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A Few Love Poems From The Bible

Updated on December 16, 2016

Song of Solomon

These poems were taken from THE HOLY BIBLE (New King James Version) from the book known as SONG OF SOLOMON. They were written by Solomon. These scriptures of poetry are known as some of the greatest love poetry of all times.

Solomon was a king who had riches galore. He was madly in love with this beautiful young woman, a Shulamite, but she was in love with another. He eventually married her, but after a while she escaped and ran off to be with her true love, who was a shepard boy.

THE BELOVED is the masculine talking, and THE SHULAMITE is the young woman from the town of Shulam.

The Beloved Speaks


Like a lily among thorns,

So is my love among the daughters.

Song Of Solomon Chapter 2: 2nd verse

The Shulamite Speaks


Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods,

So is my beloved among the sons,

I sat down in his shade with great delight

And his fruit was sweet to my taste.


He brought me to the banqueting house,

And his banner over me was love.

Sustain me with cakes of raisons,

Refresh me with apples,

For I am lovesick.

His left hand is under my head,

And his right hand embraces me.

I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem,

By the gazelles or by the does of the field,

Do not stir up or awaken love,

Until it pleases.

Song Of Solomom Chapter 2: 3rd - 7th verse

The Beloved Speaks


How beautiful are your feet in sandals,

O prince's daughter!

The curves of your thighs are like jewels,

The work of the hands of a skillful workman.


Your naval is a rounded goblet;

It lacks no blended beverage.

Your waist is a heap of wheat

Set about with lilies.


Your two breasts are like two fawns,

Twins of a gazelle.


Your neck is like an ivory tower,

Your eyes like the pools of Heshbon

By the gate of Bath Rabbim.

Your nose is like the tower of Lebannon

Which looks toward Damascus.


Your head crowns you like Mount Carmel,

And the hair of your head is like purple;

A king is held captive by your tresses.


How fair and how pleasant you are,

O love, with your delights!


This stature of yours is like a palm tree,

And your breasts like it's clusters.

I said, "I will go up to the palm tree,

I will take hold of it's branches."

Let now your breasts be like clusters of the vine,

The fragrance of your breath like apples,

And the roof of your mouth like the best wine.

Song Of Solomon Chapter 7: 1st - 9th verse

The Shulamite Speaks


The wine goes down smoothly for my beloved,

Moving gently the lips of sleepers,

I am my beloved and his desire is towards me.

Come, my beloved,

Let us go forth to the field;

Let us lodge in the villages,

Let us get up early to the vineyards;

Let us see if the vine has budded,

Wheter the grape blossoms are open,

And the pomegranates are in bloom.

There I will give you my love.

The mandrakes give off a fragrance,

And at our gates are pleasant fruits,

All manner new and old

Which I have laid up for you my beloved.

Song of Solomon Chapter 7: 9th -13th verse

The Beloved Speaks

Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments

Your neck with chains of gold.

Song Of Solomon Chapter 1: 10th verse


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