Where do we go wrong.....

  1. ahorseback profile image61
    ahorsebackposted 5 years ago

    When the awesome attraction of this womans
    becomes  merely a wife

    When we exist so close to family
    and never see them as
    we pass through life

    Where the innocence of a childs
    blessed perfection has settled
    into" what have you done now"

    When the old lady down the street
    who talks of the past and
    you don't want to know

    When the simple joys of living
    in the moment  turn to
    waiting on the clock to change

    And the happiness  that we could
    have had in our grasp
    passes out of range

  2. Simba73 profile image74
    Simba73posted 5 years ago

    You have wrote an awesome poem here my friend, I hope you will read this one in reply to it.
    I feel it answers a couple of your questions.
    I love your poem BTW

    Forever I am dreaming
    Wishing that I could stop time
    To make you always feel safe
    Wrapped in these arms of mine

    I think I've found the secret
    Hidden from us mortal souls
    A conscious way of stopping time
    Fall through the futures holes

    Don't think about tomorrow
    Next week or distant years
    Live for the breath in your lungs
    In the past leave all your fears

    Never think about your future
    In a blink you will be there
    Wishing for all of your yesterdays
    Hating time that's so unfair

    Memories are the secret
    That times so jealous of
    A gift for our mortal souls

    So we can feel love

    1. ahorseback profile image61
      ahorsebackposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Wow , yes you made me think!