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eReader Cover – Buy An eReader Cover With Light

Updated on March 14, 2011
Buy an eReader Cover with Light
Buy an eReader Cover with Light

Buy An eReader Cover With A Light

To make it easier to use your new eReader you should definitely think about buying an eReader cover with a light. This will help you so that you can read at any time of the day or night. The eReader cover will also give you the additional benefits of providing extra protection for your new Kindle or what ever model you have got. You can be sure that when you put it in your bag or briefcase, nothing will be able to cause any scrapes or scratches.

There are quite a few different types of eReader covers with a light that you can choose to buy from Amazon online today.

Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition Cover with Light

If you are looking for a sleek and classic looking cover then you may like the look of the Sony Digital eReader cover with light.  There is a cover available for the different types of Sony Readers that are currently available. 

This particular model needs one AAA battery for the light to work. The battery comes with the cover when you buy so there is no need to worry about ordering it separately.  The life of the battery is estimated at around 19 hours.  This should be plenty of time for you to enjoy your reading where ever you happen to be.

The great thing about eReader lights is the fact that they have been designed so that they do not disturb other people that may be near you.  This is a great advantage when you are reading on a train, a bus or on an airplane. 

Buy A Clip On eReader Light

If you already have an eReader cover you can still buy a light to use with it.  There are plenty of lights that you can simply clip onto the top of your Kindle or onto the top of your chosen eReader cover. 

They come in some great colours too so you do not have to buy a plain black or white lamp.

You can choose bright blues, pinks or even a sparkling yellow coloured lamp. Take a look at the choices available online at Amazon.


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