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You should do this I would do this you should do that I would do that

Updated on August 21, 2012

This is how you do it....

I am often amazed at the fact that people love to tell people how to do something especially when they are doing nothing. Where is this coming from you may ask? Well over the course of one year and a half I have been in my little struggle to become self employed. During that year and a half I have created a circle of like minded people who are also chasing their dreams of becoming self employed. It is kind of a master-mind alliance. Where I meet with each one seperately and talk about the "masterplan" as well as get updates on how far each one has come. In all the total people in this alliance is five. I am the connection between the circle except for the two that are roomates, the other two know nothing of each others exisistence. When time allows I drop in at random and have a pow-wow, or a brainstorming session. We usually sit around and drink a couple of brews and share experiences and ideas. Out of the five on this mission to become self employed only three of us are actively seeking this goal. The other two well it seems that they love to to tell people how to do whatever it is they are doing while at the same time they are not engaged in the things that they are supposed to be doing. Yet and still they love to talk. I mean really love to tell people how to do everything but still they do nothing. It has become like a private joke to me...listening to them tell me how to build my empire.Yep I am building an empire from nothing.

Listen....this is what you need to do because I would do this.

First I will start with myself since I am the first in this alliance. Over the last year and half I have manage to start a very small junk and debris biz as well as a side gig biz of buffing floors, you know stripping and waxing floors when the oppurtunity knocks. My overall goal is larger than these two but these two are easy to do and can be done right now, so that is what I do haul junk and buff floors saving towards a goal that I will reach in a few short months. Now lets talk about subject number two, Cus ,thats what I call him but we are really in-laws. Cus started out about a year before I started his mission was to build his own studio and have that studio support him and his family. O.K. two years later He has built that studio in his spare room and has a steady stream of customers coming to his house. Enough customers that he has been able to quit his job. Cus is not on the level that he wishes to be on but he has become self employed and out of all of us he is self employed. I see that as mission accomplished. As well as motivation, I can't wait for my biz exceeds my income on a regular basis. I say regular because some weeks I make more in a few days then I do all month and some weeks I make next to nothing. I never know what I am going to make from week to week. So I still keep my job, it is part time but right now it tides me over if I have a bad week, or two weeks. By the end of a month I end up making more then I do working but the business comes out of left field and I really cannot depend on it. Not yet any way. The third guy is a friend of mine who I met at the beginning of my journey who just so happened to be on the beginning of his journey. His specialty is pressure washing parking lots and store fronts his situation is basically the same as mine, he is moving in the direction he wants to, but still must maintain a part time job because the income is not steady yet. But he is on his way.

do as I're doing it wrong! This is the way it should be done...listen to me!!!

