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Young Americans in Paris Part III

Updated on November 7, 2011

Eiffel Tower


Young Americans in Paris Part III

We had only spoken in French the entire time. And I was well aware my French was not good enough to be understood entirely. I was starting to suspect that Stephan spoke fluent English or American if you will. My friend Carol had been rambling in the back of the cab how lucky she was that Stephan had chosen her and how rich she thought he was. So I used my suspicion to my favor and announced in English to my friend, “If you want him he is all yours. I only fall for men with great hearts.

Stephan turned back to me and asked why I was in Paris. I explained I was here for the lights, the museums and the architecture. I explained to him that I had friends who were Parisians back home and I had long to learn everything I could about Paris. He then asked me where I was from. I told him I thought it was obvious that I was an American. But then I asked him where he was from and he was from Saudi Arabia. Now Carol was completely wasted and didn’t speak a word of French but miraculously managed to translate Saudi Arabia and that meant lots of money to Carol. I ignored Carol as I was embarrassed. Stephan was being very attentive to me at that point. I asked if we could stop and have a drink at a local café’. He gave directions to the cab driver and we went to a really nice café’ He ordered these really wild drinks that were huge. I sipped slowly while my friend gulped it down. We were still speaking in French and Carol was really rather bored. Stephan explained he had every intention of letting my friend drink herself unconscious so he and I can pursue the night life of Paris. And while I liked Stephan as a person his mal-intent to my drunk friend called several things into questions like what were his intentions with me. So we got back into the cab and head to a very exclusive club in Paris. I knew it is exclusive because Stephan paid $10k USD just to get us in. And it was like no place I had ever seen on Earth.

The club was an entire building filled with different floors. The first floor was the more conservative crowd. Although at midnight the girls dancing in the floor didn't seem to mind taking their tops of. Stephan ordered more drinks and Carol kept pounding them down. At one point she was over at the bar making out with a 60 year old toothless man. Stephan leaned in and suggested we do what is natural. And I respond while looking at Carol’s behavior, “What vomit?”. And in his most seductive voice Stephan says, “This is about you and me.”. I wanted to tell him I was under age but that wouldn’t have been cool. He just spent $10k to get us into a club. I was exhausted and exasperated. So I change the subject. And I retort, “I didn’t come to Paris to have sex. I came to see the sights.” The vulgarity of my response offends Stephan. He grabbed my hand and took me up in the elevator. And he showed me what each floors theme was. On one floor club members were having an orgy. Another floor was filled with Heroine addicts shooting up which I had never seen before. Another floor was completely dedicated to male homosexuals and another floor was S & M. I was shocked and applaud. I returned to the elevator and went back to the bottom floor. Those topless dancers didn't phase me a bit after the tour of the club. I grabbed Carol by the scuff of the neck and pulled her off the toothless 60 year old. I told her we were leaving. Stephan was behind me and I turned to him and said, “What did I ever do to make you think I am of such low class I would enjoy this club?”. He smiled and said in English, “Everyone enjoys this they just have to be free enough to do so. Here is my number”. Stephan handed me a card with his number on it. I tore it up in front of him.

Suddenly Carol grabbed him and thrusted her tongue down his throat. She makes out with Stephan for a minute or so and then says, “I am that free.”. And Stephan says, “Yes you are but you know I want your friend because anyone can have you.”. And Carol expounds, “Yes, and that includes you!!” I was no longer speaking in French. We were back to English/ American. I told Carol I was leaving. She continues to make out with Stephan. “I am leaving Carol!!” Stephan stopped her and asked Carol to go get some Vodka Tonics. He then walks up to me and says, “I wanted you and you denied me and now I will take your friend.” Carol returns with the drinks but only two because I had stopped drinking long ago. I told her again, I am leaving. Exceptionally wasted she bids me “goodbye” and makes out with Stephan again. Angered I quickly pick up all the pieces of Stephan's telephone number and put them in my pocket. It is almost dawn and I leave the night club. I can see the Eiffel Tower just off in the distance. I hailed a cab and go to our hotel, leaving Carol to be consumed by Stephan and the creatures of the night in Paris.

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