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Dream: Adrenaline Rush

Updated on October 21, 2020

It’s rare lately that I remember any of my dreams. Last night I experienced an amazing adrenaline rush for what felt like quite a long period of time throughout my dream and remembered it so vividly. So I figured I’d write this one down. Wish I knew how to interperet it!

It all starts as if I was pulled out of nowhere and just dropped into this whole scenario. I'm out of breath, on a bicycle riding on the freeway. I’m in some kind of bicycle race and I’m flying at speeds I didn't know were possible. Seemed odd that we're racing on this highway, as if the road was closed for this race. It was a major highway that I take out of town numerous times, definitely not one they'd close down for a bike race. The whole time I'm pushing myself breathing heavily, legs burning, and with this great sense of urgency to win this race.

I notice I’m the only female as I see only men on their bikes as they fly even faster past me. I’m going unimaginably fast, at speeds that seemed so surreal. My adrenaline's pumping like never before because not only am I going dangerously fast, but can’t imagine how I’m managing to keep control of my bike. A couple of guys pass me up, then another. At this point we're headed uphill. I’m pretty close on the heels of one guy who barely turns his head back and notices me. I catch his glance and realize he’s gonna try to speed up and stay ahead. I figure I’m going this fast, I mine as well push it even faster before he succeeds at getting ahead of me! I hustle big time and now wer're even higher on the hill at the edge of the mountain unbelievably high from the ocean below us. The road seems even narrower. Now I’m pumped with the speed that I’m going. I know that if I crash, I’m literally dead, yet all I can think of is I've gotta win this race.

Just as I think this, I see a bike tumbling end over front, fly in the air right past me and over the edge of the road into the clear sky. My heart drops! I didn’t even see the rider. It happened so fast. I noticed a guy riding back towards the rider who obviously fell, and quickly head back to the scene also. We’re so high, there are about three of us that are literally laying on our stomachs on the ground hugging the edge of the road to try to see if there’s any sign of the fallen rider. I can barely stand to even look over the edge without feeling the helplessness and fear of the drop so far down. After I take my first glance, I notice from my peripheal vision to my left that there’s a guy standing as if he’s gauging the distance to the bottom.

The ocean’s crashing against the mountain side and the area is sourrounded with huge rocks. I tell myself, there’s no way that guys alive! Then the guy who was suspiciously standing beside me jumps! I watched in complete amazement and almost felt like I had jumped right along with him! I watch as his body falls for such a long time my stomach churns, then he luckily lands in the ocean right in between a couple of rocks. He comes up and immediately goes back under and pulls out the rider who fell! At that moment I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of relief and thankful he made it okay along with finding the fallen rider.

Then my ALARM goes off! I awoke to such an intense adrenaline rush. I've never had the feeling of great urgency and physical tiredness feel so real throuout the duration of my dream…….it’s no wonder I woke up feeling like I never slept at all!

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