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Evolution Versus Creationism....Some Lighter Thoughts.

Updated on July 28, 2017
"Stop mooning all the time about how it happened and just enjoy it.
"Stop mooning all the time about how it happened and just enjoy it.

Evolution Versus Creationism...some lighter thoughts.


God is M A S S I V E

I am at a loss for words

a poet helpless to portray

even the most minuscule

of his all encompassing designs.


a baser concept

will in some

unworthy way suffice.

It may in a humble manner

afford all those who have

dared to read at least this far,

a opportunityy to

grasp a mortal's views

on something most

*G A R G A N T U O S.


when God formed the Earth

between his fingers

and his thumb

while daydreaming idly

near the creamy glow

of the Milky way

it in all probability was just

a tiny Booger plucked fresh

from his nasal cathedral.

Thus when he had rolled it

into a tightly

somewhat solid orb,

perhaps he then flung it

far across the voids

to stick somewhere

amidst his other flingers

that day

third place from a sun.

Maybe the sun was simply

his target

at that particular

moment in time

and there his plucking festered

till eventually it became

the green planet

we all call home!

So if anyone tells you

that life is all the result

of a "BIG BANG!!" theory

or standard evolutionary rhetoric

ask for sound reasoning,

research the concepts,

there may be wisdom there....but

Just remember

that in my

most educated of


"It's snot!!"


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    • Ivan the Terrible profile image

      Ivan the Terrible 8 years ago from Madrid

      Life is a journey, not a destination. Great poem, a much friendlier look at the issue than most offer!