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Are there any fictional literature blogs on this site?

The majority of articles and blogs that I've read on seem to be an assortment of reviews, suggestions, opinions, and other such writings that reflect personal knowledge on a subject. However, I was wondering if anybody has written a series of successful articles in a fictional format - like, say, a journal through the eyes of a game character? This might seem like random nonsense, but the journal entries could technically be written as game guides under a more personal format, rather than the traditional 3rd person walk through.

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katyzzz says

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5 years ago
  • Jester4554 profile image

    Jester4554 5 years ago

    Oh, nice, thank you katyzzz. I scoped out your hub "Santa Claus is coming to town: E-book serial episode 164" and it appeared to be my style of writing. That definitely answers my question, as well as fuels my ideas, thank you.