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You, My Beloved. Sunday's Inspiration 21. a Soulful Dedication to Rajan Jolly

Updated on June 14, 2020
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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

A look at the Absolute and its direct descent on the earth plane in a human body

The un-manifested Absolute is said by the Seers to be Existence, Consciousness ... Bliss. It projects Itself into a manifested creation, in order to enjoy its Lila (Divine game). In the process, it is invisible and visible, with form and without form ... sound and silence...

The Spiritual Master/Satguru/Messiah/Christ/Buddha ... is God with Form ... the descent of the Absolute in human form. There is only one Guru, according to Sri Chinmoy's teachings and that is the Supreme, the Absolute.

Yet there is this mystery/trinity of the Absolute, Compassion or Grace, (The Comforter) and the presence of the God-man or God made flesh. Sri Ramakrishna did not like talking about the body, but that 'Thing' within, what Sri Chinmoy call's his 'Inner Pilot or Supreme and what Christ called 'the Father in me that doeth the work.' Guruji says that he is not 'this body', but 'Something Else'.

So whoever or whatever you may be devoted to, it may be useful to remember that it is governed by an underlying force of Consciousness or Spirit. This is the Absolute Reality which some refer to by different names and breathes the oneness of all existence, also called Love.

My poem is dedicated to God for Father's Day and yet it is also devoted to my Teacher. In Sri Chinmoy's teaching's, God and the Avatar (His direct descendant or Advocate) are equally important.

A bit like a Christ and the Father being one, or Sri Krishna and Brahman (God) yet there is only God. I know nothing about separation, only Love, harmony ... oneness.

Sri Chinmoy and Pope John Paul 11


You, my Beloved

You –who came to me in my darkness;

Lit a fire in the citadel of my Heart, Come!

You -- who dries my tears in sleep; kissing and

Caressing the agony of my soul, come!

You --who give redolence to roses; hide Yourself,

In the priceless sacrifice of loving, come!

I see You, gazing at the colour of infinity,

Whispering secrets to the scarlet moon.

You –who command the winds and rains,

Created a canopy of impenetrable Light,

Allowing me to cross Your storms on beams of lustre --

A bridge of minstrels, singing and praising Thy name, Come!

They ask me who You are … how can I explain

Our silent conversations? You are the Presence

In my presence; the unseen Breathing in my breath;

You feed, with longing, the fire of passion in my core.


You have woven my shadows with Your hands;

Burnt the closet of my impediments,

And thrown them all away. It is Your robe

Which adorns me in my nakedness.

You –who have submerged Your inner solitude,

Into this boisterous child … this tiniest drop

Of Thy sweetness, turning me into an indigo beauty,

On the rising rainbow of thy plenitude, Come!

You --who have weaved this murky garden

Of mines, patiently preening and shaping these

Buds for millennia, until they blossomed

Into immaculate flowers, come!

O my affection-flooded tenderness; my beautiful One!

You cause Troy’s Helen to pay homage;

Queen Nefertiti to bow in humility;

Both my sorrows and rhapsodies, lie in Your mercy.

You –who are everything, yet needed me most.

Slept with my memories; danced with my words;

Exalted me to the pinnacle of enchantments;

Rode with me, on the lap of dawn in the rising sun, come!

You became vastness, so as to fill me with the void of infinity;

Flew like a butterfly, emanating grandeur to my soul.

You gave Light to my Path, became a beacon in my horizons,

Burnt the sweet fire of Silence in my solitude.

The Great Spiritual Master, Bhagawan (Lord) Ramakrishna


You – who breathe in the sublime pieces of Monet,

Paint a symphony in the artistry of Picasso;

Resonates in the gleaming smile of Da Vinci’s Mona; makes

Me gaze at the colour of words, too mute to express longing, come!

You have written a tablet of calligraphy on my Heart, painted

It with rhapsody; ascended on the loftiness of symphonies.

You have planted a meadow of daffodils and dahlias within,

Fast-forwarded, like the Internet, their fragrances to my breath.

O Love, You who weave, in the blooming sunrise of my todays’;

Rise in the blossoming fragrance of my tomorrows’, come!

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier, 5th February, 2019.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Founder of Sikhism


It may be worth saying that each soul is a spark; a bubble, which will one day return to the Ocean, its original Source. Spiritual Masters are are like tidal ways in this Ocean of Consciousness, who also travelled the same journey. - Manatita, 14th June, 2020

God with form

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© 2020 manatita44


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