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How do you choose a topic to write about?

Updated on June 23, 2011
Choosing Article Titles
Choosing Article Titles

Being a writer is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. And if you happen to be a writer who makes a living out of it, then you are a member of a very exclusive club: that of those who does what he or she loves. This can be said for sure because, unless you love it, writing is often a tedious monotonous job. The ‘thrills’ and ‘excitements’ that a writer has are usually those that are fantasized before being born as stories on various types of media.

The Writers’ Questions

One of the most common asked questions that a writer has to answer is “Where do you get the ideas for your story? ” Of course the question has a different format for every type writer: a freelancer specializing in content would be asked “Where do you get the topics to write on? ” and one that only does technical writing would have to answer “How do you come up with the title of your description?

Novelists, Freelancers and Technical Writers

Well, if you happen to be a novelist or a writer of books of good length (anywhere above 1,000 words) you would probably start with the story than the title of the book. It is the idea of the story that comes before the title. You might come up with a fitting name after you have gone an extensive way through your story, or even decide on a fitting one after the book has been completed. This just shows that in this case a title isn’t really, really important. Or at least, it can be said that the title will only be chosen to describe the book - and can be said it is secondary.

In the case of a freelancer, he or she writes articles or blogs for a client that owns either a website or a blog. And that site or blog usually has a theme or products and services on offer. And the whole aim of the writing will be to make the site as popular as possible with search engines, like Google, who favor relevant content. Therefore, after researching what the keywords should be, the site or blog owner passes it on to the writer who creates an article or blog around it. The title will therefore be a sentence or phrase that includes the keyword(s). In other words, search engine optimization (SEO) determines the title.

If the freelancer happens to be writing technical articles, then that is almost always going to be either the name of the apparatus or object that is being written about or something in the theme of: “How to…” or “Instructions on…”. Again, it is the content that matters and not as much how it is named – just like in the novelists’ case. But, that doesn’t mean that the title shouldn’t be carefully thought of or that it shouldn’t be as descriptive of the purpose it is trying to achieve.

The Hub Pages Writers

Finally, if a writer happens to write for sites like Hub Pages, a good way to go would be to find something that the writer has a passion for, for some writers this could be a bit difficult since all they do is love writing, and try to write about as many aspects of it as possible. Once the article is ready, it is much easier to name it – and decide on SEO keywords which can be incorporated into a title.

And then of course, there is THIS method: answering questions and turning them into Hubs!


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