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accidents happen... what would you do if.......

Updated on August 10, 2010

chapter 1

I am a newby at this site.  I want to thank starqueen13 for introducing me to this place. I have not figured out the ins and outs of writing on here.  So this short story of seven chapters are posted in this one hub.  I wanted to practice cliff hangers.  It is just a quick random story.  So I hope you enjoy this.  and please let me know if i managed to achieve my goal.  I want to dedicate this story to starqueen13 whose love of writing is infectious and inspiring to one as old as I.  thankyou again for your time and consideration.  sincerely, meow48;  Now let the story tell itself.........


It has been said that fate; destiny; randomness; or the strange humor of the gods throw accidents in our way.
It is only what we do with them that makes us who we are.

Stupid alarm, I thought once more. As I ran as fast as I could to get to the bus stop, my homework? Crap!!!!
Charlie yelled at me as I turned to run back into the house, "Sam, where are you going? The bus is coming."
"Gotta get my report. Please, ask old lady Jane to wait for me. I will be right back."
Like that is going to happen, thought Charlie as he now saw the big yellow snub nosed bus barreling down the residential street. Deep in his heart, Charlie knew that old lady Jane had to be an Indy race car driver in a former life. No, wait, by the way she chews gum, it would have to be NASCAR.

Bus 37 stopped in front of the six highschool and middleschool teens that had lined up to make a beeline into the bus and get out of the cold.
Charlie was at the head of the line. Sam, he thought, you are gonna owe me big time. As he stepped up on the first rung only to pretend to slip on the wet step, falling backward and hard against the guy that no body liked. Please let me survive this was Charlie's last thought as now he, the two hundred pound, tow headed sophmore hit the tall, lanky long black haired skaterboy behind him starting as it later became to be known as the downfall of maywood manor's youth. Arms, legs, bodies entangled upon themselves as the last girl escaped a fate worse than death by simply stepping out of the way.
"What the Hell?" yelled old lady Jane, her bubble gum popping loudly, as she climbed out of her seat to assist straightening out this mess.

Sam finally found it.There you are, you blasted report. She had to stay up all night rewriting it, since her battle axe of a teacher had taken her red pen to the last one. It looked like a crime scene by the time the teacher had finished critiquing it. The girl came flying out of the house heading towards the bus stop, just as she saw the bus driver helping the last kid up off the ground.

Cellphones and backpacks were being redistributed to their rightful owners. As the tall, heavy set,platinum dyed blond stood quietly looking at the young and graceful Sam flying down the side walk towards him.
The bus driver motioned the kids to get on the bus, but grabbed Charlie by the back of his coat and whispered, "Not you. You get on last." She looked into the boy's blue eyes with her best bus driver who rules over these ingrates face on.
Charlie actually cringed inside and took a deep breath, hoping someone would save him from this menopausal woman, when suddenly...

chapter 2

A loud crash shook the ground where the busdriver, Charlie and Sam stood. Old lady Jane had turned around as the sound of a car skidding across the icy road hit two parked cars just above the bus. She climbed into the bus radio to call for help but was surprised that the radio was already beeping. Answering, she heard the message, then relayed for help. Sam and Charlie were heading over to see if the driver was alright.

The busdriver stood up and said, "School has been cancelled because of this strange Ice storm." As a freezing mist had started to fall once more on the street. She then said, "Everyone sit tight until we see if everyone is okay."
Jane now looked a little further up towards the end of the street. Cars seemed to be sliding left and right as they hit the spot in front of the residential street. Jane thought to herself, we were heading that way. We could have rolled if I had hit that spot, reality made her pause. A little shaken, she went on to the car that was now wedged between two trees.
"I have called for help. Charlie, How is the driver?"
"Unconscious I think. I see a lot of blood on her face."
"Can we get her out?"
Sam shook her head in the negative. The little compact car was definitely caught between the two trees.
Old Lady Jane went back in the bus and got on the horn again. The progressing ice storm was coming down harder, and the street was fast becoming an ice skating rink. The dispatcher at the bus garage connected Jane to the 911 operator and listened in.
"There is nothing we can do right now, all emergency vehicles and police have their hands full. Help the victim stay warm and get yourselves off the street."

