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You Might Be an Editor If...

Updated on January 19, 2016

Editors are a special breed. They can inspire writers to hone their skills or make them want to take up underwater basket weaving. I started as a writer and became an editor after realizing that it gave me access to more work. Editing is a skill that requires near-constant use, kind of like a foreign language proficiency.

You might be an editor if:

1. You get impatient talking to people because they use way too many words.

2. You get pissed off at your touchscreen on a regular basis because it always replaces "o" with "i".

3. You can explain the proper use of a semicolon.

4. Dangling modifiers and "they" as a singular pronoun make you want to bash your head against the keyboard repeatedly.

5. You regularly find yourself cocking your head to one side with a WTF expression on your face when reading Web copy.

I know there's lots more, fellow editors! What did I miss?


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