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12 Ways to Be Successful

Updated on March 17, 2014

12 Tips to Help You Have More Fun, Love, Money and Success in 2014

12 ways to be successful in every area of your life. If you want to be more successful in your professional or personal life, this lens can help you.

This lens also contains lensographies of lots of other lenses that can help you to attract abundance and achieve your goals.

Read the reviews of the books listed below which can help you to manifest your dreams.

Plus see our Resources section below for even more things that can help you.

What's Holding You Back? - What's Holding You Back from Success? The "What If?" Syndrome


Fear is one of the big things that hold us back from success. Fear leads to the "What If" syndrome: what if something goes wrong?

Let me put it like this. You've been in the same job for 15 years. You know everything there is to know about the job, the company, the industry. Your job is no longer challenging. You've been passed over for promotion. But you don't look for another job or - heaven forfend! - set up your own business. Why not?

Fear. What if it all goes wrong? You could end up worse off, you could lose everything!

You are busy worrying abou wha could go wrong, rather than working out how to make it turn out to be the success you deserve.

Then the company decides to downsize, or restructure, or close. Or it is bought by another company and your services are no longer required. Where does that leave you? Out of a job!

If you keep having an idea, over and over again, for a new business, for example, and you keep dismissing it, that is your intuition talking to you. You need to pay attention.

For solutions to your fears, see: Brilliant Ways to Overcome Fear . Plus scroll down for more solutions.

Why You Are Not Attracting the Opportunities You Want - What's Holding You Back

The reason why you are not attracting the opportunities you want is that you have energy blocks. Somehow, you are blocking opportunities from coming to you.

You may have received negative messages about yourself, about money, about work, about the world, or about life, or all of the above. Most people have - I certainly did.

I'm sure you have heard that your thoughts, feelings and emotions create your reality. What you may not know is that your thoughts, feelings and emotions create energy blocks.

These energy blocks which will stop you from attracting or receiving what you want - be they job or career opportunities, business opportunities, romantic opportunities, etc. - until you clear them. For more about how to clear your energy blocks, see the 12 Success tips below.

For more help with finding the job you want, see: Online Jobsearch Resources.

Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

How to Overcome Fear

Fear can sometimes be a good thing. I have heard it said that if your goals don't cause you to wake up in the night, screaming with fear, you don't have big enough goals.

I have recently started a new business and I am absolutely terrified. It is in a field that is completely new to me and I am (say it again) absolutely terrified. I think a certain amount of fear is a good thing - it means I am out of my comfort zone, I am growing.

However, too much fear can paralyse us and stop us from taking action. To learn how to reduce and ultimately overcome your fears, see Brilliant Ways to Overcome Fear and Achieving Fabulous Success.

Success Tip 1. Make Lots of Money

No. 1 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful

Money and material things rank high on most people's lists of what defines success,

If you already have large amounts of money, does your wealth serve you? Does it contribute to your personal freedom?

If you are tied to a job or business you hate, are you really successful?

Financial wealth can contribute to our security. Plus, the more wealth we have, the more we can share with others. See also "Success Tip 10, Contribute to Others", below.

If you want to know how to attract more wealth, check out Secrets of Manifestation Resources section below.

If you have not earned enough money yet, then keep reading. If you are already financially secure and successful, please share these resources with others who need them.

Success Tip 2. Learn How to Attract More Money

No. 2 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful

For more about this, see

Achieving Fabulous Success for ways to use EFT to achieve your goals.

Money and the Law of Attraction

See also Changing Scarcity to Abundance with Orin and DaBen.

If you have already achieved your financial goals, you can share these resources with others who need them.

Befriending the Shadow

In order to achieve our goals, we need to become integrated.

In order to achieve our financial goals or, in fact, any goals, we need to become integrated.

We all have different parts of ourselves which arise at different times in our lives. We can experience these different parts of ourselves as negative or undermining, but really they are just trying to get different needs met.

If you have ever decided to lose weight, start jogging, take up yoga, quit smoking or break another bad habit, or form another good one, you will have experienced lack of integration. One part of you wants to move forward, but you will become more and more aware of other parts of yourself that resist making progress.

The Shadow is the part of ourselves that we don't like - the part that represents our deepest fears which lurk in our unconscious minds. The Shadow can also represent self-loathing.

