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Link to Writing a 55 Word Story

Updated on August 7, 2009


Please click on the following link to access the hub: Write a 55-Word Story.

Why there is another link and why is does its tag line read "Write a 50 Word Story"

Yes, originally, when I first thought of constructing my 55-Word Stoy Hub, I was originally going to call it "Write a 50-Word Stoy" but then after the last possible minute, I realized that it was 55 words and not 50 per one of my creative writing professors. I then changed the title, but the TAG LINE remained unchanged. I realize now that it is way too long to change the hub now since it has since been being published, garnered much attention and besides my work being posted there, over thirty other writer's 55-Word Stories are there as well.  Imagine using a wrecking-ball to take down a building whose bricks all belonged to individual people!  I hope you see my dilemma and grant me asylum from a severe and well-orchestrated tongue-lashing.

Thank you sincerely,

O. Dohn Paditsone


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