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The Ivy Malone Mystery Series

Updated on September 19, 2014

Christian Mystery Books

INVISIBLE! Do you ever feel invisible? How about feeling invisible even when you are In Plain Sight, On the Run, or Stranded? Well, that's how dear Mrs. Malone feels in her aging, widowed life - invisible! Is that a bad thing? It may appear so at first - until a few strange things begin happening in her town. Who better to do a little sleuthing around at the cemetery or a junk yard in the middle of the night around dead bodies with the mob chasing after her than an invisible, quiet, sweet, elderly, Christian woman? This self proclaimed LOL (Little Old Lady) has a huge sense of humor at seeing herself in odd situations in the Ivy Malone Mystery Series by Lorena McCourtney!

Photo: Book Cover for Invisible from the Ivy Malone Mystery Series by Lorena McCourtney. See below to see how to get a free copy!

Mystery Books

with a Christian Fiction Touch

I first heard of the Ivy Malone Mystery Series via a free ebook club newsletter. As an official bookworm who loves to read, I'm always looking for new books to explore. As I scanned over the reviews I noticed that the first book, Invisible, contained many of my favorite criteria for choosing a story!

Mystery Book: There is a mystery, a murder mystery, with many unexpected twists and turns to solve the crime! Who would have thought that this gentle lady could get herself in so many situations? The local authorities are hoping she will head home to do some knitting, but that just makes her stick her neck out more! Ivy Malone reminds me highly of two of my favorite detectives, Agatha Christie's Miss Jane Marple, and Mrs. Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote.

Comedy Book: OK, seriously, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time over the comments and shenanigans of Mrs. Malone. What a hoot! (I accidentally woke up my husband several times because I couldn't stop chuckling!)

Christian Fiction Book: Yes, I am a Christian, and therefore I enjoy reading stories that touch on the lives of fellow believers. There are a few Bible verses and references to prayer and church, although not an overbearing amount as some Christian fiction books have.

Romance Book: Just because she is the widowed grandmotherly type doesn't mean she doesn't shoot a few sparks around some eligible bachelors!

Free Book: You read that right! The first book of the series is available as a free ebook download on Kindle. (Amazon has numerous ebook apps for computer and other electronics that are free to use if you do not have a Kindle.)

Invisible - Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1

Invisible (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #1): A Novel
Invisible (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #1): A Novel

This is the first of the mystery series of Ivy Malone and may be purchased for free as an ebook for Kindle, computer, or phone app by clicking the above link! What are you waiting for? Go get it and enjoy!


Lorena McCourtney

The Author

Find out about Lorena McCourtney, the author of this Christian mystery book series and others, at her homepage or her Facebook page!

In Plain Sight - Mystery Book #2 in the Series

In Plain Sight (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #2)
In Plain Sight (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #2)

Follow Ivy in this continuation from book 1 to hear of more of her adventures! (It is at a discounted price for Kindle users!)


On the Run - Mystery Book #3

On the Run (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #3): A Novel
On the Run (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #3): A Novel

She is not quite so "invisible" now that she has gotten in the way of the mafia one too many times, but she will continue to surprise you!


Stranded - Mystery Book #4

Stranded (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #4)
Stranded (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book #4)

The final book of the Ivy Malone Mystery Series won't leave you "stranded", but will leave you wishing there were more in the series!


The Kindle! - A library in your pocket!

Kindle Voyage E-reader, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress Sensors, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers
Kindle Voyage E-reader, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress Sensors, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

When a friend first bought me a Kindle a couple years ago, I was not so sure about it. After all, I love the feel and smell of books and enjoy borrowing books from friends and the library and collecting my favorite series on hardback. Then I started using it and fell in LOVE with my Kindle! Three years later, I have just over 1000 books on it in many genres such as mystery, romance, historical, children's books, music, and even complete textbooks in many subjects. I can take my entire library with me anywhere I go easily. Best of all, many of the books I have on the Kindle were absolutely free! Now, I just want to read, but for those of you that are techies will enjoy the numerous features that the various Kindle models contain. Check them out for an awesome reader and more.


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More Favorite Mystery Writers!

Besides the Ivy Malone Mystery Series by Lorena McCourtney, I also enjoy reading Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot mystery books by Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes mystery books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and other classic mysteries from Mary Roberts Rinehart!

Who are your favorite mystery book characters and authors?

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    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 3 years ago from United States

      I prefer reading Christian books. I don't have to worry about being shocked by content or too disgusted to keep reading. Thank you for the recommendations. It is always nice to have someone give reviews.

    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

      JoyfulPamela2 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      @anonymous: Good mystery novels, yet simple and sweet!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Never heard of this series. Sounds interesting though. You're so enthusiastic about the books I shared this lens via Pinterest. I may not get around to reading them any time soon (as I'm working on my own lenses), but might as well tell others. Most folks are always up for a good mystery!

    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

      JoyfulPamela2 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      @SandyMertens: They are definitely fun mystery books!

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 5 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      I have read some Agatha Christie books. But I have not read any Lorena McCourtney books. Though I do enjoy a good mystery.