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Wilderbeast oh Wilderbeast

Updated on November 10, 2011

Does a wilderbeast reside here...can it...will it...reside,

A wombat that never found itself trailing close behind,

Oh wilder beast make the screeching call...they will follow,

With which you pulled the reins...and the civilizations fell.

Does a wilderbeast reside there...could it...would it...there,

In that stone tower of gold and silver...where no man will walk,

It could run but it would never's bones like spiked concrete,

Watch as the cities's demeaning rides and flies

Have you seen it make a call...a ripple that rides the frequency waves,

No human cam take it's song...eardrums destroyed at instant notice,

Nowhere to run...oh how it would thought earthquakes were here,

A flow from the rivers that it's voice stung, the waves overflowed and
ate unfairly.

Does the world have to end oh wilderbeast you...your superiority astounds me,

So do you really reside your palace of throwing stones,

Their power strong enough to annihilate entire regions near it's stature,

Wilderbeast...make your demands...and we will decide our fates.


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