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Short Train Thriller -- What Comes after Your Tickets, Please!

Updated on September 24, 2012


Train Terminal

5 A.M.

Is just a regular day, a normal Morning in D.C. People entered the scheduled northbound train in strides of human cattle . We all know how it feels seeing a train leaving without us...

A woman barely made it to the train... stepped in and jumped. It was a misty and cool Monday morning. And old beggar---this might be funny but he has this humorous 'modus operandi' in order to get an extra quarter for his morning coffee.

He jumps into the train like any one else, but starts singing Frank Sinatra in between wagons, and is up to people to reward him accordingly. His favorite song, of course is 'New York New York.' Three Spanish immigrants that didn't speak English dropped their extra quarters smiling at him and going back to their seat. The beggar said clearly, "Gracias amigo," and exited himself on the next stop near Baltimore MD.

Lots of commuters wanted to reach New York city by 8 a.m. Looking behind, they saw downtown D.C. The view of Baltimore, Delaware and Philadelphia were shown in quick sequences. Here is where the best part started:


"Tickets please!" This ticket collector is special; he inherited a gift from his great grandma, a special gift. By watching peoples faces, he was able to decipher and listen to peoples' thoughts.

like this Realtor who was going to Manhattan to tell off his boss, he just have hit the jackpot 12 hours ago. Or these three Latinos immigrants that we mentioned before, going North to look for better opportunities. And of course a bunch of Politicians and Lawyers that had their own business going on in downtown Manhattan or Queens. A couple of dead beat dads who left their hometown and happened to be on this train. One from Omaha, and another one that just wiped his wife's Joint account. By coincidence, a group of Union teamsters from the U.S. Steel that had their annual meeting in Fairfax Virginia.

This Conductor helper had to wear glasses , not because he was getting blind... his deep strong look would put him in trouble all the time. There was something that he saw this time: 3 guys with Mediterranean look, who would switch languages from French, to some dialect and back to British English. He understood the English part of the story. They were bound for a business, probably Jewelry, since all of them were carrying briefcases. He realized that their talk was even in code. Enough for now...


A second ticket collector gets into the train and switches with the first one and takes over. This train collector carries a list in his hands. Their exchange of words is even more enigmatic. People are minding their own business and the train finally crosses under the Hudson river ...This time the new train collector is wearing a cape...! If you were able to check under his feet you will smell some kind of solid sulphurous powder...but, I wouldn't try!


Welcome to The Big Apple!

The train enters the tunnel built under the Hudson River that divides New Jersey from Manhattan NYC. All seems alright. Everybody is waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The longest seven minutes of ride through the unknown is over. The approach to the Station under the Madison Square Garden. But something is wrong. Unexpectedly the scene changes to a Victorian night back in London of 1885. Even the Ticket collector's appearance is surreal. The temperature rises to 98 degrees and it started to look like a nightmare.



When they reached the top surface, they realized they were somewhere else. People started yelling when 20 or so strangers started telling to all of them: "Okay, no rush guys!, this is your last exit" A local political figure asked, "This is not New York! Where the hell are we? Is this a massive kidnapping or a freaking mob revenge?"

One of the train conductors got closer to him and told him, "Sorry pal!... Have you ever heard of.." his colleague, a demonic conductor goes straight to the point: "Welcome to Hell!"

"Now. every one will get their tickets back, and turn them over. You will see a list of sins that you commited since you were born... and our list is here to make sure, all of you are here to stay" An old man came over and in tears asking, "Can I say goodbye to my wife, please?"


"This is a breaking last minute news, Ladies and Gentlemen. Train 7088 bound to New York had just caught on fire... and... as our reporter tell us, only 3 persons survived, which is hard to tell who they are, since these 3 Hispanic guys don't know a word of English... we will keep you updated.... now to the weather forecast... Today in the upper 90's, hot as hell! of course...!

Flash news! Seems that the fire started in one of the passengers briefcase. Your update at noon!"


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