The Shadow is the part of ourselves that we often deny, or don't want to look at or deal with. That is one reason why we often keep it unconscious.

In order to really love ourselves and become integrated and whole, we need to own the Shadow.

Meditation is the most effective method of becoming integrated. For more about meditation, see "The Key to Everything" in the Resources section, below.

Read more about the "jackals" in Transform Your Life with Nonviolent Communication.

Success Tip 3. Eliminate the Negatives

No. 3 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful: eliminate blocks and obstacles to your success

Your negative mental and emotional habits and patterns of thought and belief will undermine you and your efforts to achieve success.

Often, these habits and patterns are deeply buried. You need to discover what they are, dig them out and change them.

You deserve to have the very best in life, so take charge. Choose thoughts and beliefs that serve you. Get rid of the ones that don't.

You need to do this in a loving way and be patient with yourself. You did not develop those habits overnight and it will take time and effort to change them. See also "Befriending the Shadow", above.

See also: the free 3-Step Success Formula in the Resources section below.

Success Tip 4. Purge Your Life of Unhelpful Influences

No. 4 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful: Spend your time with people who support your success

Choose your companions wisely.

If your friends or associates engage in illegal or dangerous activites, you need to put some distance between yourself and them. This much is obvious.

But you may have contact with people who encourage or support your negative habits, such as settling for second best in your relationships or your career.

If you have people around you who undermine you and your progress towards success, including your family, friends and loved ones, cut those people out of your life. Or at least, take a vacation from those relationships.

But remember, people are your mirrors. They reflect you back. If you have negative people around you, be honest with yourself. Check out your own negative habits and patterns and eliminate them.

Surround yourself with successful people who support and encourage you to achieve your goals.


Success Tip 5: Have a Success Mindset

No. 5 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful: Do You Think Like a Success?

In order to bring about success in our lives, we first need to feel successful and be successful on the inside. Awareness is the first step to bringing about positive change. Once we are aware of our negative mental habits and patterns, we can begin to change them.

Learn to think like successful people, and apply the lessons to your own life. You can learn both from their success and from their failures,

To read more, see Do You Think Like a Success?

For help with developing your success mindset, see the Resources section below.

The Power of Affirmations - Focus the Power of the Universe

The Power of Affirmations: Focus the Power of the Universe
The Power of Affirmations: Focus the Power of the Universe
My ebook to help you focus the power of the universe. You can use your mind to attract anything you want. The Power of Affirmations shows you how.

Books to Help You with the 12 Ways to Be Successful

Scroll down the page for reviews of these books.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
To read more, see "Making a Quantum Leap", below.
Creating Money: Keys to Abundance
Creating Money: Keys to Abundance
See Orin and DaBen" below to read a review.

Book Reviews

More about Books to Help You with the 12 Ways to Be Successful

Below are links to lenses that give you reviews of, and more information about, some of the books that can help you with the 12 Ways to Be Successful.

Click here for Money and the Law of Attraction

Making a Quantum Leap - go here for reviews of You 2 and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Orin and DaBen - go here for a review of Creating Abundance.

Click here for a review of Attract Abundance Now with EFT

Financial Abundance Lenses

A Lensography of Financial Abundance Lenses

The articles listed below can help you to attract financial abundance and success.

Making a Quantum Leap
How to have more fun, love, money and success in 2013. I recently attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive. You can read my review below. This lens celebrat...

New Moon Abundance Checks
The new moon is a sort of energetic doorway for manifesting your dreams and making them real. It's a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, a time for sett...

Money and the Law of Attraction
Money and the Law of Attraction is a brilliant book for improving your relationship with money and your finances. You can use the Law of Attraction to transf...

The Law of Attraction: And How To Become a Money Magnet
This article explains how one can attract money by using the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is not unlike a magnet, in that positive forces are att...

Law of Attraction and Manifestation Lenses

A Lensography of Articles to Help You Use the LOA to Manifest What You Want

The Law of Attraction is the single thing which can potentially make the most difference to people in helping us to improve and transform our lives.

Long before The Secret, long before everyone was talking about the Law of Attraction, I was using the Law of Increase and teaching it to my students: What we think about increases. What we focus on or concentrate on increases.

The lenses I have listed below can help you to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want.

