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Writing:A Never-Ending Spins of Facts,Ideas and Stories

Updated on January 29, 2015

A monk writing in his abode

A Medieval Writer
A Medieval Writer | Source

The Lord created writing.

The most prolific writers are the apostles.

The Word, the Son of God or our Messiah, Jesus Christ Christ, lived with us as a human being in order to spread the Good News.

It is apparent in the most famous book of all time, the Holy Bible.

Most of the apostles and God's people were inspired to write (with divine inspiration) the events that happened long ago and served as cradle of man's civilization.

Why write?

Writing is synonymous with human civilization.

From crude scratches up to the modern types and fonts of letters, a scribe can easily document uttered words into recorded texts,sentences,paragraphs,chapters and books.

That is the convenience of writing with the use of modern machines.

Turning back the hands of time,writing during biblical times used special papyrus (paper) and clay or stone tablets in recording events that will happen (prophecies, Revelations) or just happened (about Creation and succeeding events).

Modern-day writers can easily write using different platforms and languages. With the aid of application which can translate what I've written originally in my vernacular language, I can easily pass on(disguise) as a Spanish poet, a Norwegian author, or an English storyteller.

I can never complain about having mental block because it's one of the topics that I can also dabble into and make it as a full-blown story.

The urgency to write or the laid-back attitude in us will depend in the mood of an individual to finish documenting a topic online.

Hubber from ancient times?

Gravestone of a Woman with Her Attendant (Greek, c. 100 BC). The hinged object was possibly a jewelry box, mirror, or wax writing tablet (probably not a laptop computer).Uploaded by Marcus Cyron Author;Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup from Centennial, CO
Gravestone of a Woman with Her Attendant (Greek, c. 100 BC). The hinged object was possibly a jewelry box, mirror, or wax writing tablet (probably not a laptop computer).Uploaded by Marcus Cyron Author;Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup from Centennial, CO | Source

What become of hubbers on HubPages?

To inform others, share new ideas and relic data are some of the factors why we, hubbers should write.

We are not different from other writers online.

We can become our own 'painter of words', 'dancer of rhymes', 'pilot of narratives', or messenger of information that can change people's outlook in life and the world as well in positive ways.

I think, it's a given notion that writers have innate abilities or capacity to bring good news most of the times, amid the chaos that are happening everyday.

Play of words can make one travel even in the farthest place. The lure to imagine how it is to be like living in another planet or in the strangest place that one. can just reach in dreams bring vivid and real life feeling because of writing.

From Ms. Patty Inglish to billybuc and other wonderful, prolific hubbers who continue to share their ideas for the world to read online or even store in printouts for future use, this community for modern writers will continue to prosper because of the matrix of information converging in this kind of platform.

Even Cupid writes.

 "The celebration  of the Order of Cuckoldry before the throne of her majesty, Infidelity"
"The celebration of the Order of Cuckoldry before the throne of her majesty, Infidelity" | Source

The writer in me

Questions cropped up or I may aptly describe, crowded in my mind when I was still a toddler.

Asking my father about how the sky is so high or how clouds can turn from white to black or why cats chase mice, why birds fly like airplanes and questions are endless.

Until now.

School and books have given me new outlets to siphon my enthusiasm to know a lot about our world. Why do I exist, why there's Creation, there's Jesus and all the stuff regarding mankind.

Possibly, you and I are meeting halfway with our ideas, that's why, more often than not, the similarity of subjects are apparent in many hubs in this writing community.

No offense meant with fellow hubbers, there are less original works than borrowed ones.


Probably or notably, I read about 'something' and I wrote about it because it has something to do with or it's related with my experiences in life.

Collated data from ancient writers up to the modern ones can pass into someone's hands and be developed as new and more original.

The flow of information from four directions of this world is interconnected, and so, is writing.

I can never have a more satisfying vocation than this.

Writing, that is.

Ms.Anne Rice gives writing advice c/o Anne Rice

Stephen King: 'Writing is hypnosis' c/o CNNMoney

Well-known authors inspiring me to write

Famous authors, like J.K. Rawlings, Stephenie Meyer and Anne Rice, are sharing pointers of success in writing as they nearly collapsed their men counterparts (Stephen King, James Patterson, Dan Brown to mention a few) due to the huge success of their novels.

Their styles are hip and fad of young generation, although the plots are similar.

For me, I still crave of the works of classic writers, like William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and their Filipino counterparts (Jose Rizal among others).

Most readers nowadays are gearing into popular writing, whereas, most of the fiction stories they're writing are being adapted into movies.

Hence, the purpose of writing is to create visual interpretation, even without the aid of photographs and films.

However, as technology advances, aid in writing is being fast-tracked by modern gadgetry, where you uttered stories, ideas and facts can be recorded and edited later for publication purposes, such as this.

Fast writing

A student writing in an English class (23 April 2010 by Silviac)
A student writing in an English class (23 April 2010 by Silviac) | Source

Modern platforms in Writing

The advancement in science and technology brought us many opportunities to choose what kind of platform we should use in writing.

As for me, I indulge with the online platforms because of other attributes that I can use plus the automatic correction on spelling.

Writing today will not be authentic without pictures that one can show about your subject.

For example, hubbing on HubPages will always require such photo capsule in order to draw more traffic or readership from online users.

A writer can also add videos related to the subject he or she is developing.

I can say that we most modern writers rely on the convenience of our time.

Those generations who used mostly typewritten manuscripts are also adjusting with the convenience of using desktop computers, laptops or tablets for documentation.

Mobile blogging or hubbing is a very convenient way of posting articles online.

The advantage of modern writers include storing of documents via software platform USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive(It can store from 1 to 32 gigabytes of materials) or SD (Secure DIgital) card or even CD (Compact Disc). It can be reproduced later through printing.

Unlike before the dawn of computers, written materials were reproduced through manual printing and with the use of bond paper and bounded into books.

These days, a writer can launch his/her books online via eBooks or in PDF (Portable Document Format).

The bottomline of writing today is that one can earn passive income while staying at home through the internet.

From simple to complex subjects, anybody can write as long as he/she possesses the qualities of being a writer.


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