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Deep in my heart ventricle You are dwelling As like as nature in the universe.

Updated on August 26, 2015
Deep in my heart ventricle
 You are dwelling
As like as nature in the universe-
Do you like listening to music of cuckoo
 In the shadow of pre-morning nature
 To take a deep breath,
 Radish light spreads in the East
 Spring flowers underneath 
 The top branch of the trees,
 Growing new leaves
 Flies danced!
 Have ever felt the universe,
 Spring flowers,
 Everywhere flowers and flowers;
 Have ever worn in your hairs!
 Sweat scented following air 
 while touch your hairs softly
 Have ever felt that
 The light green leaves
 Everywhere everywhere
Ah! aa aa aa!
 As it`s a piece of light;
 Ashalata, and Ashalata
 Come and sit beside me
 I will be lost in you!
 Today I will be all around you,
 Cool sweet scented air of spring!
 Ah! aa aa aa!
 For you I learn to feel
 Some of that cannot be expressed in words.
 The hidden voice
 Silent deep love deep inside the heart!
 In the new spring
 In the air, In the charming nature;
 Let me love you in such way
 Come on Come on
 Wake up as the morning birds are;
 Singing songs in such a sweat tune
 In a deep emotion
 Glorious spring morning is glorifying 
 That’s why the flowers are so charming;
 All they are waiting for sunlight of new spring.
 Let the sun rays to touch your eyes!
 Let the rays to fall on your silky hairs.
The smell of flowers and new leaves
 Bring thrilling to the birds,
 They sing, they dance,
Grasshoppers in the golden sun rays,
The wild-flowers having few drops of dew,
 And a pair of birds in the meadow;
All they are in the heart of nature,
Untie your hairs
 Under the bluish morning sky,
 Spread your wings;
 Let`s go to heaven,
 Floating in the sky,
Roaming the wind.


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    • profile image

      Lisa 16 months ago

      How sweet it is! Amusing, you have natural talent too, keep it up

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 2 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      This was just lovely. Enjoyed.

    • HP Official Poet profile image

      HP Official Poet 2 years ago

      keep up the excellent work

    • profile image

      Ankurpatel1397 2 years ago

      Nice Poetry Rashel