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I Want to Go Back In Time When Things Were Just Right

Updated on July 5, 2012

Back In Time A Blessing To Say The Least

Going back in time would be a blessing, especially to times when doing the right thing didn’t need to have a purpose, it was just the right thing to do.

I wrote this poem after being inspired by a question posted by a sensational writer Peggy W who asked,If time travel existed, which would you rather do? Go back or forwards, and why?”. If you click on the highlighted question you can see the list of sensational answers already given. I took some time to think about it and the words just began to come in rhyme. So I wrote them down and thought I would share.

I Want to Go Back In Time When Things Were Just Right

I want to go back in time when things were just right

And there wasn't always a need for a gun or a fight

When neighbors were friends and always there to lend a helping hand

It didn't matter what the task was or the length of the time span

When kids thought playing catch or building a fort was having an amazing day

Not chopping off ones head on a video game was their favorite thing to play.

When leaving your doors open at night was no big deal.

We weren’t worried about being assaulted or if they broke in what they would steal.

When dad was the bread winner and being a stay at home mom not an outcast.

A time when family communication was not a thing of the past.

When dinner was served at the table and everyone was there.

It was a time you never missed after mom cooked a big meal, you just didn't dare.

When teachers were like family in each and every way.

That’s when kids looked forward to going to school almost every day.

When marriage was closer to forever and there was a trust there like no other.

There were hugs, love, laughter, and a mutual respect for one another.

We addressed each other as Ms. or Mr. and it wasn't thought of twice.

It was completely out of respect for someone and sounded really nice.

When staying at home for kids was better than running away

And talking about what happened at night wasn't something they were afraid to say.

When a minor fender bender didn't turn into a major lawsuit.

It wasn’t about a bunch of lawyers or getting a large sum of loot.

You believed in what most people told you and could confirm a deal with the shake of a hand.

It didn’t matter if it was for something small or a nice big piece of land.

When people smiled and waved at a glance as they walked or drove by.

There wasn’t road rage or flipping someone off at the blink of an eye.

Yes I would miss the communication and technology of today.

But I think the world was a little better off when some things weren't made public in every way.

So I think the answer to the question is pretty evident for me.

I just wish everyone else could go back for a glimpse and see, what a wonderful world it could really be.


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