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Yes! You are Strong and Beautiful Women - Quote and Inspiration

Updated on March 31, 2016
Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange (1936)
Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange (1936) | Source

Someday I was invited by great persons.

The invitation also sent to you, but you ignoring it.

I will remind you that we are going now.

I will pick you up this afternoon.

This is our journey of hope and dream.

We arrive in the front of nice mansion.

An old lady opens the door and asks us to enter the tea room.

The room is warm.

Some people smile for us.

There is a old man looking at you and then start the afternoon conversation.

Talking about your life.

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) - Great Impressionist Painter
Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) - Great Impressionist Painter | Source

“There is no such things as an ugly women,” he said while smile to you. He introduce himself as the great painter Vincent Van Gogh. Of course all of women is nice. No matter what your skin color is; you are pretty. Black, white, yellow, brown, it is all beauty.

While preparing the tea, an old lady was looking at you with warm eyes. She said something important to you.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) - First Lady of USA from 1933-1945
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) - First Lady of USA from 1933-1945 | Source

“A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water," the lady introduces herself as Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. We are silent and shaking because have a cup of tea with some great person.

She said that women should not let herself ignoring by others. Women should work to gain his dream and talent. Women and men are equal in the eyes of God and the universe.

"The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself," said Elizabeth Metcalf and hold your hand.

She encourages you to believe and love yourself. Yes, there are too many women who did not have good self confidence.

Laurence J Peter (1919-1990) - educator and hierarchiologist
Laurence J Peter (1919-1990) - educator and hierarchiologist | Source

"Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away," Laurence J Peter said something to empower us.

Women should stop complaining with what she got. Take care your soul and body with positive ways. Complaining did not solve the problem.

You try to smile and appreciate them. But your lips keep silence. You look at someone who stand near the window. Someone that you don't know, but maybe what important thing is the words, not the person.

"A smile is a light in the window of the soul indicating that the heart is at home, " Anonymous said to you.

Yes,our smile is the window of heart. Our face will be nice if we smile that comes from the heart. A nice women smile is like a drug for a men which make him falling in love. It is not that cosmetic and make-up that make a man falling in love. Smile and love.

"Beauty, in projection and perceiving is 99.9% attitude," said Grey Livingston who said it with gentle voice.

Physical is not the ideal measurement of beauty. Nice body will be ignoring without good attitude. Projecting good attitude will makes us become nice and gentle people. But how if you have a big lips. Fantasio Barrino smile for us and said something.

Fantasia Barrino (1984 - now) - American Idol 3's winner
Fantasia Barrino (1984 - now) - American Idol 3's winner | Source

"My lips is big, but my talent is bigger," said Fantasia Barrino.

Yes, lips able to say anything, but your talent will show who you are. No action talk only is dangerous to us. So Stop talk and start action now.

Say something nice and do something good. You will be a better person. We ask them about how if someone say something that hurt our hurt? What I should gonna do?

"You have to forgive to forget, and forget, to feel again," the anonymous person smile and convince us.

If someone broke your heart, ignoring, abandon, but don’t let it become obstacle in your next step to find the new life with new love. Don’t let it make you afraid to love someone new because love is a beautiful journey in human life.

"If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it," the Anonymous said and dry tears in your face. You hold his hand and put your head in his shoulder.

If there were someone hurt and disappointed you, forgive and keep moving. Don’t stay too long in your past, but soon get out of it and walk in the new day.

Now I see beautiful moon shining in your face. We are going home with new spirit and courage. Yes, you are strong and nice women.


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