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Bleeding without pain

Updated on January 28, 2016

Bleeding without pain

Pushing my way through the infinity of darkness even when people around are full of weirdness

Not even a single soul can recognize the pain we go through is suffice

Looking around the world filled with freakiness is what leads to loneliness

Putting up a fake smile which remains just for a while

Don't know when or where someone grabs, the hands of devil no one can grasp

Trying to be out of the shell, feeling bitter but still pretty well

When did insulting become the need of the hour, like a piece of rotten cheese becoming sour

Treating every girl like a piece of shit is every man who can never get his home lit

Thorns tend to hurt but at least they are not under your skirt

Predicting the fate is stupid thinking every night for some kind of cupid

Why don't these vicious hands find the devil's place, giving this earth a moment of solace

Cutting them out bit by bit is the only thought i can hit

Blood filled eyes and rugged hands instills in me the urge to bury them deep in the sand

It is just a mistake is what i hear, well then it is no crime to murder without fear

Stinking every corner of this world, still the visions are blurred

People say it is always our fault, bloody gold digging monsters searching for vault

But this world will always continue to pray not listening to a word that we want to say

Monsters still have a black heart but these people are just zombies not even dead apart


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