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Yes You Are Great

Updated on February 10, 2017

You are great and from your loving heart it shows.

The care you continuously show everyone knows.

The presence of your caring way.

The sweet words from your heart that you always say.

The look in your eyes.

That shows the truth and never lies.

The joyful way of your childhood stare the sweet innocence of being.

You are a unique gem the rarest thing I have ever seen.

The sweet welcoming smile on your face that touches all.

Just inviting them in a way of your heart's truthful call.

You always have an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on.

Helping hands that direct with embracement and never scorn.

You walk with authority with shoulders straight and tall.

Your voice speaks from supremacy with the gentleness of a loving call.

A no-nonsense attitude Yes! You always have.

To correct the errors of ways not by fist but with a truth of voice with a slap.

You always know the way and always stand your ground.

You never let anything or anyone intimidates you never before or now.

Your presence brings peace-joy comfort and understanding.

Somethings that all should have but sorry to say with some it's missing.

You always keep in a true way.

And say what your truthful heart needs to say.

As you know the foundation that you are standing on.

And the one that continues to carry you along.

You are powerful beautiful and perfect in heart.

And always give off a loving spark.

A sweet sense of a smile.

With eyes opened consciously wide.

You are great and for the sweet person that you are.

I always admire you whether you are near or far .


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