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My 10 Favorites Hubs-Articles-Stories

Updated on January 23, 2012

A few weeks back, I wrote the article My Favorite Things... on my website, Well, as I sat down to write a new hub today , I thought to myself ( I do that sometimes you know; think (wink)), hey, I wrote that article about my favourite things (see the connection now?), I should share the literary bounty of some of my favorite hubs and articles that I enjoy reading with you. Who knows, maybe you'll like them too.

The hubs and articles that I have listed here are written by hubbers I follow and who also follow me. Each article or hub touches many a varied subject, and are just good reads not necessarily good English structure, but they evoke reactions (good, bad, indifferent, indignant, name it) in me.

Of course, just because I've only listed 10 hubs, it doesn't mean that I don't have many many more favourites; hey, a girl's gotta start somewhere, right?

BTW, I'm so very proud and happy to announce...
I'VE JUST WON A HUBPAGES HUBNUGGET AWARD FOR MY ARTICLE Car Accident? 10 Essential Things To Do Right After!
Yeah!!! and Yahoo!!! Way to go ME! Thanks so much Hubpages!

Now grab your notebook, laptop, iPad, smartphone or mobile reader, and Enjoy reading my 10 favourite hubs and articles!

Chris Eddy111
Chris Eddy111
Micky Dee
Micky Dee
Peggy W
Peggy W

Guys: Fifteen Things That Kill a First Date
by Chris Eddy111
Dating tips are essential if you've been out of action for awhile. OK, first dates are tough enough. Just ask anyone who’s single and dating. Some of these apply to the ladies as well, but we're talking to the the guys here...

Zack the Cat
by footwhoops
I have a fat cat named Zack.He came in, and sat on the mat. I gave Zack a pat on the back, and he spat out a rat.I asked, "Where did you get that?"Zack said he was walking...

Marijuana Lies
by Micky Dee
My motive is FAIRNESS! My overt motive, ulterior motive, my life-time goal is to adhere to the GOLDEN RULE. I will keep driving that "nail" because that nail has not been...

"April Showers And Spring Flowers"
by creativeone59
April showers and spring flowers A variety of beautiful flowers nestled together in the fragrant garden With an aromatic scent that's very ardent...

California-National Park-Yosemite-Pictures of our Hiking
by Peggy W
Several years ago a friend and I spent several days hiking and exploring in Yosemite National Park in California. Many pictures were taken and a...

Single Parent Experience
Single Parent Experience
Michael Shane
Michael Shane

Self Help/Self Improvement
by CE: The Single Parent Experience
Basically paraliminals are a self help/guided meditation cd that you can use in every area of your life. If you know anything about subliminals, although these are quite different, then you get the idea. Subliminals...

Revenge, Inc. Part 1: A Short Story
by dohn121
There are many factors in which inspired me to write this story and I owe much to some of the current events of the world, certain movies, with its wide range of characters...

Sisters Are We In All Our Beauty
by callmefoxxy
After so many years of questioning my beauty, I have finally come to accept myself! I am beautiful. I am beautiful not just because of my comely outer appearance, but also...

Weird jobs that actually pay!
by Michael Shane
How many of us are just barely making in it with the slow economy right now? Well, listed below are some suggestions for you to tap in the weird job industry and make...

___________________________________, my pen is a mighty sword!

Understanding Make Money Online Blog Monetizing Words & Acronyms by callmefoxxy
You want to make money online and get paid to monetize your website or blog, but you have no idea what those acronyms, words and phrases mean. Well don’t despair, you’ll find your answers and more right here...

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You'll Laugh So Hard 2 by callmefoxxy
Jokes, Funny Pictures, Comedy, Funny Videos, Bloopers and more. You'll Laugh So Hard is a series of fun articles full of funny jokes, pictures, comedy, videos bloopers and more to elicit your smiles and laughter...

Home Inspection - Home Inspectors - 15 Questions To Ask by callmefoxxy
Thousands of new and resale homes are sold and bought every day. buyers are beginning to realize the value, importance of and necessity for home inspections as part of buying a home...

The Perfect Truth Of LOVE by callmefoxxy
Today, one day after Valentine's Day, my eyes were caught by the question 'What’s the Bible’s Definition of Love?' posed in Hubpages' Questions & Answers, front page section. This then reminded me of...


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      My goodness Callmefoxxy. This is really great. I don't alerts about a lot of hubs and I'm surprised. Thank you so much. The folks you've mentioned are great and have great hubs! Thank you Dear. You know I love that Callmefoxxy Girl! Her pen is so strong!

    • Chris Eddy111 profile image

      Chris Eddy111 

      8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hey callmefoxxy, nice job promoting some of the hubbers. Thanks for plugging me and mine too. ....'Course I already know most of the hubbers on your list too. Good job.


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