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Attract Abundance Now with EFT

Updated on June 17, 2015

Attract Abundance Now with EFT by Carol Look

Carol Look has pioneered the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with the Law of Attraction. In Attract Abundance Now with EFT, she explains step by step how we can attract abundance, both in terms of financial success and in other areas of our lives.

Attract Abundance Now with EFT is an Amazon Kindle ebook.

Attract Abundance Now with EFT by Carol Look - Does the LOA Really Work?

Many people have read The Secret or watched the movie, and have learned about the Law of Attraction. Yet, many of those same people are still struggling with money issues.

Attract Abundance Now: with EFT and the Law of Attraction Volume 1
Attract Abundance Now: with EFT and the Law of Attraction Volume 1
There are so many people today who are worried and stressed about money and finances. There is so much financial anxiety around. A lot of people have lost their jobs in the current recession. One has to ask, does the LOA really work? As Carol Look says, when you change your level of vibration, your life changes. So why does it not seem to work for some people? This book explains how we may be getting in our own way - and what we can do about this. In Attract Abundance Now with EFT, Carol Look gives clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use EFT, and how to combine it with the LOA to achieve results.

Combining EFT with the Law of Attraction

Carol Look has taught many people the art of using EFT combined with the Law of Attraction to attract abundance.

EFT is very powerful tool, made even more awesome when combined with the LOA.

Attract Abundance Now with EFT offers practical step-by-step instructions for how we can use EFT to attract abundance and transform our lives.

As I keep saying, we have to clear out the negatives first. Once we remove what is stopping us from attracting what we want, we can attract abundance in every area of our lives Attract Abundance Now with EFT gives us practical methods to achieve this.

Fast Forward

Resistances to Playing the Fast Forward Game

What if you could "fast forward" and see the future the way you want it to be? What if you could picture the life you want to be living?

"Fast Forward" is the term Carol Look uses for visualization.

The problem is, you may not want to play the "Fast Forward" game. You may not want to picture your future life the way you want it to be. Maybe you have been disappointed in the past and you don't want to get your hopes up only to be let down again.

This book provides EFT tapping scripts to overcome the resistance to tapping.

EFT is highly effective for dealing with big issues - and small ones. If you get annoying emails, if you get stuck in traffic, you can tap on these issues to relieve your stress.

If you don't want to tap on your ordinary daily stresses, you need to look at this. Why don't you want to relieve your stress? Are you afraid of what your life will be like when you start to get the results you want?

Fear of Success

Fear of success is one of the five major fears Carol Look has identified, that can cause us to sabotage our own success.

You may be afraid of what will happen when you become successful.

What will other people think about you? How will your family's expectations change? Will your success disrupt the family?

My Own Fear of Success

How I Dealt With My Own Fear of Success

I was very frustrated with the way my business was going – or not going. I set up several workshops, but no one was coming. This was so disappointing as I knew I had things to offer that were highly valuable for people.

Then I found a way to start offering EFT sessions for free. Suddenly, I had several clients to work with. I was excited about this and I was enjoying working with them, but I found that sometimes, before I rang them, I felt a lot of resistance – a feeling of “I don't want to do this, it's too hard, I'm tired”. So this was something I needed to tap on.

I recognized these feelings from my past. When I was teaching adult education, I frequently had feelings of being drained. I would offer material, but some of the students would not do the work. Then they complained about not getting the results they wanted. Over time, I built up resentment.

Because I did not want to repeat the same pattern, I needed to tap on this.

Again, this book offers tapping scripts for these types of issues.

New Year Resolutions

How EFT Can Help Us to Stick to Our New Year's Resolutions

In order to create a better future, we first need to leave behind the past. Carol Look encourages us to look at what's getting in the way. What is stopping us from moving forward?

Some of the things that might get in your way may include, for example:

Fear of change – what if I don't enjoy the changes I am making?

A sense of inadequacy – fears around not being good enough

A belief in scarcity – there's not enough to go around.

You might want positive change, but feel confused about what you need to do in order to change your life. What positive changes will you need to make space for in your life?

stop blocking your abundance

raise your vibration

attract abundance

gratitude and appreciation

Staying Present

The Importance of Gratitude

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and images are constantly pulling us backwards into the past and forward into the future. But in order to attract abundance, we need to stay present. We also need to experience gratitude and appreciation for what we are experiencing in the here and now.

The more gratitude and appreciation we experience, the more easily we can attract abundance into our lives.

This is crucial. Gratitude and appreciation are the positive mental states we need to cultivate in order to attract abundance. Carol Look recommends we use daily practices to help us to build and reinforce our sense of gratitude and appreciation. In order to do this, we have to actually do it. If you have resistance to doing this, or you are reluctant to do it - you can use EFT to remove your resistance.

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