Manifesting Abundance - The Science Behind the Law of Attraction
The law of attraction; manifesting abundance; deliberate attraction. You've read "The Secret." You've watched Oprah talk about it at length....

The Law of Attraction: How to Handle Negative Thoughts or Feelings
The law of attraction says that "like attracts like" and that you attract what you think about. So does that mean that you attract bad things into...

How to Overcome Your Inner Objections
If you have been struggling with an issue for a long time, it probably means you are sabotaging yourself in some way. We need to overcome our inner objectio...

Attract Abundance Now with EFT
Carol Look has pioneered the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with the Law of Attraction. In Attract Abundance Now with EFT, she explains step by ste...

Orin and DaBen
How to have more fun, love, money and success in 2013. I have added some free downloads to this page - check out the Resources section below. This article c...

Why Affirmations Don't Work
What are affirmations? They are positive statements which we can use to help us achieve our goals. We are often told to say affirmations in order to brin...

Success Tip 6. Have Successful Relationships

No. 6 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful: Get What You Want from Your Relationships

In order to get your loved ones to honour your wishes, you need to honour theirs, Connect with their feelings and needs - the things that matter most to them.

To read more about this, see Transform Your Life with Nonviolent Communication.

Success Tip 7. Honour Your Own Deepest Values

No. 7 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful

What is the most important thing in your life?

Is it your relationships?

Having genuine heart connections with people?

Spending time with those you love?

Fun and excitement?

Having a healthy, fit body?

Creative expression?

Education and learning?

The opportunity to learn and grow spiritually?

Whatever you most value, make sure you structure your life around it, rather than trying to fit it into your life.

Success Tip 8. Love and Appreciate Yourself

No. 8 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful: Self-Esteem is the most important element of success

This is the most important element of success.

Know that you deserve the very best in life. Until you do, you will fail to reach the highest peaks and will continuie to sabotage your efforts.

If you don't realize that you deserve the very best, you will settle for second-best. You will allow others to undermine you in your relationships and in every area of your life.

Consider the case of Elton John, A brilliantly talented musician, singer and songwriter, his personal life did not match up with his incredible professional success.

He had to learn to value himself and contribute to others. Only then did his life become more balanced. To read more, see What Can We Learn from Elton John?

You may have learned unhelpful and hurtful mental and emotional patterns from your childhood and/or your family life. It's up to you to change these and replace them with more positive, helpful patterns.

Nonviolent Communication is the most effective method of building self-esteem and confidence that I have found. The way we talk to ourselves affects every aspect of our lives. To read more, see: Transform Your Life with Nonviolent Communication.

Success Tip 9. Celebrate Your Uniqueness

No. 9 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful

This relates to Tip No, 8.

There has never been anybody just like you, and there never will be again.

You will never be truly successful if you are seeking others' approval or trying to fit in with other people's expectations.

You have your own, individual perspective on life.

You have unique talents, skills and gifts. The more you appreciate them, the more success you will attract.

Success Tip 10. Contribute to Others

No. 10 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful: Helping others achieve success is very rewarding

Share your unique perspective with others - your local church, charity or community organisation.

You can donate money to a charity to help them achieve their aims,

Spend time helping out a youth group or after-school project.

Mentor peope at your place of work, or in your profession or occupation,

Nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than helping others achieve their goals.

Success Tip 11. Connect with Something Higher

No. 11 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs may be, or even if you don't have any, you can connect with something bigger than yourself.

You are actually much greater than you think you are. Your influence on those around you is much greater than you think it is, And you are capable of achieving amazing things.

There are man people who came before you whose actions benefit you.

Think of the people who built the roads, the schools and the hospitals, and who developed life-saving drugs, surgical techniques and other forms of healing,

Think of all the people involved in installing modern plumbing. where would we be without it? What would our lives be like?

Connecting with something bigger than yourself can help you to put your vision into action,

Success Tip12. Become Your Own Best Friend

No. 12 of the 12 Ways to Be Successful

This is particularly important if you had any kind of negative early influences,

Negative childhood influences are very common, and they can cause a lot of damage.

It's up to you to undo the damage. You may have a habit of being self-critical, noticing every fault you have or every mistake you make,

You need to develop a new habit - notice every positive deed and accomplishment you achieve.

I guarantee you have achieved many successes you are not even aware of, and you are not giving yourself credit for them.


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