Jane frowned at the response. Then almost dropped the radio, hearing the operator mutter to herself, "Whoever heard of a freak ice storm in March?" as the line suddenly went dead. The bus dispatcher came back on the horn.
"Janie, do as they say. Don't do anything stupid."
"Ah, you know me,Shirley. Gotta go, wish me luck, will ya?"
"Janie? Why would you need luck?"
"Ah, you know me well, I think."
"Janie? Remember the kids, your first priority is the kids."

chapter 3

Sam stood by the car, shivering in the cold. This freak ice storm now made her spring sweater definitely inappropriate for the elements. Charlie saw her and told her to get in the bus. He still wore his big bulky winter coat, not for any fashion statement, but it had plenty of pockets for his stuff. Sam nodded and took one step onto the street, that was the last thing she remembered as she slid down towards and now under the bus. Jane looked up and saw the girl take one step and then was gone. As she jumped up out of her seat, Skater boy was standing in her way.
"Git outta my way, boy. She must be under the bus."
The boy looked at her and said, "Like Duh, old lady. I can get her. It is too slick for you to go out there and break your hip or somethin."
Jane glared at him for a minute... Did he just call me an OLD LADY? Then she thought, with a heavy sigh, this was the first time this boy had ever spoken to her, let alone offer to help anyone. So not wanting to admit the old part, she asked, "Why you?"
"Old Lady, I am a skater. I know how ta balance and how ta fall." He gave an appraising look at the bus driver in front of him and then said,"You, on the other hand, are just a little top heavy. If you know, what I mean?"
"Fine." Jane responded, with her arms crossed covering what she always had thought of as her assets then added, "But if I don't see you and Sam back on this bus in five minutes, I am coming after you." She took down her axe and blanket in her box she kept and said, "When you get back, I need you to give these to Charlie. Maybe he can break a window and put this blanket over the girl."
The shaggy haired boy stepped gently out on the street and then did a rather graceful fall and was belly down looking for the girl he only knew as Sam. She always struck him like a preppy wanna be, but not quite. She was way too smart for all that, being in the advanced classes at school. He, on the other hand, turned the school down for the advanced classes. He just never wanted to work that hard, when he could coast along.

Sam caught her breath and reached up to touch her head. I must have hit it when I fell. She gently rubbed the back of her head and then as she saw her hand covered in blood, she screamed. She yelled out again when she turned to her right and saw the guy known as only skater boy staring at her.
"You... Okay?" he asked quickly.
"Yeah, but my head is bleeding. I really feel kinda sick."
The boy reached out his hand, "Come on, we gotta get you back on the bus before that old lady comes out here and breaks her hip."
Sam, not quite understanding everything, grabbed the boy's hand and felt him pull her towards him. Her last thought before she passed out was, I don't remember him ever talking to me before.
Skater boy now had her free of the bus. He noticed how pale and cold she was. Her eyes closed. When he saw the trail of blood smeared from the path he had had pulled her from, he now felt fear...
"Sam!!!" He yelled shaking her a little. When he heard her moan, he gave a sigh of relief. He counterbalanced and managed to pull the light weight girl up over his shoulder. He skated his way back to the bus and carried her onto the bus. Old lady Jane had another blanket and wrapped her up, tight. She placed her between two other girls and then said, "Keep her warm." Taking a bandage out of her first aid kit, she wrapped Sam's head, rather tightly. Telling herself, that head wounds bleed a lot, but it would not be blood loss that would amount to anything. At least that was the montra the first aid book said.
The bus driver heard the doors open again. She looked out the windows and saw the boy carrying the blanket and axe to Charlie.
Charlie whirled around hearing a strange cracking sound, when suddenly...

