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A Littered Mind

Updated on November 20, 2015
Syrian child arriving at Lesbos
Syrian child arriving at Lesbos | Source

Basically our minds collect "garbage"...

We would—and we do—believe anything... any garbage presented to us is believed. Whether it be about the cosmos, the politea, or so called ideas...

So we consume commercials: from the media, the university, the local bar... they are all the same and they do an excellent job at filling us (our minds) with garbage...

Presently those who run the world are working to supersede the nation state and create a world government, not unlike Julius Caesar and (though they failed) Napoleon and Hitler...

They are also working to create a new religion to supersede the old religions because most of the world doesn't believe in positivistic science, they believe in a religion with ancient origins...

Of course, the elite don't have to actually create anything (that would be too much work, nor would they have the expertise); They just co-opt it and steal it from the poor little geniuses who work for a salary (i.e. Einstein)...

The nation state is only 150 years old,

but the stinking technology that we have now, permits the elite to up the ante and govern nearly the entire world (except for Russia and perhaps China)...

It permits them to arm to the teeth poor little "assassins" who also work for a salary in the form of mercenary soldiers and mercenary policemen....

The dramas at Batacan in Paris perhaps may not be staged in a controlled way (with a stage director) but they are definitely staged psychosocially by those who pull the (purse) strings of our greed and fears and ensnare minds that were born to be ensnared by (graven) images parading themselves as "facts" (all this latter word means is "something constructed")...

But when we've forgotten the meaning of the words of our language and when we have forgotten that true ownership is ownership of self and that evolution contains the seed of its undoing as the price of admission into higher mentation, we are ripe to become poor little "garbage collectors"...

Elvis Presley, the laureate?
Elvis Presley, the laureate? | Source

But this garbage collecting

is complimented by it's inverse: spectacular projections of light, images, faith, emotion and so on...

There is no proper term for this (even in psychology) nor does psychiatry prescribe drugs for something that goes by the vulgate term of "worship" in the modern pejorative sense (as in "worshipping Elvis")...

Few people know that not only did Jesus visit India, but also Korea and Japan. In fact, Jesus may have been everywhere... The Parousia even has already taken place, I've been assured, in Korea in 1985 where Jesus returned to marry the Mother...

Scholars distinguish this idealised Jesus from the ancient real-time man by referring to the latter as the historical Jesus. But this doesn't address the problem of idolatrous "worship" which is hardly confined to Jesus but includes many thousands of idols from golden calfs, to saints, to modern pop stars...

The historical Jesus or Elvis

is one form of research, but what the mind is doing and why it's compelled to "worship" in this way, is another.

And this phenomenon is hardly confined to religion. It is endemic to every endeavour of life and seems to be hard wired into our evolutionary biology. Hence, the extraordinary significance of that scholar (of neurotheology) in the Noor Foundation video I uploaded not too long ago on the brain/mind symposium at the United Nations examining the medical evidence of the existence of a non-epi-phenomenic mind ( mind independent of brain )...

What we need to do as a (human-) race is not decamp to another planet, or welcome extra-terrestrials to save us or create new self-congratulatory and self-contradictory constitutions about abstractions (Rights) to go with a new and improved (Democratic) world government, which in itself is a contradiction...

Instead we need to actually deal, once and for all, with our own minds, and not their images..

Because it is not God who is a figment of our imagination, it is we who are a figment of God's Imagination...

I know feel

that most of what I am asked to view in the form of images derived from television, movies and social media (as well as some print media) pollutes my psyche...

Vulgarity in language, dress and gesture has become de rigeur and the most vile acts of aggression and humiliation are taken for granted. We live in a sick world that has just accepted killing, both pre-mediated and through negligence and ignorance...

Modern media and social sciences make possible a new level of deceit and manipulation hitherto unknown in past generations. Money, for its own sake, has become a god and everyone in post-modern capitalism with its pseudo-democracy has been demoted to a "prostitute," ( the ancient Greek world would have baptised Obama with the name "Proxitelis" — in honour of his sublime position as the world's greatest communications officer );

I can't get over the absurd irony of how during those years when Obama was coming into the limelight, Americans were confusing his name with Osama...

The image and it's prototype

have been so severed and so confused under so many layers of hyper-reality with no hyp(n)ostatic basis other than a mechanical projector, unseen, unnoticed and denied, by the protagonist, that the humanoid's mindscape has become as littered and toxic as his physical environment...

S/he is blind to the most obvious truths (too close to be seen at the tip of her nose) while s/he prophesizes about distant plural and parallel galaxies founded on radiation we have discovered invented and baptised in our own name as if we "created" it...

Indeed the greatest sin here, is that the created copy has become the "creator" both in the so-called academy and on the battlefields where innocent children are decapitated from a distant hovering helicopter manned by mentally perverted but perfectly programmed "child-soldiers" from the empire's ghettos...

Obviously the sole purpose of the media and their entertainments are to distract us from the horrors and to d-numb us down to and from our own carcinogenic morality based on a budding intelligence dying to be born...

We are now living in a hybrid world where governments and mafias are interchangeable, where genders are transposable, where minds and brains, techniques and geniies are too confused to be recognised and where daimons and esprits have inverted more than ever, so that the lie is always true and the truth always forgotten...

We are living in a mad world;


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