The other two? Well, besides running their mouths and being total experts about everything discussed, still have not generated one penny or even gotten started. Have not even begun to chase their so called dream of becoming self employed. But, man, if you here them talk you would swear they was Steve Jobs reincarnated! It has gotten to the point that, in my eyes they have become jokes! Mick I call one of them. Mick is my Cus roommate, that is how we met, Mick moved in with my Cus after my Cus and his girl broke up. Mick is a cool guy and out of all of us Mick actually has a career. A real job that has a ladder to climb, Mick just recently became a manager and if he works at it he could move up to corporate. Like a said dude has a nice job that has a future. That should have been a warning shot when we, me and mick decided to collaborate on a side business using ebay as the platform. Besides being a very cool dude as well as the only dude out of this rag tag mastermind alliance that has a real career, Mick is very negative. He lives in "REALITY" that is his place of existence..."REALITY" that is his favorite word "REALITY" Micks slangs that word around like a dreamcrushing sledgehammer. To Mick everything is impossible. We should just get real jobs, jobs with a future, jobs like he is blessed to have. At the same time Mick is sitting in on the meetings and talking about all of his future plans of becoming his own boss, but Mick takes no action at all. He just loves to tell me and my Cus how it is supposed to be done, the right way to do things and most importantly all of the reasons why it can't be done. For a while I would take Mick with me when I would get gigs or side jobs, I valued his opinion in the beginning because Mick has a degree in Culinary arts as well as a associates in business. Add that to the fact that he is one step from moving up into the corporate world in his chosen career, and you have the reason why I valued his opinion at one time. So I use to take him out on my little jobs and I would run things by him ideas and stuff just to get his opinion. I had to stop that after a couple of weeks because Mick is incredibly negative and loves to tell people how it should be done. " You're doing it wrong, you need to do it like this....This is how I would do it.....If I was doing what you are doing I would have been much further...." and so on. So I stopped picking him up and I stopped running ideas by him. It became apparent to me that all he wanted to do was run his mouth and do nothing. For a very short while we was working togethor on a side business, restoring/ refurbishing furniture and selling it on ebay. " Bring me all the decent furniture you can find and I'll redo it and sell it on EBAY, we'll split that profit." Cool I was all in with the little side plan I mean I run a junk and debris business I find everything under the sun so if thats the plan I'm all in. So for a few weeks I brought pieces of furniture over and watch the furniture began to stack up. My Cus pulled me to the side one day and said " Man....I hate to tell you this but you are wasteing your time." He led the way to the basement and showed me all of the pieces of furniture that I had dropped off. " Mick is not serious man...he's just talking, He will never do anything besides punch the clock." I stood there in the basement and stared at the furniture I had dropped off over the past few weeks, things like old wooden rocking chairs, wooden tables, foot stools, and all kind of stuff. The basement was starting to like a furniture store. " Man...listen to him when talks and that will tell you everything." My Cus said. O.K. I took his advice I stopped bringing things over and I stopped taking Mick around on my gigs. I waited until our next brainstorming session, one of two days that we come togethor and talk with the help of a few packs of cigarettes and a half gallon of smirnoff vodka and few coors light. In the middle of the session Mick blurts out " Where's the furniture? I thought we was going to sell it on EBAY?" My response.." You have a small furniture store in the basement, what are you doing with that?" He paused for a few seconds and barked " I don't have the right tools and I don't have the time right now! You know I could have gotten you a couple of accounts right now but you just want listen to me when I tell you what I want you to do!!!" Smirnoff and coors pumping through my veins I snapped " Tell me what you want me to do??!!??!!? Dude are you serious? You are not my boss! WE ARE NOT In BUSINESS TOGETHOR!" then I stopped collected myself what in the world am I doing arguing with this guy for I thought to myself. I sat back and listened to Mick go on a drunken verbal drive by about how my business was going to fail and how I would be better off going back into manufacturing and giving up my dreams of becoming self employed. I sat there for a few seconds seething with quiet anger and the only thing I could say was " How does the smirnoff taste? How much cash you got in your pocket?", I pulled out seventy bucks " I bought that smirnoff as well as the pizzas....when do you get paid now? How much are you going to make? How many hours do you put in? I made one hundred and fifteen dollars earlier forty-five minutes." A silence fell over the room for a few minutes then my Cus exploded in hardcore side splitting laughter. Mick's response ..." Screw you asshole.." flipping the bird as he fired up a smoke. I was wrong for that but it really felt good getting that off my chest. " I continued on " You know what Mick? You are pretty damn good at telling people what they should do, and you are right I do not live in reality...I walk by faith."


Guy number two we will call him Matt. Matt is a old high school friend, we have known each other for our entire adult lives. Matt it seems to me because of a series of events has given up on life. Matt is not sucidal but it seems that he does not want to try anymore. Matt has had two businesses in his life one, the first was a clothing store that ran for a few years, the second was a restaraunt that Matt opened and ran for nearly ten years straight. Both of these failed but for almost fifteen years matt was living a pretty damn good life under his own power. After the restaurant failed Matt was forced to reenter the workforce and landed a pretty nice job being a manager at 80,000 dollars a year salary. Matt held this position for about five years and four years ago he was hit with a REAL problem. Healthy problems. On his way to work one morning he had a seizure, blacked out, and crashed into a building. The seizure messed up his body pretty bad and Matt had to under go physical therapy for a few months to bounce back to normal. Time has passed and Matt is living with realitives waiting on his disability. Matt is unable to work and the guys encharge of disabilty are taking their times. At the same time Matt has plans on opening up another store. For the last two years we have talked about these plans. Matt has not made any attempt to do anything because he is afraid to try anything.....I understand where he's coming from but I still try to motivate Matt to take action. Matt gives me valuable advice and I am grateful that I can actually hash over ideas with the guy because he's been there and lost it all.....twice. I'm just looking for someway to reignite the fire. That being said this hub has gone on a little too PEACE AND I AM AUDI 5000.


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