chapter 4

Shit!!! thought Charlie as he saw the skater boy disappear under a big tree limb that fell from the heavy ice being laid down by the storm. He quickly slid towards the large limb and found the boy, cursing loudly.
"Are you okay?"
Grrrrrrr...@#%^@.... etc, etc.
Charlie started to laugh. "Come on. I know you can cuss, but are you okay? Anything broken?"
"No, I don't think so. I am just sort a trapped." Said the boy, looking up at the big kid who was trying to stay on his feet.
"Do you have that axe?"
"Hey, I am under this tree limb. I am not sure I want you to use this axe on it."
"Trust me, Okay?"
The skater boy really had a tough time with that concept.
"Look, Old lady Jane will be out here in a minute to yell at both of us, if I don't get you outta there."
The boy grumbled, "Here." as he managed to slide the axe thru the crack under the tree, thanking his lucky stars he had sense enough to keep it back and behind him when he slid flat to keep the tree from doing much damage. Had he not, his self amputation of a limb seemed pretty assured.
Charlie took the axe and said, "You can move right?"
"Well, not right now."
Charlie gave an exasperated sigh. "I am gonna pry this limb up, but you are going to have to slide out. Can you do that?"
The skater boy smiled, "Sure. Anywhere is better than here right now."
"Okay. Here goes."
Charlie slid/skated to the other side of the big limb and placed the big axe under it. He grunted as he pushed down and said, "Are you clear?"
Skater boy did not have to be asked twice. He was out and standing, staring at the big boy. "I'm out."
Charlie laughed and shook his head.
"Okay. Why were you heading out with this axe anyway?"
"Well, I also had a blanket and the plan was to break a window and put the blanket around the girl to keep her warm."
"Oh." said Charlie looking a little closer at the tree, "You mean this blanket?" Pulling the thick green army blanket out, almost falling in the process.
"That would be the one."
"Well let's see what we can do??"
Charlie and Skater boy went over to survey the car still stuck between the two trees.
"You know, they are not very thick trees." Charlie said, as he looked at the axe, wondering if he could chop one down and then get the door open.
"Well, you are right. So you think we could chop one down?"
"Maybe we should get permission from the owner?" Charlie said.
"I don't think any one lives here." As he pointed to the for sale sign in the yard.
"Guess we don't need permission."
Skater boy looked at the disposition of both trees. Hummmmn.
"I think we should try the passenger side."
"Really? Why?"
"Because if you miss, you won't hit the girl."
"Ah, good point. Okay. Let's go. I always wanted to be a lumberjack."
Charlie headed to the passenger side door and started to swing the axe.
Crack. Showers of thin icey slivers came raining down on the boys, but Charlie was making headway. Seeing the heavier boy was getting winded, Skater boy took a turn. Finally the tree fell over away from the car. Getting the door open really was the next hurdle. Dented severely and locked from the inside frustrated Charlie.
"Step back."
Skater boy raised the axe and now the window cracked into tiny pieces of glass. He gently reached in and unlocked the door, mindful of the jagged pieces of glass. Charlie now took a hold of the handle and pulled and yanked and pulled again.
A slow creaking noise brought the boys progress as the door finally opened. Skater boy took the thick army blanket and placed it on the seat, effectively covering the glass.
He gasped as he saw the driver clearly for the first time.
"Missy?" He paused and blinked as he saw the blond hair and swollen belly. He fearfully climbed into the small compact and then gently holding the girl's head to keep it from turning left or right, blood was running down her face. "Missy." He said quietly, his voice broke.
"What?" Charlie said quickly, taking note of the gentle demeanor of the boy. "You know her?"
"We grew up together. She moved recently with her family. And, Charlie," he paused. "She is pregnant."
Shit!!!!! thought Charlie.
"Is she okay?"
As if in response, the girl moaned a little and suddenly her eyes flew open.
"Easy. Missy. Take it easy. It's me, Reggie."
"Reggie?" she whispered.
"Don't move. Okay? We don't know how injured you are. You had a car accident. Hell, I didn't know you had your license."
"I...I...don't. But dad wouldn't wake up so I could get to work. I smashed the car?" She cried, realization of what happened hit her in her face.
"Look. Stop moving. Or you may never move again." Yelled Charlie.
"It is going to be okay."
"I am such a screw up." She said, quietly.
"Look, it is gonna be okay. All teenagers are screwups. Some are just better at hiding it than others."
Both boys jumped hearing the loud gum popping blond bus driver speak up.
"Hey, skater boy. Find out how far along she is and if she has felt the baby move." Jane asked practically. Taking out a thick towel she kept in her work out bag, she rolled it thick and then, took a roll of stiff athletic tape out and started to tape it, forming a make shift somewhat stiff neck brace.
Reggie asked the questions and told Jane, "Missy says she is due next month. But the baby has not moved."
"Tell her babies get quiet their last month. We are gonna get her out." Then to the other boy, Jane said,"Charlie, take the axe and break the driver's side window. We need you on that side to put this around her neck and then we have ta get her out. Okay?"
"Fine." Charlie made his way over to the other side.
Jane yelled, "Hold up a second." As she took off her jacket.
"You, skaterboy, can you cover her head with this to protect her from the glass?"
Just as Charlie started to swing the axe, he stopped in mid swing upon hearing.....

