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Writing Styles by TJ Short use different images to help

Updated on December 18, 2016

Writing Style Image

Images to reflect writing style
Images to reflect writing style

History on writing style

Men like women usually are visual creatures so when your husband / boyfriend says I was reading the articles in his favourite magazine chances are he was but he was also glancing at the pictures of that Hot rod or Hot woman.

You see it was taught to me in school that back in the caveman days this roughly is how life happened amongst other things.

Man had to find mates to help populate the world with. Man also had to defend the cave, converse with other men to find the best ways to hunt latest tools etc, supply the food & fire and care for his mate.

Women had to carry the children, give birth, raise/educate the children, cook the food, protect the cave and care for her mate. Also women had to converse with other women to find the best ways to cook for their mate latest tools etc.

You see in both of the above examples I was taught that most if not all the senses are used by both partners, but sight is the most relied on. Such as Man sees image of woman & questions is this my mate YES or NO, If YES I can approach if NO continue to find my mate. Sometimes I feel this instinct gets mixed up with the pro create instinct, hence why people have affairs.

Sometimes I find writing a chore but many a time I find I am having to check myself, to see if I am rambling on. I personally do not speak much though I find I am able to express what I feel better in writing. My partner and I have an agreement that we each do what we find we do best. I hope you enjoyed this little bit of insight into my little corner of the world.

Online Images to reflect writing style

Online Images to reflect writing style
Online Images to reflect writing style

TJ Short explains Why this style of writing.

More snippets about myself and my writing style. I have been writing since around the year 1973 and in this time what I found is unless you are reading a manual, how to, recipe or something of the like, I find and so might you that you don't want steps in your writing unless they are brief & to the point or well written.

I found that more people were interested in reading a story with some personal input or involvement in rather than something like a plain advertisement. Since changing my writing style to suit as needed each different style of people being approached I have found a far greater response and readership. The following is possibly a male thing I am not sure, but you may have seen or heard a saying that goes something like. Real men don't need instructions.


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