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Writing For A Blog - The 9 Basic Dos And Don'ts For Writing A Blog

Updated on May 1, 2013
As more and more people turn towards blog writing,there are certain basic features that a blogger must take care of while writing a blog post. A good blog contains balanced ingredients of both content and design.
As more and more people turn towards blog writing,there are certain basic features that a blogger must take care of while writing a blog post. A good blog contains balanced ingredients of both content and design. | Source

A world of growing number of online blogs is ascending day by day. Now more people are turning towards the field of writing to convey their thoughts almost about every other thing. It is undeniably a pleasurable way to connect with other people and tell others about variety of things which they see, do, feel or hear.

However, each and every blog that we read is a representation of an individual style which a writer carries. There are some writers who stress on the richness of content while there are some who pay special attention to a large amount of images and an overall adornment of their blogs. It may be right to do with some people but a real, good blog should contain balanced ingredients of both content and design. So the question here arises that what are the dos and don’ts for a blogger that can help him make people read his blog, make them stay and also make them come back again.

Below are mentioned some of the features that can make a blog an interesting reading experience for the visitors.


For writing a blog the foremost thing is to find and concentrate on the area of your expertise. A blogger has to discover first which is the topic or a subject that inspires him the most. With this idea in mind, a blogger must choose a title that describes best about the subject that he will follow in his blog. For instance, some people like to write about food items, recipes etc. They choose a title as “for the love of food’, food explorer, healthy recipes or anything that appeals to the reader and at the same times tells what the blog is exactly about.

Therefore finding a right niche is significant as it establishes a differentiation between various bloggers in the online web world.


As already mentioned above every writer has his or her own style of writing. It is the particular approach that differentiates a blogger from others. The way a blogger writes and handles a certain expression is what that matters a lot. Therefore instead of copying anyone’s style, being your own is important. A blogger’s writing should be a true reflection of his expression and personality.


Originality of content is something that is always admired and appreciated. There are thousands of blogs in the online world that are simply just copied and pasted from one site to another. For the bloggers who want to build a genuinely good reputation online and want their blogs to stand out from others, then they really have to concentrate on being original with the content they write. This will not only help with a good standing online, but will also result in gaining a large number of readerships as well the regular visitors.


Just like the content, the use of original images is very important in blog writing. The best thing to do is to compose your own images. However if it is not possible then there are varied online websites that provide free, royalty free images.

Many bloggers and writers simply take away images from the web and use it on their blogs freely. This is illegal and can also develop in possible copyright problems. So care must be taken with this regard. There are plenty of free photo sharing sites on the web that can help in the selection and usage of image free of cost. Sites like, or even are few of the ones that can be helpful with regard to the usage of images.


  • Rich In Text
  • Good In Formatting
  • Original
  • Understandable
  • A Proper Length Of 300-500 Words
  • Free From Grammatical Mistakes
  • Updated Regularly


A successful blog is one which attracts much traffic and readers like to stay and read it from start to finish. For this very reason promotion of blog is necessary. A blogger must publicize his blog by taking advantage of the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc., by telling about it to friends and family and also by posting links and back links to the websites that can help him promote his blog.


The length of the blog matters a lot. People don’t like to read a very lengthy piece of writing or they get easily distracted. So a blogger has to take care of the fact that the blog he composes should be of an appropriate length. Normally a 300-500 word blog or a little more is cherished both by people and the search engines as well.


A blogger must be careful with regard to the grammatical mistakes and spell errors. The correct usage of language is something that leaves a good impression and makes the writing look professional. Mostly blogs are written in a casual style. However whatever amount of casualness is there, a blogger must be careful in the correct usage of grammar, punctuation and pay special attention to the correct spellings as well.


It is good to give attention on the arrangement of the blog as well. The content of blog must be divided into paragraphs so that it does not look like a jumbled up version of a big writing block. Make lists or highlighted points. Using concise and shorter sentences are also easy to concentrate on for the reader. The whole layout of a blog should be easy to navigate for the reader.


Writing regular or often is important for a blogger if he or she wishes to attract loyal readers and Followers. So to keep the readers coming back to the blog, it is better to retain their interest by updating regularly with good quality content daily,alternate days or weekly.

Writing a blog is not a difficult thing to do at all. If certain features are taken care of then it becomes easier for a blogger to establish a good reputation among the list of thousands of bloggers from whom people look forward to read.

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The significance of good writing cannot be denied. If you want to become a better writer you need to learn and add some essential ingredients to your writing practice. The article explains the basic guidelines of becoming a better writer.

Finding ideas for writing is not very difficult. The article provides you an insight about how and where to look for topics and subjects that may help you find the great idea for writing.


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