chapter 5

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, was all that Charlie heard. He looked behind him with his axe still high. Shit...
Staring at him with serious brown eyes was a big black and silver german shepherd. Charlie did what he was taught. He froze, then quietly he said, "Miss Jane?"
"Yeah, I see him. Do you know who owns him?"
"No. He does have a collar though."
"Then he has an owner, probably some kind of training. Put the axe down. Slowly. Kay?"
Charlie gently let the axe slide down and then brought it to his side, all the while, the dog kept up his growling. Charlie started to sweat profusely against the cold. What is going to happen next? he thought to himself. As if in answer, he heard shuush, shuush. Then,
"Hey, Smokey. Leave those folks alone. Come!" from an older man with grey streaked black hair on cross country skies no less, coming towards the group.
"Sorry. He is usually gentle as a lamb." The man said. Then appraised the situation with grey colored eyes, he looked at Jane.
"Looks like you have a problem."
"You can say that again. I am the busdriver. This car has a young teenage girl who is pregnant trapped. We have been trying to help. But it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, Mr.?????"
"Randolph Conner, at your service, Maam?" Noticing the blush on the buxum blond bus driver, he flashed her a smile. "What can I do to help?"
"Can you get your dog outta the way?"
Jane looked down quickly, lest that man or the kids saw her blush. Get a hold of yourself, woman, she yelled in her head.
Dog in tow, the man watched as Charlie broke the window and was placing the make shift neck brace on.
"You know that you are not supposed to move a victim if they are not in immediate danger, right?"
Jane just looked at the man. "We are trying to stabilize her neck. She is awake now and will try to move. But we don't have anything for a back brace, so you are right. We can't move her." As Jane now noticed the short skiis and blurted out, "Hey Mister, you wouldn't have a sled or something that we could make a back board out of?"
"Um, maybe."
"I did mention the girl is pregnant and cold. If we can get her out safely, then we can keep her warm in the bus."
"Um, be right back."
Jane watched the man shuush away. She just shook her head. Get a grip. Then she saw Charlie looking at her with a strange almost comical expression on his face.
"What?!!!!" Jane growled, then said, as she saw Charlie was shivering. "Get in the bus and check on the kids. Find out who has folks home and who doesn't. Try to buddy them up. We need to get them inside to stay warm." Charlie nodded and held the axe up.
"Take it with you for now. School property." Jane was looking at skater boy. "You. You have a name?"
"Of course I have a name."
"What is it?"
"Reginald," came a feminine voice who giggled thru it. "Reginald Thomas Curtis the third."
The boy glared at Missy for suddenly being so talkative.
"Shut up, Missy. You know how I feel about that."
"Curtis? eh?" Jane smiled a little letting the awkward name of Reginald go by. "Um, could you please hand me my coat back? I am freezing."
Just as she asked for the item, suddenly she heard shuush shuush and the man know as Randolph was standing behind her with an old coat.
"Here. Put this on. You will catch your death."
He held up a short tobaggan type sled, made of solid wood in one hand and a roll of duct tape.
Jane smiled. It could work. Thinking the man must be married with children, for who else would have a sled. Once more, the woman turned color and said, "Okay, Randolph, Reginald, get that behind the girl and see if we can finally get her outta here."
She stepped back. Suddenly, Jane ...

