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20 Writing Essay Topic Ideas For English Teachers

Updated on July 27, 2014 | Source

Topic Ideas

A lot of English teacher always wonder what essay topics to give to their students for a specific project or exam, that's why I decided to make my topic today about the possible topics that can be given to students for almost every level ( Elementary - High school and perhaps college students)

You can always add whatever question you want depending on the type of your project, so that's why I can't fulfill exactly what you want but simple ideas can be good.

Let's start

I will be directly starting with questions but you can feel free to add,remove or modify whatever you want.

1-Write about technology in general and mention some of its disadvantages and advantages in well organized paragraphs

2-Write about the importance of money and discuss the negative effects that can be derived out of it.

3-What is the importance of freedom and how big it's impact can have upon our lives?

4-What do you think about friendship? Can it be true? Or is it always just related to self-love of having friends just to get the needs that you want?

5-Why is it important to keep the balance in life?

6- If you are to choose where to be born or what's your name to be, what would you choose and why? | Source

7-In your opinion,what's the best age for marriage? And why?

8- How is the role of women in the modern life changing? And what are the possible negative and positive effects?

9- In general, how can we stop the pollution in nature? Who's responsible for stopping that?

10- Do you think that dreams can become true? Why?

11- Are you with or against women to do abortion and why?

12- If you win the jackpot in the lottery, what would be the first things that you'll do?

13-What are the negative effects that are caused by having a body over weight? How can we reduce these effects?

14- Do you think that hitting children can be the best solution to make them stop doing something bad? Why?

15-In your opinion, what's your definition of a healthy meal?

16- How can we save and protect water? Provide at least five methods each with detailed explanation.

17- What's the importance of protecting endangered animals and planting green trees? Which of these two have a more direct effect on nature?

18- What makes a certain person successful and why?

19- Why philosophy literature has been always against religions?

20- If you had a child, what would be the first thing you'd teach him/her and why?

That's the list for now, I might be writing a part two of it just give me your feedback. I hope you found the wanted topic, have a great day.

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