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Alien Encounter At McDonald's

Updated on July 15, 2011

Close Encounter Of The Burger Kind

Until now, I've written nothing but non-fiction pieces and product reviews for HubPages. That said, in honor of this being my 80th hub, I've decided to expand my repertoire a bit and write some amusing fiction in form a poem that will go on for several chapters, as a story.

I'm not sure why I chose aliens as my topic. I think it's because I've been watching the Twilight Zone marathon all day and aliens are a big part of that series. I've also always had an interest in space and planets. For the record, I believe that there is life out there given how many planets exist, but I'm not sure I believe that aliens are like the ones we see on TV. Still, I like to keep an open mind about these things and wanted to have a little fun with my writing.

With that, I bring you Alien Encounter In McDonald's. Enjoy!

Would You Like Some UFOs With That?

It was New Year's Eve and I

Had a strong hankering for a

Big Mac with fries.

I knew I shouldn't be eating this

But I was about to party, anyway,

So who really cared, right?

I walked down to the nearest McDonald's

(I like to think that the walking negated the calories)]

And ordered up my burger, along with a large fries

And a milkshake

(McD's milkshake are deadly, but delish!)

Then left to walk home,

Pulling my coat around me as the

Wind whipped across my face.

About halfway home,

I passed by the empty lot

Where new condos are being built.

I'm not sure why anyone would

Want to buy a condo on this particular corner

Because it's right near the bus stop and a bar

But I digress.

Anyway, it was getting pretty late and dark

And I saw a strange, red light coming from inside the lot.

I do live in the city so there are always weird lights,

But this light didn't seem to be attached to anything.

The reasonable part of me told myself to keep on walkin',

But I was bored and curious and a little concerned

That some kids were about to blow up a firecracker

Or something.

I mean, if kids are going to be blowin' up stuff right

Near my house,

I should stop them, right?

Er, no ... I wasn't really trying to be a hero here.

I was just bored.

I cautiously entered the lot, wondering

Where the heck everyone was this evening.

I mean, it was frakkin' New Year's and the streets

Were dead.

Probably everyone went to Times Square, I reasoned.

I never, ever plan to go because it's cold and there are

No bathrooms,

But people always go anyway.

Still, it was kind of creepy being on this dead

City street

With this weird, red light shining at me.

By the way, did I mention that the light seemed to move...

... without me seeing anyone or ANYTHING, for that matter,

Move it?

I slowly walked toward the light, drawn to its unusual nature,

Watching as it went up and down and spun in a circle.

My eyes followed its every move, kind of the same way

My cat acts when I hold up a laser light for her to chase.

Only I didn't meow and chase my tail in the process!

Anyway, I watched this light for what seemed to be eternity,

Unable to move from my spot.

Finally, just as I was about to leave, I

Felt a tug on my coat.

I tried to run,

But my feet were glued to the ground.

And when I managed to turn around, I saw,

A tiny, green man,

Smiling up at me...

... a french fry, dangling from his lips.

That SOB!

He STOLE my dinner!

(Will NaomiR retaliate? Stay tuned for Part II)


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    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 8 years ago

      I would worry itf I started seeing those little boogers after eat my Big Mac. Great hub.

    • NaomiR profile image

      NaomiR 8 years ago from New York


    • profile image

      AuthorLMS 8 years ago

      cute! great hub