my opinion there is a limit, to how much a person can take on during the day.

to make the business run smooth ,


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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      that was 20 years ago, now it a different crowd, we have to deal with, thank you for comment Cogerson

      one love


    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I have had over 20 years of customer service....and I have come to the conclusion that 99% of the customers are great and are a pleasure to deal with.....the last 1% is a different story.....they are trying to get away with things, can not be satisfied, and generally seem to like being a difficult customer....the key to my success was to never let it bother me.....and concentrate on the 99% who made the job fun to do...voted up

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 6 years ago from Florida


      Just Rise Above It, and don't let anyone's words touch your space, mind or heart. It doesn't matter what they say--just smile and pretend that you did not hear mean words come out of their mouth. Tell them you appreciate their business, and ask how may you help them. You will be surprised at how your sweetness will throw them for a loop.

      Sometimes, our body language sends out the wrong signals, and people get an attitude. Just nip the attitude in the bud with a smile, and see everyday, how many people you can turn around to be pleasant. Make it a game and keep score, and you will not be sorry you did this, because you never know who you are waiting on----they could prove to be a very important person in your life, maybe, even offer you another job because of your great customer service skills.

      Think about it----and try it--what do you have to lose?

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      Daffy Duck i must indeed say, it getting worse, not only in the stores, but working in the hospital setting, people just believe that they can speak to each other anyhow, . thank you for commenting,

    • Daffy Duck profile image

      Daffy Duck 6 years ago from Cornelius, Oregon

      I've worked in stores before and have seen some stuff. Customers can act very priviledged sometimes. It's unbelievable what some of them think they have the right to do.

    • bbnix profile image

      bbnix 6 years ago from Southern California

      I so miss my 'lovely'...

      Lets see if I can't rock this beautifully important expository boat...

      Not versed in retail, but saturated with my own customers for 25 years, self-employed, and my employment where I wasn't so much exposed to people, only technology, I don't take anyone's crap...never have..never's too short, as far as I'm concerned.

      Now I realize, not everyone has a choice in that matter, and that the world is now much more stressed and demanding, especially in your, your cybersister's, and so many others careers.

      I believe the rudeness and apathy and callousness is all a symptom though, It's time for a huge cultural shift, and I'll not go into all my realizations and justifications here, but I for one intend to do something about it....stay tuned my ever so wonderful friend...

      Nice hub by the way..very insightful...thanks...

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      Thank you very much for commenting you said it better than i did, too many rude people out there and it is getting worse

    • your cybersister profile image

      your cybersister 6 years ago from Just relocated from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina

      I am about to retire after working for 39 years in retail. There are parts of it that I have enjoyed very much, but I am definitely ready to leave it behind. The general public continues to get ruder and more demanding every year. It can be very, very trying, even to the nicest and most patient of us. I do believe that retail stores and restaurants are two of the most thankless businesses that anyone can work in. The hours are tough - you can almost always be guaranteed to work nights, weekends,and holidays (while most of the rest of the world is off). The pay is not the greatest. Somehow many customers seem to think that it is acceptable to take their bad day or bad life out on retail and wait staff - we only exist to be abused. I'm sure this does happen in other service professions as well, but I would be surprised if it was with such regularity. What ever happened to treating others the way you would like to be treated?

      I think my personal pet peeve occurs when a child knocks something over or messes it up and tries to fix it only to be told by their parent "Just leave it, they pay people to clean it up". What kind of thought process is this and what kind of example does it set?

      Obviously, I could go on and on...I could definitely relate to it.

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Dark - right - that is the hardest thing - dealing with customers. When we are servicing others - we are trained not to think about ourselves. I worked in the Heath care field for years and I just learned to enjoy all that I could and ignore the rest. I only had me to go home with, you know? Great thought provoking hub:)