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Young Americans in Paris Part II

Updated on November 7, 2011



Young Americans in Paris Part II

We walked the Seine and took in the sights. I wanted to wait until I had one nights sleep before I went to the Louvre and gazed at the Mona Lisa. So we walked the streets and stopped into a few café’s to have a bite. My friend continued to drink. It was our first day in Paris and I was young so I didn’t say anything. I actually had a drink myself. I needed one after my friend’s behavior on the airplane. The walk had cleared my head and I was approached by someone from the American Embassy. She gave me her card and told me if we got into serious trouble to call her. I wasn't quite certain what she meant by serious trouble but I took the card.

We went back into the streets and I spoke with the locals who often pretend not to understand me. I was looking for a place to buy clothes. I finally found a shop. And although my French is not perfect I will tell you they wanted to make me fitted clothes. And for the life of me I didn’t know they words for “off the rack” in French. I didn’t plan on being in Paris that long and the clothes would have taken far to long to make. I planned on leaving for Nice and Canes in about five days.

My friend seemed more sober or perhaps I was just too tired to notice. It was now early evening and we were still walking around Paris. We met two English lasses one was a cook and the other was a hair dresser. We sat at a café’ outside’ and drank wine while an elderly gentleman exposed himself to me and made very gratuitous sexual advances. I laughed at him. I paid my check and then went back to walking on the streets. We passed another café’ in a nicer part of town. I asked my friend if she wanted to stop to eat. She stated she only wanted one bite. She went up to the cutest guy she could see in the restaurant took his spoon and took a bite of his ice cream. Upon seeing this I cursed in French yet again. My French cursing was improving. Our English counterparts laughed quite hysterically. I grabbed my friend and apologized to the man but he was quite smitten. I offered to buy him another desert in French. He declined. He wanted to take us to a club. I thought it was a terrible idea. But my friend was game and so were our English counter parts. I reluctantly agree but I figure there was safety in numbers. So we enter a cab with Stephan and our English friends followed in the cab behind. And I heard Stephan as he handed $100 USD to the driver to lose the cab behind us. I looked at my friend and I said hand me your passport or I am out of here. She was reluctant. I explained that she was out of her head drunk and it was perhaps best I held on to her passport before she lost it. My friend agreed. And then she handed me her traveler’s checks as well. She looked over at me in the back of the cab and stated, “I think he likes me.” I rolled my eyes and then I again cursed in French again. And muttered to myself in French, "Yes, for dinner.".

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