chapter 6

Jane stepped back and started to slip, winding up on her backside,but off the street. She was just shaken up a little,as she noticed an electrical line above her head. It seemed to be pulling down from the wieght of the ice. The guys stopped what they were doing and helped her up.
She said,"Look. Get this done." As she pointed to the line, Randolph moved quickly to the driver's side, telling Reggie to move her only slightly and wedged the tobaggon behind the girl and duct taping her quickly to the board, after Reggie got in the back seat to push the "back board" down farther. He began to ease the girl out the old bench seat style car. It seemed to work well. Randolph now was on the passenger side and gently caught the head of the girl's board. Jane stood watching the wire starting to droop even more.
Damn it, she thought. Hurry guys. The two men worked furiously at getting the girl level and straight. Reggie climbed out and ran around to the other side of the car. He caught the feet, so to speak. Randolph gave a sigh of relief and placed the sled on the icy ground. He grabbed the rope and said,"Come on. Let's get out of here."
Snap......Jane's world now was upside down.

"Are you guys all right?" Charlie asked, leaning over a very cold Jane with a very embarrassed teenager on top of her. Randolph had grabbed the sled and fled down the icy road shuushing all the way. He watched as the kid named Reggie grabbed Jane pushing her down with enough momentum to slide towards the bus, but not under it. Jane opened her eyes. Reggie muttered to her, "You had better not have broken your hip, old lady." As he scrambled off the woman, offering her a hand up.
Jane caught her breath. As she stood up, she said, "That was one wild ride." Then gasped as she looked at the place they had been, watching the line caught in the one tree that was now smoldering from the electrical current.
She swallowed hard and took another deep breath.
"Look, um, Charlie, did you do like I asked?"
"So let's get these kids outta here and in a house where it might be cold now but at least safe."
So the kids buddied up and were sent to various houses, two at a time with Randolph and Reggie safely getting them there, passengers slowly disappeared from the bus, while Jane and Charlie who refused to leave Sam stayed with the two injured girls.
Janie heard the squawk of the radio and picked up. "Janie here, over."
"Janie, how is everyone?"
"Um, the kids are calling their parents now with their locations. They are all outta harm's way. But I still need an ambulance. I have two that need to go to the hospital. Samantha Donaldson and Missy Anders. One has a deep scalp laceration, possible head injury. The other lost consciousness at the scene and is 8 months pregnant."
Suddenly, Jane heard an odd sound, then the girl in question said, "Um, um bus driver lady? I think my water just broke."
"Shirley. I am getting too old for this. I need that ambulance right away. The girl's water just broke."
"You heard me."
"Janie, if it is her first, it will take time."
"Shirley, I am telling you get that ambulance here right away. My luck is not going to hold out."
"Janie... if anyone can do this you can."
"GET ME HELP!!!! ASAP!!!" Janie now yelled into the radio. "But tell them to come in the back way. There is a downed power line sixty feet up from the bus. Understand?"
"Understood. And Janie..."
"Good luck."

chapter 7 (final)

Missy started to groan.

