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Wild Predictions for 2016 - Lets see the future

Updated on February 1, 2016

These predictions started in February 2015, with the article being revisited, now that I realize that at least the 2nd prediction, which seemed insane last year, now seems to be close at hand.

1. Life found below the surface of Mars

Organic lifeforms will be found living below the surface of mars. This will follow the announcement in 2015 that there is water based life on mars. The discovery for the year 2016, it will seem microbial, but more will follow in the years to come. Nasa will make the announcment with a delay of a few weeks to prevent overreaction from the public at large.

2. Donald Trump will become the President of the United States of America

Following the fall out of one scandal after another within the choosen Deomocratic candidates camp, the lowest turn out in the history of the Unites States for a presidential race will result in a victory for the republican candidate Donald Trump. Lowest turnout? Yes!! Many of Donald's backers have never voted before. They will turn out for this media circus because it's entertaining. It's everyone else that won't show up, sickened by the fact that they have no real choice. Trump will celebrate his victory with a speech declaring how he will follow through with the building of a massive wall along the US/Mexico border.

3. We will see a promise of an embargo on Chinese goods in the USA

Shopping in the US, one can't help but notice the abundance of goods that are made in China. I even struggled to find a U.S flag not made in China. With the increase in popularity of political leaders across the US, who see extreme measures as the way forward, it is quite lightly that we will see the next president slapping a special duty or tax on Chinese goods. Of course this promise will only come forth in the latter half of 2016, with a latter enactment.

We might also expect to see an embargo on an abundance of goods from China, as well as massive smear campaigns against the quality of the goods.

4. Massive increase in Terrorist attacks on Western cities

ISIL will continue to attack western states, not only concentrating on the EU, in particular Berlin, Zurich and holiday destinations such as Ibiza, but the United States capital, Washington. Western nations will band together to wipe out these terrorist groups under the false assumption that they have a homeland or base. It will help increase trade across the richer nations of the world, but it will harm relations with nations in the middle east to the extent where these nations feel the need to defend themselves against the over baring presence of NATO and Western troops.

5. Freedom of movement of people will see the beginning of the end within the European Union and Economic area

With large amounts of refugees pouring out of countries to the east, and the defense forces of Mediterranean nations stretched to breaking point, the EU will encounter similar problems to the U.S. Even the most liberal and welcoming of nations has a breaking point, where they say enough. Smaller nations/states won't be able to take in the amount of refugees that they are asked too, while larger states will try to bully the smaller ones into submissions. Europe will be in political turmoil by the end of 2016.

For the last few years, the Union has focused on financial issues. All of the important positions have been filled with minds that can deal with these areas. But in 2016, these same financiers will fail miserably when the challenges arise. They will look at the financial cost while the social fall out mounts.

6.Splits within the society of the US unseen since the civil war

The people of the United States, are more politically divided than ever. Over the coming months and years, it's only going to get worse, with cessation talk becoming more realistic than ever after the next election. States with a more liberal or conservative population will heave at the thought of the man/woman they call a president, and as a collective of people, within a state, they will question their very union with states that follow this "leader" and the extremist rhetoric they spew.

7. Zika Virus will take hold in North America

Zika virus will take hold in North America, causing numerous issues for it's victims. Society wide, it will begin an era in history that will cause low birth rates for years to come. The virus will evolve, causing unexpected neurological issues in its victims as it spreads north and adapts to it's new habitat.

8. Stay indoors and preserve water!

The summer of 2016 will be one of the most challenging on record across North America, as all residents will be told to stay in doors to avoid infection of the Zika virus and other diseases from mosquitoes. At the same time, most of the world will encounter record high temperatures, which will require a higher intake of liquids while at the same time, the heat will cause drought.


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