No, please not right now. Jane thought to herself as she now saw a very pale skater boy holding Missy's hand. Charlie was holding Sam cradleling her in his arms to keep her warm. Jane, for the twentieth time today, was breaking into a cold sweat. Damn.
Randolph Conner climbed back on the bus to see what else needed to be done. He saw Jane sitting in the driver's seat on the horn with her dispatcher.
"The pains are coming about four minutes apart. What is the eta on the ambulance, over?"
"Janie, they are doing the best that they can. They know where you are at."
"Patch me thru to 911."
A lull in the conversation caused Jane to look up at the man who had helped them.
"No way you could be a obstetrician, could you?"
"Um, no... sorry..." Randolph laughed a little. "Actually, I am a Psychiatrist."
Janie closed her eyes for a minute. Damn.
"But I did deliver a baby in med school once." He added helpfully.
"And how long ago was that?" Jane muttered outloud.
"Yeah, right. Just a few years ago..." he said, jokingly.
"Well, try to at least comfort the mother. Okay? Shrink?" she said.
"Yeah." and he went to be sit at the head of the girl strapped to the tobaggan, who was crying and holding onto skaterboy's hand.
"911 dispatch. What is the nature of your problem?" the dispatcher sounded exhausted from the numerous requests of help that had been placed.
Janie stated the nature of the problem.
"Baby? You said she is having a baby on a school bus?" the dispatcher started to laugh.
"Um, I don't see the humor in this. The girl could have a spinal injury. just moving her legs, could result in more damage. I need help."
'Please hold and I will get a doctor on the line."
Time progressed and the doctor was on the horn. Stating the obvious..."Don't move her legs if at all possible."
"Okay, but what if the baby comes?"
"We are sending an ambulance to your location. Try to keep the mother warm and as comfortable as possible."
Janie got out her first aid kit. She pulled out the antiseptic wipes and thru one to Randolph. "Clean up, doctor. We are all she has until that ambulance gets here."
Janie pulled out her manual. Childbirth, childbirth.... let's see, Thumbing thru the index, childbirth. She started to read over the section. Missy started to scream as a particularly hard pain hit her. Skaterboy looked positively pale and ready to pass out, when Jane got to his side.
"Reggie, is it?"
"It is going to be okay. I mean it." Janie said with a smile.
"Missy. My name is Jane. Have you got names for this little one, yet?"
"Um, I " panting... "I want to name her Michelle if it is a girl and Michael, if it is a boy."
"Good strong names." Janie said,"And I know this is hard, but help is on its way. You have to be strong now. I know you have it in you."
"Why?" the girl panted. "Why would you say that? I can never do anything right."
"Well, you got good taste in friends. Reggie is here by your side. And, I might add, you tried to get to work. So you are responsible... And, I know you tried to keep from hitting this bus, which means that you value life. So... I guess, like it or not, honey... you are one of the strong ones."
"It's happening again... " Missy moaned.
"Breathe, baby. Take a deep breath and hold it. The pain will pass and soon we will celebrate over a beer." Janie said.
"Beer? I am not even seventeen yet." she giggled hysterically.
"Well, then, a coke or mountain dew or..."
"a chocolate milk shake." she finished the sentence with a strange smile on her face. then continued..."One of Reggie's specialties."
"Yeah" said Janie. "I cant' wait."
Syrens could be heard in the distance and men showed up, taking the girl and skater boy to the hospital in one and Sam and her friend Charlie into the other.
Janie sat back in her seat. Calling the dispatcher with the updates... she sat there quietly... tears flowing down her cheeks.
"So..." said the grey haired man with grey eyes..."You are one of those too."
"You are one of the strong ones, too." he added quietly. Reaching and holding her hand, Janie just smiled a little.
"This has been one hell of a day."
"Come on. I will get you back to my house." The man said decisively.
"What? what kind of girl do you think I am, Mr. Shrink?"
"Ah, a very interesting one, Miss bus driver... and the name is Randolph. My friends call me Randy."
"What about Mrs. Connor?"
"well, I hate to disappoint you, but my mother has passed away... so there isn't any Mrs. Connor."
"Is there a Mr. Jane?"
"No... Never has been. and It's Jane Johnson."
"Well, then Miss Jane Johnson... shall we?"
"Yeah." taking the man's hand and heading out of the bus.

It has been said that fate; destiny; randomness; or the strange humor of the gods throw accidents in our way. It is only what we do with them that makes us who we are.



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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      yes it is left to the imagination.... hee hee. thanks for the nice comment.

    • xixi12 profile image


      9 years ago from Everywhere but here. In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. You can never be truly free till you have the discipline to manage it.

      Nicestory. So what happened with Randy and Jane? or are we meant to use our imagination to complete the story. lol

      Great hub

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      i got caught in an ice storm in tn, where after we made it to a house to call for help, i stupidly went to check on my car and bam, my head hit the street... somehow i managed to wake up and get back to that house... so that, and the fact that my kids were always late for the bus, led me to this story, hee...

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      9 years ago

      I'm amazed at how a loss of car keys or another mild calamity could lead to meeting a Russian named Vladimir who didn't know it was $1 Margarita night at Casa Iberra's! Great write!

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      thankyou Nikkij504gurl.

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 

      9 years ago from Louisiana

      nice story. happy ending!

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      thanks, well, as for followers, great. but i just like to write, you know i have no delusions of grandeur that i would be very good at this. hee hee. let me know what you think of the next stagecoach proposal, you are truly a great on line friend.

    • starqueen13 profile image


      9 years ago from Houston, Tx

      yey! so amazing! lol and cool that you have 4 followers now! soon you will have MILLIONS! hehe :)


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